We’ve seen Lumma Design’s CLR 558 GT program for the Porsche Cayenne before. Earlier this year, in fact. These guys, however, don’t appear to be content with just one iteration of this project.

So they built not one, not two, but three different variations of the program that highlight their prowess in custom-tuned, customer-specified tuning projects. The three variants of the Cayenne - the S Hybrid, the Diesel, and the Turbo - were each given specific programs to demonstrate the kind of diversity the aftermarket company is entirely capable of.

With projects like this, it’s easy to see why Lumma Design is considered as one of the premier Porsche tuners in the world. As far as comfort, dynamics, elegance, and all-around sportiness are concerned, they cover all those bases without even breaking a sweat.

Find out more about the the three custom-tuned Porsche Cayenne’s by Lumma Design after the jump.

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2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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The three Cayenne models each come with unique color finishes. The S Hybrid model was dressed with an Orange Metallic finish. On top of that, Lumma also fitted a number of exterior components, including the prevalent use of a CLR 1 carbon fiber hood, which has been sprayed in the same color of the body. A new set of 20" Lumma Racing forged wheels add a sporty touch to the SUV’s overall profile.

Meanwhile, the Cayenne Diesel was given a CLR 2 carbon hood with a "checkered flag" carbon design, a Brick Red body color, a rear rood spoiler, a four-tube sports exhaust, and a new set of 22" CLR alloy wheels.

Finally, the Cayenne Turbo was dressed in a Dark Black Metallic finish, complete with a new 6-tube sports exhaust system, a new set of 22" black rims in black, and the same CLR 2 carbon hood of the Cayenne Diesel model.


2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design Interior
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Inside, the interior of all three variants of the Cayenne received individual styling that not only match the SUV’s body, but also feature what Lumma calls the best in "Made in Germany" hand-craftsmanship.

The interior of the Cayenne Hybrid S has been refitted with a prevalent use of leather and Alcantara, while also getting a carpeted floor and headlining. Aluminum pedals and carpet mats with genuine leather trims and an embroidered LUMMA coat of arms logo finish the Orange Crush look of the SUV.

As for the Cayenne Diesel, the interior features fully carbon interior fittings, aluminum pedals, instruments in red, and yes, plenty of leather trimming. The seat belts also bear the same color of the body and the embroidered LUMMA insignia also makes an appearance on the headrests.

Then there’s the Cayenne Turbo, which the German tuning firm has described as their luxury SUV model. To keep up with its billing, this Cayenne variant was given genuine leather trimming, aluminum pedals in silver, beige instruments, carpet mats with stylish leather trimming, and other features.


2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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Each of these models carry different performance credentials so Lumma went out and gave each of them their own modifications. For the Hybrid S, the output was increased from 375 horsepower to 443 horsepower. Impressive, right? Well, the Diesel model also gets its engine upgrade, increasing its output from 237 horsepower all the way up to 276 horsepower. Finally, there’s the Cayenne Turbo, which was given an increased output of 600 horsepower, 100 ponies more than the standard Cayenne Turbo’s 500-horsepower output.


2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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No word yet on the pricing details from these bad boys, but rest assured, we’ll provide the details when they become available.


2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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In the interest of this conversation, we’re doing something different and comparing the three models themselves. For obvious performance reasons, you can’t get any better than the Cayenne Turbo’s 600-horsepower output. But if you’re on the environmental side, the Hybrid S’ 443-horsepower output isn’t anything to scoff at.

Aesthetically, we like the color scheme of the orange Cayenne Hybrid S, although we’d prefer that it gets the 22s from the Diesel and Turbo models. As for the interior, the Turbo model looks a bit bland to the eyes despite the prevalent use of luxurious items to dress it up. That’s where the Diesel model takes the cake for us.

In the end, we understand that an orange body and a red interior are sure sights for sore eyes, but considering all the circumstances, we’d pick the Hybrid S model for its eye-catching looks and surprisingly impressive horsepower output.

2012 Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design High Resolution Exterior
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  (1333) posted on 08.30.2012

It’s not even look like a SUV to call it like that. This is the first time I saw Porsche made a car like this. I think they switching their line of expertise.

  (647) posted on 08.14.2012

For those who love big looking cars, this model will surely suit their tastes. Never mind the speed because Porsche is known for building fast cars.

  (596) posted on 08.13.2012

This car is likely for those who love bulky cars. If you are a simple person, you would likely to choose simpler ones.

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