Porsche already has the 918 Spyder and the 918 RSR Racing concepts making headlines and winning over the crowd like only a Porsche can, but we can’t seem to forget that the German auto manufacturer has already announced plans to replace the old Carrera GT with a brand new supercar, and we aren’t the only ones either. Teamspeed Junior member, zbaums, has stripped the RSR Racing concept of all its racing propaganda to reveal a rendering of what could be the future Porsche 918 Coupe. With such an exciting future for Porsche and the increasing number of eagerly waiting fans, speculations are on high for this possible production version 918 Coupe, and we can’t help but join in on the fun.

Our speculations start off at a basic level as we imagine Porsche will be taking the concept and just adapting it for the streets. We believe the hybrid drivetrain will more than likely be dropped in favor of a more conventional engine for the top version, but we are not excluding the possibility of seeing a hybrid version offered as an alternative. Regardless of what engine they choose, we are confident that the Porsche’s numbers will exceed all of our imaginations.

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  • 2013 Porsche 918 Coupe
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    200 mph
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Exterior and Interior

Both concepts, the Spyder and the RSR Racing, feature a pretty impressive exterior design. However, for the production version, the design will get a little more realistic, meaning we won’t see the side exhaust system or that huge rear wing. We can probably forget about those killer 22" wheels too. Those are probably not going to happen. If we take a good hard look at the concept car, we can all probably see the normal version of this bedazzled ride, and maybe one that some of us will be driving in a few year. If we’re lucky, that is.

The interior will lose that racer feel, but still get sports bucket seats, a touch-sensitive surface for intuitive control of the car’s functions, and a three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel. Lots of carbon fiber insertions and aluminum elements will also be offered.

The Engine

The concept versions feature a pretty impressive hybrid drive system, but putting one into production with elements such as a flywheel accumulator are impossible and would make the price skyrocket. This is why we expect to see a conventional engine offered, and maybe a hybrid version built in a limited edition as seen on MercedesSLS AMG, for example.

Regardless of engine setup, the production version should develop around 600 HP, and will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds with top speed in the 200 mph area.

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When Can I Buy One?

We expect to see a production version revealed by the end of 2012, with sales beginning in early 2013. What will the price be for this monster? Probably a lot more than most of us can afford. What’s that old saying? "If you have to ask about the price, then you probably can’t afford it." Yeah, that will more than likely apply here.

The Competition

The list of competitors for the Porsche 918 Coupe should include models like the Mercedes SLS AMG, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the Aston Martin DB9. Of course, the SLS AMG will no doubt be one of the strongest competitors. It is powered by a 6.3-liter V8 engine located front-mid that develops 571 hp and up to 650 Nm of torque. Mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, this engine sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, while top speed is 197 mph. This car could clearly give the Porsche a run for its money, but the Porsche’s extra power output will probably help it out in this scenario.

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  (580) posted on 02.6.2012

I found this 2013 Porsche 918 Coupe cool with its amazing design. The hybrid system of this coupe is pretty impressive as well as the sporty interior.

  (579) posted on 01.27.2011

I am looking forward to the new version released on this model. I will surely be impressive and big hit for the customers choice especially who loves competition.

  (458) posted on 01.24.2011

We expect to see a production version revealed by the end of 2012, with sales beginning in early 2013. What will the price be for this monster?

  (158) posted on 01.20.2011

What most people don’t understand is that in these ultra sports-cars the electric motor is more like a replacement for the turbo’s and superchargers of old.

  (745) posted on 01.20.2011

I want this car so bad, willing to auction off my first born for one. The roof on the DHL car makes the middle look like that of a Noble. Otherwise it looks awesome.

  (702) posted on 01.19.2011

now you know, but What most people don’t understand is that in these ultra sports-cars the electric motor is more like a replacement for the turbo’s and superchargers of old.

  (807) posted on 01.19.2011

I didn’t think Porsche could top the Carrera GT anytime soon, but this new supercar of their’s has certainly done it.

  (808) posted on 01.18.2011

The ram air scoops positioned over the 600hp V8 will be permanently opened for even more delivery of power.

  (780) posted on 01.18.2011

Changes in the body work will come from a wider track, redesigned front and rear diffusers, as well as a fixed hard-top roof. There will be a very large rear spoiler; the current one will be fixed.

  (6) posted on 01.18.2011

0-60 below +-2.5s is kinda impossible, tires don’t grip, only with drag tires to do less than that.

  (39) posted on 01.18.2011

Wow. 3 seconds to 60? As I know only a F1 car can do it under 2 seconds!

  (65) posted on 01.18.2011

I hope it will do better than that... 3seconds for that car I kind of much. I was hoping for 2 or under 2 smiley

  (151) posted on 01.18.2011

With that look, it better have the performance of a Veyron... since it definitely looks much more aggressive and sporty!

  (111) posted on 01.18.2011

I hope it will be more like the 918 Spyder concept since that car is way too cool!

  (309) posted on 01.17.2011

yes it does have a lovely interior and exceptional performance, but the thing is, this car is to expensive to have also being limited its really hard to have have one of this. so thats the bad side of this sport car.

  (291) posted on 01.17.2011

i love the interior design of the 918, its performance are beyond expectation also the design is very sporty and aggressive, and there are no doubt that it may include to the top 10 greatest sports car.

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