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Hold on to your seats, Porsche fans. There may be something brewing in Stuttgart that will completely change the landscape of Porsche in the coming years.

According to the German site,, the German automaker is working on a completely new model called the Porsche 961. By now bells should be ringing in the heads of hardcore motorsports fans who remember a certain 961 racer that did a brief stint in the 80s. The old 961 only ran a total of three races - 24 Hours of Lemans, Camel GT Championship, and Lemans once again - before it experienced some technical difficulties and was laid to rest in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

The 961 racer from the 80s was modeled after Porsche’s 959 sports car, but the newest rendition is rumored to be a V8-powered flagship car that takes after the Porsche 918 and will be slotted above the iconic 911. Details are still sketchy at this point, but rumors are that the 961 has been tagged under the internal code ’9X1’ and in addition to having a powerful engine, the car could also be built as a hybrid, with an electric motor providing additional power to the car to the tune of somewhere around 600 horsepower.

Rumored price tag for the upcoming Porsche 961 has been pegged at somewhere in the neighborhood of €200,000, which is a little under $300,000 based on current exchange rates. The flagship coupe is also expected to make its official debut in 2013, giving us enough time to digest all this information and build up the hype of what is you can bet is going to be Porsche’s new crown jewel.

UPDATE 09/27/2011: British magazine, CAR, has set up some new rumors about the upcoming Porsche supercar which will be placed between the current 911 and the upcoming 918. It seems that the new Ferrari 458 Italia competitor will be codenamed project 960 and will be built on Volkswagen Group’s new Mimo platform. The new 960 will have nothing in common with the 918 Spyder and will use the same components as the future facelifted 911. You won’t see a twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood either; instead Porsche will use a twin-turbo 3.8-liter boxer engine with an output of about 600bhp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Porsche will offer both coupe and roadster versions and prices will start from €200,000, or $270,000 at the current exchange rates. (CAR)


Source: Autobild (Translated)

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  (25) posted on 05.9.2012

porsche 961 the new version its looks like the Mclaren F1 the rear spoiler but the porsche 961 but its better to develop more.

  (328) posted on 01.20.2012

It’s good to hear that they rebuild this Porsche 961. I have read few articles
about this vehicle, and it’s fantastic. Well, like most of Porsche fans, I am really excited for the production of this 2013 Porsche 961.

  (317) posted on 12.12.2011

I feel so excited about the production of this Porsche even though I can’t get a discount on it. smiley Well, this vehicle is very attractive on its aesthetic design, good thing also that it has an efficient engine.

  (569) posted on 12.1.2011

Well, good thing for military because they will get a big discount on this fabulous vehicle. Anyway, they need to wait for this for too long first before they could already have it.

  (570) posted on 10.24.2011

V8 engine is quite cool but how about its horsepower? Anyway, I love the looks that it had, and it is already striking on its body paint, and I’m quite wondering on what will be the interior of this one looks like.

  (368) posted on 10.14.2011

Porsche 961 is much similar to a Lamborghini car in terms of the design its cool look likes sports car.

  (530) posted on 09.29.2011

Yeah! It is so sad to know that the only military officer and their family only can get the discount for this one. smiley Anyway, I’m still excited to know the other details about it, but I’m sure that this 961 will be a big success for Porsche.

  (448) posted on 08.15.2011

961 really looks great and awesome. Well, Porsche cars will never disappoint their buyers when it comes in designing a car. I bet that there are lots of prospective buyers that is excited for the production of it.

  (445) posted on 06.17.2011

Well, this Porsche car to have an impressive power output using a not so modern technology like v8. And I think the performance of this car is higher compare to the 911 model.

  (466) posted on 05.12.2011

Well, it think it is still too early to comment on this one. For one, this is still pretty much just a rumor, so we will have to wait and see first what comes out of it.

  (433) posted on 05.9.2011

Oh! So the discount is for the military family and officer only..How sad. I thought this is my chance to own one! However, I wonder what is the special feature offer in this car?
Or they have made any changes to this car.

  (613) posted on 05.9.2011

I guess the performance of this car is much better compare to the GT3 RS.
It seems that I need to wait for the debut or released of this car. I bet there are lot to be await in this future production.

  (531) posted on 05.5.2011

I want a Porsche, the one that Alice in Twilight Saga is driving, but looking at the features of this one, I think I really, really want one for myself.

  (498) posted on 05.5.2011

Yeah, same here. I’m not familiar with both cars but I think it would be better if they made a comparison for these two cars to give us a preview. I’m still puzzled on what will the output of this production. I think we should wait for that on this coming days.

  (506) posted on 05.5.2011

I’m not really familiar with the Porsche 961 but I have to admit that I was impressed with the design and performance of the 918 Spyder. However, I think its too early to speculate about this collaboration.

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