The new Porsche 911 GT3 made its debut last year at the Geneva Motor Show and it is now on sale at a price of $112,200. beside a few exterior changes, the 911 GT3 comes for the first time, with a particularly sporting variant of PSM Porsche Stability Management, offering the option to deactivate both Stability Control (SC) and Traction Control (TC) in separate steps.

The 911 GT3 is powered by a 3.8-liter six-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine that develops maximum output of 435 bhp, up 20 bhp over its predecessor. It offers even better grip and stability also at high speeds, specific modifications of the car’s aerodynamics increasing down-forces both front and rear to such an extent that the overall pressure pushing down the car is more than twice as great as on the former model. At the same time the new Aerodynamics Package gives the GT3 a brand-new look further accentuated by the new bi-xenon headlights, LED rear light clusters, as well as modified air intakes and outlets.

The GT3 holds an interesting place in the lineup because it is the fastest naturally-aspired car Porsche makes (aside from the track-only GT3 RSR), and some drivers prefer the GT3 over turbo models. This GT3 makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in four seconds and has a top speed of 194 mph. This represents only 0.3 of a second slower to 60 mph and is one mile per hour faster than the current 911 Turbo. Some of Porsche’s professional drivers have felt that the marginal power loss was worth the predictability that was gained by having a non-turbo engine.

UPDATE 12/28/2010: Want to catch over 16 minutes of awesome rally car action? Check out the video after the jump to see Pro rally team Olaf Dobberkau and Alexandra König drift, slip, and slide through the track while enjoying the glorious sounds of the 911 GT3’s beautiful engine and exhaust. Enjoy!

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The most sporting 911 with a naturally-aspirated power unit is all set and ready to take up new challenges: Even more powerful, faster and more dynamic than ever before, the new
911 GT3 is about to prove its enhanced potential as of May 2009.

As usual, a wide range of know-how gained in motorsport has gone directly into the develop - ment of this outstanding sports car, making the new GT3 a supreme performer not only on the road, but also on the track.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 343575

The Porsche 911 GT3 now reaches an even higher standard in its two main qualities: power and driving dynamics. Maximum output of the naturally-aspirated six-cylinder now increased in size to 3.8 litres is 435 bhp (320 kW), up 20 bhp over the previous model. In particular, the flat-six power unit carefully upgraded for even more muscle and performance offers a signi - ficant increase in torque at medium engine speeds very noticeable above all in everyday use. Road performance of the new GT3 has also been enhanced once again, with the car acce - lerating to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reaching 160 km/h in 8.2 seconds. Top speed is 312 km/h or 193 mph, and both fuel consumption as well as exhaust emissions have been further reduced.

Striking, unique design with a new rear wing

In its unique and truly outstanding design, the new 911 GT3 stands out from the start as a thoroughbred production sports car and a production-based racing car all in one. Even at very first sight, the new GT3 clearly shows its qualities to the connoisseur, the new cooling air outlet bordering on the front apron and the front lid and positioned between the bi-xenon headlights now featured for the first time as standard offering optimised thermal balance. And as a special feature the central outlet is covered by a grid on top, just like the three large air intakes in the lower section of the front bumper previously open to the outside without any kind of cover.

The rear end of the new GT3 stands out even more significantly both from the previous model and from the production 911, with the newly designed engine lid featuring modified, gridclad air outlets stretching from one side to the other between the LED rear light clusters. The most characteristic feature of the 911 GT3 is the rear wing fitted in position as a regular highlight on all GT3s over the years. Completely re-designed, the wing now extends beyond the support bars in the same look as on the racing versions of the GT3. The side ends of the wing – the sideplates – are connected with the wing completely from front to rear and proudly bear the designation “3.8” as reference to the new power unit – and as a reminiscence to the legendary 911 RS 3.8 back in 1993.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283677

Beneath the wing two spade-like scoops serve as air intakes, supplying the engine with a forced air flow according to the ram air principle, thus improving both the intake of combustion air and the engine cooling effect.

Ground effect: downforce more than doubled

This upgrade of the GT3 in its design and contours serves above all to optimise the car’s aerodynamics: The modifications increase downforce both on the front and rear axle, ensu - ring more than twice as much downforce overall as on the former GT3. As a result, the new GT3 now offers even better grip and stability at high speeds.

The aerodynamic qualities of the new 911 GT3 are also enhanced significantly with body height lowered by approximately 30 millimetres or almost 1.2” versus the current 911 Carrera. First, this reduces the frontal area of the car and minimises air resistance accordingly. Second, the lower body reduces the flow of air beneath the car, once again increasing downforce accordingly.

Like the current 911 Carrera, the 911 GT3 comes with an extra-large underfloor cover for superior aerodynamics. Appropriate air ducts in the rear of the underfloor cover serve at the same time to cool the rear brakes.

High-performance power unit with upgraded VarioCam

Once again, the power unit of the new 911 GT3 proves the great potential the six-cylinder boxer still has to offer: With maximum engine speed increased from 8,400 to 8,500 rpm
the new 911 GT3 is again one of the top performers in terms of speed and dynamic engine qualities. Specific output of 114.6 bhp (84.3 kW) per litre exceeds that of most competitors, in some cases by far.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343579

To provide qualities of this calibre, the engine must not only be able to run at very high speeds, but must also have a very good and efficient charge cycle. Precisely this is why VarioCam on the new 911 GT3 features infinite adjustment not only of the intake, but also of the outlet camshafts.

Apart from increasing both engine power and torque, this also ensures cleaner emissions out - performing the EU5 standard and thus qualifying the GT3 for full, unrestricted homologation. In its basic configuration the six-cylinder power unit of the new GT3 is a further development of the engine originally conceived for the 911 GT1. Its characteristic features are classic dry sump lubrication with an external oil tank, titanium connecting rods, forged pistons, cup tappets fully suited for very high engine speeds, and a variable intake system with two resonance flaps.

An appropriately designed exhaust system likewise serves to minimise resistance in the charge cycle process. The gas mixture leaving the engine first flows through two fan-type manifolds reducing flow resistance and ensuring a better mixing process than standard manifolds. This allows more effective pre-treatment of the raw emissions before they are converted further downstream in the catalyst.

Behind the two catalysts the exhaust gas flows on into two pre-silencers activated by mapcontrolled flaps. Still closed when the engine is started, the flaps open up under increasing power and the exhaust gas then flows directly into the main silencer. Naturally, the new 911 GT3 fulfils the noise limits prescribed by law in both cases – and at the same time this special configuration gives the engine its very characteristic six-cylinder rumble.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283673

Six-speed gearbox with upshift signal

As before, power is transmitted on the 911 GT3 exclusively by a manual six-speed gearbox. An upshift display flashing on in the rev counter shortly before the engine reaches the appropriate speed helps the driver shift gears at exactly the right points. And taking the driver’s reaction time into account, the display comes on earlier in the lower gears and later in the upper gears.

The very sporting gearshift transmission on the current generation of the 911 Carrera gua - rantees an extremely dynamic shift process with short gear lever travel, particularly because in this case it is combined with a short lever ratio at the transmission entry point specific to the GT3. This makes the overall transmission ratio in the new 911 GT3 22 per cent shorter than in the “regular” Carrera models.

Since the 911 GT3 was also developed specifically for track racing, the transmission ratios may be varied individually as required by means of exchangeable gears and gear sets. This option is however intended only for use of the car on race tracks reserved exclusively for this purpose.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343552

New: PSM with motorsport set-up

A significant highlight in developing the 911 GT3 to an even higher standard was to increase driving dynamics while keeping the weight of the car unchanged: Despite its technical features and qualities enhanced to an even higher standard, the GT3 therefore retains its former weight of just 1,395 kg or 3,076 lb. For the first time the 911 GT3 now comes with a particularly sporting and dynamic version of PSM Porsche Stability Management supporting the driver in his reactions and thus allowing even the professional motorsport enthusiast to achieve faster lap times with PSM than without. To make this possible, the driver is able to deactivate SC Stability Control and TC Traction Control separately from one another in individual steps. And to give the driver un - restricted, individual control of driving dynamics in the GT3, these functions are not automatically reactivated even under extreme driving conditions, but rather only come back on at the touch of a button.

The driver of the GT3 is able to pre-select PSM control in three stages:

  • In the basic mode all PSM functions including the enhanced braking function are fully active: SC Stability Control function serving to control driving dynamics with specific inter - vention in the brakes stabilising the car around its vertical axis, TC Traction Control varying drive power, as well as ABS for optimum brake performance and full stability of the car upon application of the brakes.
  • SC Stability Control serving to mastermind the car’s lateral dynamics is deactivated in the second stage (“SC OFF”), while TC Traction Control masterminding the car’s drive power remains active.
  • In the third stage (“SC+TC OFF”) the TC Traction Control function is also deactivated. The “SC OFF” and “SC+TC OFF” buttons are both positioned at the front end of the centre console.
2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 343558

When the driver switches off the engine and then starts again, the system automatically comes back in the normal mode with the SC, TC and ABS functions fully active. The 911 GT3 comes as standard with an asymmetric limited-slip differential. Since the Porsche 911 with its engine mounted at the rear and appropriate weight distribution offers very good qualities for the use of engine power even on bad roads and surfaces with low grip, a locking factor of 28 per cent is sufficient under load, while the locking factor in overun is 40 per cent.

This higher factor under overrun was chosen, first, because the engine’s drag force is lower than its maximum torque and, second, because this configuration serves to stabilise the car, preventing it from swerving or turning under load change in bends, as now brake force is applied more evenly on both wheels when the driver suddenly takes back the gas pedal.

PASM suspension with race track option

Benefiting from active PASM suspension on the 911 GT3, Porsche’s engineers are able to make the springs and anti-roll bars a bit stiffer once again, thus offering even more precise and dynamic handling in the PASM sports mode. And at the same time the normal PASM mode still provides appropriate roll comfort for everyday use.

Like on the other models, PASM combines two suspension set-ups in one. The difference is that in the basic set-up the system is not used to provide greater comfort as on the “regular” 911 Carrera models, but rather from the start combines particular sportiness and agility with a good standard of everyday comfort. Right from the beginning, therefore, the 911 GT3 offers a high standard of driving dynamics on public roads and race tracks with varying sur - face conditions such as the Nordschleife of Nürburgring. To further enhance driving safety at high speeds, the dampers automatically switch over to a firmer setting as the car picks up velocity and momentum.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343571

The dynamic driving qualities of the 911 GT3 may be enhanced to an even higher level on flat and smooth race tracks. In this case PASM operating in the Sports Mode ensures particularly precise and direct driving behaviour by reducing body movement to a minimum. As soon as the driver activates the Sports Mode, the dampers first switch over to a sporting and hard control map for outstanding agility on flat surfaces combined with a further increase in steering precision. And should the system in this mode recognise even a slight bump on the road, it will switch over within milliseconds to a less hard control curve within the sports control map in order to give the wheels even better grip.

A further feature is that the anti-roll bars, camber and wheel track may be adjusted individually on the new 911 GT3 for circuit racing. Understandably, these modifications are allowed only on the race track, and not in public traffic.

Featured as standard: extra-light wheels with innovative central bolt locking A fundamental requirement in optimising the suspension was to further reduce the car’s unsprung masses. Precisely this is why extra-light cup springs replace the former spiral springs on the rear axle.

The most spectacular modification is however the new family of wheels on the 911 GT3 weighing approximately 3 kg or 6.6 lb less overall than the former light-alloy wheels. This
reduction of weight is made possible by the enhanced design of the wheels with their newly styled and sharply contoured spokes extending far to the outside and for the first time featuring central locking as standard.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 343574

This technology originating from motorsport has so far been used only on a handful of exclusive special models and on super sports cars such as the Porsche Carrera GT. The big
advantage of such central locking bolts in motorsport is the option to change wheels very quickly and efficiently, with only one bolt having to be fastened or unfastened on each wheel as opposed to conventional wheels usually held in position by five bolts. A further advantage of central locking is the reduction of rotating masses, enhancing the car’s steering and turning response in the interest of even greater agility.

This innovative system is made up of a multi-tooth central bolt and a special wheel nut with a lock ratchet preventing the wheel from breaking loose on the hub, not even in an extreme case when the central hub has not been properly tightened.

To fit and remove the wheels, each GT3 comes with a special bolt wrench in the car’s onboard toolkit.

Ultra-high performance tyres with air pressure control

The objective in developing the 911 GT3 to combine minimum weight with maximum performance also applies to the car’s tyres. Like its predecessor, the new model comes on specially developed UHP (ultra-high-performance) tyres featuring a special rubber compound on a likewise special tyre body. This special type of tyre developed specifically for Porsche’s new high-performance sports car offers substantial lateral dynamic reserves. Clearly, this ensures a decisive advantage on the track.

The outstanding qualities of the GT3’s tyres are borne out particularly by the fact that the tyres offer significant grip also on wet surfaces and less wear than conventional tyres.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 343570

Both tyre pressure as well as safety and performance are permanently monitored on the GT3 by Tyre Pressure Control (TPC) featured as standard. Activated immediately when the driver opens his door, TPC starts to check tyre pressure as soon as the driver turns the key in the ignition, presenting the pressure readings in the instrument cluster within a matter of seconds. Even after a wheel change with the system being required to register and “learn” the new electronic data within the tyre, no more than three minutes will elapse until the driver is in formed of the new readings.

Brake system with composite discs and optional PCCB

Enhanced performance and driving dynamics naturally also mean enhanced brakes on the 911 GT3, following Porsche’s usual standard. Hence, brake disc diameter on the front wheels
has been increased from 350 to 380 mm (13.8 to 15.0”). All four brake discs come for the first time as a composite structure with the friction discs made of grey-cast iron, the brake covers of light aluminium. These two components are firmly connected to one another by radially arranged steel pins.

Such use of light alloy helps to reduce the weight of unsprung masses despite the larger discs on the front wheels by approximately 2.4 kg or almost 5.3 lb, the further improvement of brake ventilation helping additionally to minimise fading for lasting brake performance at all times.

As an option the GT3 is available as before with a special version of PCCB ceramic brakes offering a number of advantages compared with grey-cast-iron brake discs. These include even faster response, very significant resistance to fading thanks to a consistent frictional coefficient, and high safety reserves under heavy loads. The PCCB brake discs now also come with a lighter aluminium cover on all four wheels, again saving more than 2 kilos overall. Compared with the grey-cast-iron brakes featured as standard, the PCCB brakes reduce weight overall by some 20 kg or 44 lb.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Interior
- image 343572

Exclusive and sophisticated interior

The interior of the new 911 GT3 comes in the exclusive style typical of Porsche and with new, unprecedented components. The most significant highlights are the new three-spoke
steering wheel, the even wider range of leather upholstery with additional alcantara inserts, and an additional range of audio features as with the current generation of the 911. The new 911 GT3 is fitted as standard with sports seats including thorax airbags. Sports bucket seats with a folding backrest are available as an option, reducing weight in all by some 24 kg or 53 lb. And last but not least, the optional lightweight bucket seats with their visible carbon-fibre structure are again some 10 kg or 22 lb lighter, at the same time offering very good side support and superior comfort also on long distances.

The new 911 GT3 comes as standard with Porsche’s CDR-30 audio system featuring a monochromatic five-inch screen and an MP3-compatible CD player. The latest generation of PCM
Porsche Communication Management including Porsche’s Sound Package Plus and a navigation module is available as an option. Depending on the audio system chosen, the customer may also opt for an integrated CD/DVD player. Other new features are the optional, universal audio interface and, in conjunction with PCM, voice control as well as a telephone module complete with a Bluetooth interface and a cordless handset available on request.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Interior
- image 343573

Clubsport Package at no extra cost

Like its predecessor, the new 911 GT3 is also available with a Clubsport Package at no extra cost comprising the following items:

  • A rollcage bolted-on at the rear
  • Pre-fitting of the main battery switch
  • A six-point seat belt in red on the driver’s side (placed in the car but not yet fitted)
  • A fire extinguisher complete with an appropriate support (also placed in the car but not yet fitted)

The Clubsport Package in the new 911 GT3 comes in conjunction with the optional lightweight bucket seats. In this combination the seats are finished not in leather, but rather in fire-resistant fabric. For motorsport events under the FIA-GT regulations both the main battery switch and special extended rollbars for the roof and A-pillars are available as motorsport components from Porsche’s Racing Division.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283674



Bodywork: Two-door coupé, monocoque lightweight all-steel body hotgalvanised on both sides, full-size frontal and side airbags for driver and passenger.
Aerodynamics: Drag coefficient: Cd = 0.32
Frontal area: A = 2.013 m2
Cd x A = 0.644
Power Unit:

  • Six-cylinder aluminium power unit with cylinders in horizontallyopposed arrangement, water-cooled, engine block and cylinder heads made of aluminium, forged titanium connecting rods, four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, variable valve timing (VarioCam with infinite adjustment) on intake and exhaust side, hydraulic valve play compensation, four-stage variable intake mani - fold, dry sump lubrication, twin-chamber exhaust system, two metal catalysts, two oxygen sensors with dual control, 12 litres/
  • 2.64 imp gals engine oil, 28 litres/6.16 imp gals coolant, DME (Digital Motor Electronic) engine management for the ignition, fuel injection and camshaft adjustment, electronic ignition with solid-state distributor (six ignition coils), sequential multipoint fuel injection.
  • Bore: 102.7 mm/4.04”
  • Stroke: 76.4 mm/3.01”
  • Capacity: 3797 cc
  • Compression: 12.0:1
  • Engine Output: 320 kW (435 bhp) at 7600 rpm
  • Max Torque: 430 Nm/317 lb-ft at 6250 rpm
  • Output per Litre: 84.3 kW/114.6 bhp
  • Max Engine Speed: 8500 rpm
  • Fuel Grade: Premium Plus (RON/MON 98/88), unleaded
  • Electrical System: 12 Volt, 2100 W alternator, battery capacity 60 Ah
2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283676

Power Transmission:

Engine and transmission bolted together for form one drive unit; six-speed manual gearbox; double drive shafts leading to the rear wheels.
Gear ratios:

  • 1st 3.82
  • 2nd 2.26
  • 3rd 1.64
  • 4th 1.29
  • 5th 1.06
  • 6th 0.92
  • Reverse 2.86
  • Final drive ratio: 3.44
  • Clutch diameter 240 mm/9.45”

Chassis and Suspension:

  • Front axle in McPherson design optimised by Porsche, springstrut axle with wheels mounted independently on track control arms, longitudinal arms and spring struts, cylindrical springs with inner-mounted dampers, fully controlled single-sleeve gaspressure damper units (PASM).
  • Rear axle: multi-arm configuration, wheels mounted independently on five support arms, cylindrical coil springs on each wheel with co-axial, inner-mounted dampers, fully controlled single-sleeve gas-pressure damper units (PASM).

Two-circuit brake system with individual axle split front-to-rear, six-piston aluminium monobloc brake callipers on the front axle, four-piston aluminium monobloc brake callipers on the rear axle, cross-drilled, inner-vented brake discs front (diameter: 380 mm/ 14.97”, thickness: 34 mm/1.34”) and rear (diameter: 350 mm/ 13.78”, width: 28 mm/1.10”), vacuum brake servo; Porsche Stability Management (PSM) with individual deactivation in various stages.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343551

Wheels and Tyres:

  • Front 8.5 J x 19 on 235/35 ZR 19
  • Rear 12 J x 19 on 305/30 ZR 19


  • Unladen, DIN 1395 kg/3076 lb
  • Max permissible 1680 kg/3704 lb


  • Length 4460 mm/175.6”
  • Width 1808 mm/71.2”
  • Height 1280 mm/50.4”
  • Wheelbase 2355 mm/92.7”
  • Track front 1497 mm/58.9”
  • rear 1524 mm/60.0”
  • Luggage comp capacity to VDA: 105 litres/3.68 cu ft front,
  • 205 litres/7.18 cu ft rear
  • Tank capacity: 67 litres/14.7 imp gals (90 litres optional)


  • Top speed: 312 km/h (193 mph)
  • Acceleration in sec:
  • 0 – 100 km/h 4.1
  • 0 – 200 km/h 12.3

Fuel Consumption

  • to EU5: Urban 19.2 litres/100 km
  • Extra-urban 9.0 litres/100 km
  • Combined 12.6 litres/100 km
  • CO2-Emissions: 298 g/km


2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343561



Porsche 911 GT3 - Base price: $113,150 (including $950 destination charge)


Option Description Price
Metallic Color $710
Special Color $3,140
Wheels Painted Silver $0
Rims and Caps - Exterior Color Painted wheels and wheel centers with full-color Porsche crest. $1,305
Wheels Painted Black $1,630
Wheels Painted in Deviating Exterior Color Painted wheels (partially) and wheel centers including colored Porsche crest in deviating exterior color. Note: Wheels painted in matching exterior color is only available as option XD9. Only available in standard and special colors. $1,630
Adaptive Sports Seats with Driver Memory Sport seats with electric adjustment for all seat functions, adjustable side bolsters, memory function for seat, and mirrors. Includes lumbar adjustment on driver side. Seatbacks in Volcano Grey. $2,295
Sport Bucket Seats Adjustable forward and backward only. $2,990
Dynamic Cornering Lights Headlights adjust dynamically based upon speed and turn angle. $690
Lightweight Headlights Halogen headlights (without headlight washer system). Reduces weight from standard Bi-Xenon headlights with headlight washer system by approximately 13.2 pounds. $0
Self-Dim Mirrors & Rain Sensor Automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor. $690
Lower Part of Wing Mirror in Aluminum Look Beginning 07/2009, use option code XUZ. $550
Wing Mirror in Aluminum Look Lower part of wing mirror shell in aluminum look paint finish. $550
Exterior Mirror Attachment Point Finishers Painted Exterior Color Exterior mirror attachment point finishers painted in exterior color. $500
Headlight Cleaner cover in Exterior Color $295
Model Designation on Rear Lid in Exterior Color $200
Delete Model Designation $0
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) system. Carbon-fiber reinforced ceramic brake discs, internally ventilated and perforated, with yellow painted brake calipers. $8,840
Front Axle Lifting System Front of chassis can be raised pneumatically by approximately 30 mm to increase ground clearance at speeds of up to approximately 31 mph. Note: When the vehicle is parked, the lift system should be placed in it’s lowered position as the air pressure is only maintained for a certain period of time. $3,490
Dynamic Engine Mounts Electronically controlled engine mount with variable rigidity and damping. System for automatic changing of engine mount characteristics by a magnetisable (magneto-rheological) fluid and an electrically generated magnetic field. This increases both driving dynamics and driving comfort. Depending on the driving condtions, lateral dynamics are increased with an almost completely rigid link of the power unit to the chassis in the style of the 911 GT3 Cup and 911 GT3 RSR racing cars. Or a more flexible link can be selected to provide increased driving comfort. $1,300
Instrument dials in Guards Red Paint finish in Guards Red. $860
Instrument dials in Speed Yellow Paint finish in Speed Yellow. $860
Instrument dials in Carrara White Paint finish in Carrara White. $860
Sport Chrono Timer Display Painted Guards Red $500
Sport Chrono Timer Display Painted Speed Yellow $500
Sport Chrono Timer Display Painted Carrara White $500
Heated Seats Multi-stage heating system for front seats. $510
Fire Extinguisher DIN EN3-compliant powder-based system containing 1 kg of extinguishant. Stows neatly beneath driver’s seat. $140
Footrest in Aluminum Driver’s side foot rest in aluminum and rubber. $250
Floor Mats in Interior Color $90
Sport Seat Backs Painted in Exterior Color $1,580
Air Vent Slats Painted in Exterior Color Paint finish in exterior color on side air vent slats and central air vent slats. Smooth leather finish in interior color on side air vents, central air vent including switch trim. $1,010
Seat Belts in Silver $340
Seat Belts in Guards Red $340
Seat Belts in Speed Yellow $340
Outer Door-sill Guards in Stainless Steel, Illuminated Outer door-sill guards in stainless steel with GT3 logo, illuminated in white. $845
Rear Center Console in Exterior Color Paint finish in exterior color on rear section of center console, including ashtray cover and storage tray rear on section of center console. Leather finish in interior color on handbrake lever recess trim. $730
Rear Section of Center Console Painted in Deviating Color Paint finish in exterior color on rear section of center console including ashtray cover and storage tray in rear section of center console. Smooth leather finish in interior color on handbrake lever recess trim. Note: Rear section of center console with paint finish in matching exterior color is only available as option XME. $1,130
Switch Panel Package Painted Exterior Color Side air vents central air vents including switch trim. Leather finish interior color: defroster trim, side air vent slats, central air vent slats. $2,030
PCM Package Painted in Exterior Color Paint finish in exterior color on PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim, and lower storage bin. $2,225
Door Opener Trim Painted in Exterior Color Door Opener Trim Exterior Color $725
Door Opener Painted in Exterior Color $550
Instrument Surround Painted in Exterior Color $440
Trim Strip Painted in Exterior Color $520
Gear Lever Trim in Exterior Color Paint finish in exterior color on decorative trim on gear lever/selector. $295
Belt Outlets on B-pillars Painted in Exterior Color Belt outlets on B-pillars in paint finish in exterior color. $200
Sport Bucket Seat Belt Passage Painted $655
Switch Panel Package Painted Black Side air vents and central air vents including switch trim pained black. Leather finish interior color on defroster trim, side air vent slats and central air vent slats. $2,030
PCM Package in Black PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim, and lower storage bin in black paint finish. $2,225
Door Opener Trim Painted Black $725
Door Opener Painted Black $550
Instrument Surround Painted Black $440
Trim Strip Painted Black Paint finish in Black on trim strip switch panel including cupholder trim (five-part). $520
Air Vent Slats Painted Black Paint finish in Black on side air vent slats and central air vent slats. Smooth leather finish in interior color on side air vents and central air vent including switch trim. $1,010
Gear Lever/Selector Trim Painted Black $295
Rear Center Console Painted Black Paint finish in Black on rear section of center console, including ashtray cover, and storage tray on rear section of center console. Smooth leather finish in interior color on handbrake lever recess trim. $1,130
Belt Outlets on B-Pillars Painted Black $200
Sport Bucket Seat Belt Passage in Black $655
Leather Interior Natural Leather Leather specially dyed to retain natural characteristics. This option must be on all orders that have Natural Leather Dark Grey interior (option code 18) . $0
Three-spoke Sports Steering Wheel with Smooth Leather Finish $0
Interior Leather Package Smooth leather in interior color on instrument surround, side air vents and slats, central air vent including switch trim and slats, and cover of door opener. $2,170
Instrument Surround in Leather Instrument surround in leather finish in interior color. $440
Door Finishers in Leather Door opener trim in leather finish in interior color. $360
Steering Column in Leather Steering column casing (three-part) in smooth leather finish in interior color. $420
Porsche Crest in Headrests Head restraints on front seats embossed with Porsche crest. $285
Rear Center Console in Leather Rear section of center console including ashtray cover, storage tray rear section of center console, and handbrake lever recess trim in smooth leather finish in interior color. $1,260
Rooflining in Leather Rooflining in leather in interior color. $1,180
A-pillar Leather Interior Package Switch panel end trim, ignition lock surround, and mirror attachment point finishers in smooth leather finish in interior color. Includes decorative stitching where appropriate. $740
Interior Package B Pillar in Leather Leather finish interior color on belt outlet on B pillar, belt height adjustment trim on B pillars, clothes hook on B pillars, and clothes hook on seat backrest. Includes decorative stitching where appropriate. $965
PCM Package in Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim, lower storage bin. $2,225
Door and Rear Speakers in Leather Door panel trim, loudspeaker finishers (mid-tone), and loudspeaker finishers (bass) in smooth leather finish in interior color, including decorative stitching where appropriate. Loudspeaker grilles in soft touch paint finish in interior color. Drivers side seat memory trim inn black plastic. Note: beginning 09/2009, this option is only available as XVT. $2,570
Door and Rear Loudspeaker Finishers in Leather Rear loudspeaker finishers, door panel trim, mid-range loudspeaker finishers, and bass loudspeaker finishers in smooth leather finish in interior color. Includes decorative stitching where appropriate. $2,570
Defroster Air Vents in Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on defroster air vents. Soft touch paint finish in interior color on defroster air vent slats $365
Sun Visors in Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on defroster air vents. Soft touch paint finish in interior color on defroster air vent slats. $560
Dome Lamp Cover in Leather Interior light cover in smooth leather finish in interior color. $335
Rear View Mirror in Leather Rear view mirror frame, rear view mirror casing, and rear view mirror mounting in smooth leather finish in interior color. $675
Dashboard Trim Strip in Leather Dashboard trim strip, including cupholder trim, in smooth leather finish in interior color. $605
Sport Seat Backs in Leather Rear of backrests in smooth leather in interior color. $1,870
Clothes Hook on Seat Backrest in Leather Clothes hook on seat backrest in smooth leather finish in interior color. Includes decorative stitching where appropriate. $250
Seat Belt Buckles in Leather Seat belt buckles featuring smooth leather finish in interior color, including decorative stitching where appropriate. $535
Belt Outlet on B-Pillar in Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on belt outlet on B-pillars. $215
Fuse Box Cover in Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on fuse box cover. Includes decorative stitching where appropriate. $165
Inner Sill Finishers in Leather Inner sill finishers in leather in interior color. $585
Floor Mats with Leather Surround Smooth leather surround including double stitching in color of carpet. Inlay on front floor mats in smooth leather in color of the leather surround with embossed Porsche logo and stitching. $320
Floor Mats With Colored Trim Set of two floor mats. Carpet in Black, Ocean Blue, Stone Grey, Sand Beige, Carrera Red, Terracotta, Cocoa or Natural Brown. Smooth leather surround, including double stitching. $455
Key Pouch in Interior Color Leather In smooth leather in interior color with embossed Porsche crest and decorative seam. $95
Interior Package Carbon Dashboard trim including trim cupholder, gear lever (partially), and top part of handbrake in carbon finish. Alcantara finish on gear lever (including gearshift pattern trim in volcano grey), and handbrake grip (including insertion in volcano grey with GT3 logo in white). $1,040
Carbon Package Switch Panel Carbon Finish on inlay in defroster trim, side air vents, central air vents, and door opener trim. Smooth Leather Finish in Interior Color on side air vent slats, central air vent slats including switch trim, loudspeaker finisher on switch panel, and defroster trim. $2,330
Rear Center Console Carbon Rear section of center console including ashtray cover, storage tray rear section of center console in carbon finish. Handbrake lever recess trim in leather finish in interior color. $1,625
Door Entry Guards in Carbon Door entry guards in carbon with GT3/RS 3.8 logo. $780
Steering Wheel in Alcantara Thicker steering wheel rim in Alcantara black with cross-stitched seam. Airbag module is not in Alcantara. $1,105
Trim Strip Switch Panel in Alcantara Trim strip in Alcantara including cup holder. $775
Lid of Storage Bin in Alcantara with Porsche Logo $490
Sun Visors in Alcantara Sun visors and vanity mirror covers with Alcantara finish in Black. $560
Sound Package Plus Analog Sound-System with CD storage in glove compartment. Includes 9 loudspeakers and 235 watt output. $700
6-Disc CD Changer Holds up to 6 CDs, features digital anti-shock memory (no jumping of music tracks) and MOST® connection. $650
Universal Audio Interface On vehicles not equipped with PCM, includes an Auxiliary-In port. On PCM equipped vehicles, includes an iPod® port, a USB port for memory sticks or MP3 players, and an Auxiliary-In port for other external devices. iPods and USB sticks are fully controllable via PCM. For other auxiliary devices, a limited range of functions are accessible via PCM. NOTE: In combination with PCM the price is $440. $95
Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone Interface Bluetooth Interface for hands free mobile phone use. Operation of basic phone functions on PCM or multi-function steering wheel (if applicable). $695
Sport Chrono Package without PCM Includes analog and digital timer system on dashboard. $690
PCM 3.0 with Extended Navigation 6.5" screen with touchscreen controls. Dual tuner audio system with integrated MP3-able CD/DVD-player supporting audio/video DVDs, GPS harddisc-based navigation module with dynamic route planning. On board computer with simultaneous indicator of basic audio and navigation. $3,110
6-Disc CD/DVD Changer Integrated in PCM. Includes ability to play MP3 music files and Audio DVDs. $650
PCM Voice Control Voice activation for navigation, telephone, and stereo functions. Available for customer specified orders only. $595
Electronic Logbook Enables automatic acquisition of mileage, driving distance, date, time and address of starting point and destination at every trip including PC- software for data download and evaluation. $650
Sport Chrono Package Plus Analog and digital chronometer, sport button in the center console and display in the PCM, also adds ability to adjust lighting, wipers, AC and door locking to suit personal preference. $690
XM Radio Allows reception of XM Satellite Radio and XM NavTraffic. Complimentary 3-month service included - after 3 months, subscription is required. Note: XM service is not available in Alaska or Hawaii. $750
Rod Antenna External antenna to improve AM reception, mounted on front right fender. $0
2010 Porsche 911 GT3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 343565


Competitors and press reviews

"The GT3 lunges forward through the gears until you shift into fifth at 145 mph. From then on, the acceleration moderates, although your adrenal glands will remain stimulated by the slower vehicles that seem to be suddenly standing still, even though they’re moving at autobahn speeds. Traffic prevented us from exceeding 175 mph, but the GT3 feels comfortable at such a pace, even on a hilly and curving autobahn. It feels 911-like in the sense that the car moves around a bit, without ever threatening to lose control. You have to accept that it doesn’t have a locked-in-a-straight-line character and simply let it move a bit." (CarAndDriver)

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283679

"The GT3 rides beautifully in the slow but steady autobahn traffic, its engine no more than a pleasant hum in the background. Then a sign appears that marks a section of road with no restricted speed limit, the road magically clears and a couple of downshifts later we’re accruing speed at a preposterous rate for a car with a normally aspirated engine displacing less than 4.0 liters. Within seconds, 186 mph has been acquired, and only then does the GT3’s acceleration slow noticeably as the aerodynamic drag (0.32 Cd) of the body takes effect." (InsideLine)

"Consider the GT3 the anti-GT-R. Unlike Godzilla, the GT3 will do nothing for you, yet everything you ask. There is no dual clutch transmission option, only a manual racing gearbox, lightly disguised for street use. This Getrag six speed requires hard, precise throws through tight gates because of steel synchros built for the demands of racing. Swappable gears allow for track-tailored transmission ratios." (MotorTrend)

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283678


Audi R8

The R8 is powered by a 4.2 Liter FSI V8 engine that delivers a total of 420 HP and 320 lb-ft of torque sprinting the four wheel drive dream machine from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 sec, through the quarter mile in 12.8 sec at 113.2 MPH and up to 187 MPH. The 2010 Audi R8 is priced at $114,200.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The Corvette ZR1 is powered by a LS9 supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine that delivers a total of 620 hp and approximately 595 lb.-ft. of torque. It can hit a top speed of more than 200 mph. The car is on sale at a price of $106,880.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3
- image 283681


The Porsche 911 GT3 is a car designed for the track, but in the same time it is perfectly road legal. So is no wonder you want one! The GT3 is a precise sports car, dynamic, aggressive, in just one word it is the ultimate Porsche. You will see what we are talking about if you will take it for a ride on twisted roads. Cornering will prove you that the GT3 is the most accurate car you have ever driven. There is one thing you need to take care though: don’t push it to hard, there is no way you will find the limits to this car. No matter how hard you will force it, it will show you that it is better than you. Don’t try to see how fast it can go on this roads, take it to a track and enjoy!

For those of you who are tempt to opt for the PDK transmission, don’t do it. The manual gearbox is the best choice for your GT3. This way you will feel the car, you will be able to control it. Not to mention that the PDK will add an extra 66 pounds to the car’s weight, and for sure you do not want that!

Just trust us and take it for a ride! but be careful one you will get behind the wheel of the GT3 you will never want to leave!

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Alina Moore
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  (558) posted on 05.13.2011

I have to agree that the performance of this car is very impressive and I think there are lot of power under its hood! And I just wonder if they will be making a GT4 version?

  (553) posted on 04.28.2011

I really got excited everytime I know that a car is a GT version! We couldn’t deny the fact on how amazing this car will perform in the road!

  (329) posted on 04.28.2011

IMO,Porsche cars are born to be a racing car! I never doubt them when it comes to speed and drifting!And the most amazing part is that its in GT series!

  (506) posted on 03.24.2011

wow! it seems that GT3 offers a new tons of upgraded features! I think those Ultra-high performance tyres are incredibly awesome! And i bet this one comes up with a high price tag!

  (762) posted on 03.11.2011

All racing cars have fast gearboxes with different designs and a shift paddles this makes the car a bit faster. That’s is the concept of GT2 and Gt3, so I guess will get PDK.

  (466) posted on 02.14.2011

No matter how fast or technically amazing the GTR is - IT WILL NEVER BE A PORSCHE. Even if the GTR beats the Porsche with 0-60 times and track times - IT WILL NEVER BE A PORSCHE.

  (692) posted on 02.14.2011

Some people may like the fact that it’s not a Porsche, considering if they have GTR money, they very well could have bought a 911.

  (449) posted on 01.24.2011

2010 is over and 2011 is coming, I bet buyers are expecting for more this coming year. Probably buyers would stop buying such cars this year end, maybe they’ll just wait for the new releases of cars for next year.

  (409) posted on 01.5.2011

But how could you possibly get over the interior? it might have an extra button you don’t like. GASP!

  (452) posted on 01.5.2011

I’ll take the standard GT3, thank you. Or even the GT3 RSR. As long as there is no hybrid.

  (341) posted on 01.4.2011

Thank you, Porsche, for actually making a truly desirable automobile. Not many companies do that anymore.

  (460) posted on 01.4.2011

Thank you, Porsche, for actually making a truly desirable automobile. Not many companies do that anymore.

  (65) posted on 01.4.2011

Any piece of this car if taken and inserted in a art gallery, would look and feel at home!

  (329) posted on 01.3.2011

but Still doesn’t stop it from being the counsumate, everyday sports car where the normal driver would get no where near it’s handling potential/limit. I know I wouldn’t say no to one!

  (366) posted on 01.2.2011

well for me I still prefer the gt2 because the gt2 is completely mental compared to the gt3 and i cant resist all that power the gt2 has.

  (392) posted on 01.2.2011

The gt3 is not the fastest porsche but it is the best porsche it doesn’t over steer to much like the gt2 and the gt3 doesn’t have all this torque it cant handle like the gt2 plus the gt2 cost nearly $90K more than the gt3.

  (676) posted on 12.29.2010

Lots of cars have active engine mounts, even Hyundai.Are those Single-lug wheels? Thats a cool little touch. Official Official: This is my dream car

  (619) posted on 12.29.2010

Not sure about the RS, but the racing version of the GT3, the RSR was delivered to teams a month or so ago. Luckily, the street going GT3 doesn’t have the RSR’s gaping hole in the bonnet.

  (92) posted on 05.9.2010

This car is just perfect... Porsche never stops, and to prove it, just look at the GT3 RS, and now they’ll make the GT2 RS..... wow

  (1022) posted on 05.9.2010

This is a true Porche. The 911 Turbo is for posuers.

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