Ever since it was launched in 2004, TechArt’s Magnum kit for the Porsche Cayenne has established itself as one of the premier Cayenne tuning programs in the world. Three generations of the SUV have been developed and all three have received their respective Magnum kits from the German tuner. In that time, TechArt claims that more than 1,200 Magnum kits have been built for customers all over the world. That’s no small feat for an SUV that’s attracted its own share of tuning kits from other aftermarket shops all over the world. Now that the fourth generation of the Cayenne has been launched, TechArt’s jumping on board with a new Magnum kit that’s scheduled to make its debut at the 2015 Essen Motor Show.

In typical TechArt fashion, the new Magnum kit is defined by a dramatic aerodynamic kit that totally flips the script on what the Cayenne looks like. A heavily dressed up interior and significant engine upgrades help balance the entire Magnum program. TechArt has used this formula for the past 11 years and it has been successful in doing so, as shown by the over 1,000 customers who now have the Magnum kits on their Cayennes.

The fourth-generation Magnum kit also showcases the evolution of the program so what you see now represents the time and dedication TechArt has put into building one of the most comprehensive kits for the Cayenne that’s in the market today. There may be other programs for the Cayenne in the market, but if you want to call a spade a spade, few are as better as TechArt’s Magnum program. That’s been the case for the better part of 10 years and knowing TechArt, that’s going to be the case for the foreseeable future.

Continue reading to learn more about the Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt.

  • 2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt
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    4.8 L
  • 0-60 time:
    4.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    183 mph
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2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657057
2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657055
2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657048

Like the past three versions of the Magnum tuning kit, TechArt focused a big part of the program on the wide-body aerodynamic kit that really pushed the Cayenne’s aggressive styling to a higher level. The extent of TechArt’s imprint on this kit can’t be understated since the tuning firm built the kit from the ground up using a generous amount of carbon fiber to shave off the SUV’s weight. The front section, in particular, looks dramatically different compared to the standard Cayenne. The massive front bumper is molded in typical TechArt fashion, blending itself into the new central radiator grille and the side air intakes.

TechArt also added “Airframes”, which acts as hovering ducts and evoking images of the intake systems found in an aircraft engine. The Cayenne also gets a new carbon fiber hood with two air outlets. Customers looking for an extra dose of splash can opt to have the hood dressed in matte or high-gloss carbon fiber. Daytime running light units finish off the comprehensive details of the SUV’s front section.

On the side, muscular side skirts and large wheel arches add to the dynamic look of the SUV while the rear section gets a rear diffuser that can also be visually enhanced in a carbon fiber finish. That detail plays well with the carbon fiber tail pipes that have been integrated in the new rear apron through the concave air ducts. A roof spoiler and at the rear hatch and a spoiler trim provides a fitting exclamation point to the enhanced appearance of the Cayenne.


2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657054

TechArt has never been shy to ask for customer input when it comes to how the owners would want to dress up the interior of their Cayennes. So, instead of developing a specific set of cabin modifications, the German tuner instead opens it up to customer personalization. The fourth generation Magnum kit continues in this tradition as prospective customers are given free reign on the kind of upgrades they want to see. The German tuner supplies the materials, including natural leather hides, carbon fiber panels, and personalized instrument dials, sports pedals, and door entry guards. That’s only a handful of the options that TechArt is offering for the interior of the new Magnum tuning kit.


2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Drivetrain
- image 657062

TechArt is offering three engine upgrades for the new Magnum program, specifically for the Cayenne S Diesel and the Cayenne Turbo. Using its own Techtronic engine management system and adding high performance exhaust manifolds and turbochargers with ball bearing compressor/turbine shafts, TechArt can bring the output level of the Cayenne Turbo’s 4.8-liter V-8 engine to as much as 700 horsepower and 679 pound-feet of torque. With that much power under the hood, the German tuner wisely put the output distribution in two stages, beginning with 640 ponies under full load and the full 700 horsepower in sport mode.

These engine enhancements provide improved performance modifications. With the mods in place, the Cayenne Turbo can now sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.1 seconds, shaving off a few tenths-of-a-second of the standard model’s own sprint time. Likewise, the Cayenne Turbo can now hit a top speed of 183 mph, a steady improvement from the standard Cayenne Turbo’s top speed of 173 mph.

Owners of the cayenne S Diesel are also in line for a nice uptick in performance. Using the same methods and tools, output from the SUV’s 3.0-liter V-6 engine is now at 275 horsepower, 35 ponies more than the 240-horsepower output of the standard V-6.


2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657057

To help keep the Cayenne in tip-top shape with all the changes to the engine, TechArt is offering its own air suspension module to help improve the SUV’s overall handling and agility through the automatic lowering of the body’s height to accommodate the needs of the Cayenne. The German tuner also installed a new set of its own Formula IV wheels, measuring 22 inches. Customers can also customize the choice of wheel color with the brake calipers.


Given the customization options TechArt is offering on the Cayenne’s interior, pricing for the entire Magnum IV program can vary depending on a particular customer. The best way to figure out a clear price point is to contact the German tuner so you can discuss what you’d want to include from the Magnum tuning kit.


Porsche Cayenne by TopCar

2015 Porsche Cayenne Vantage by TopCar High Resolution Exterior
- image 573402
Topcar finally got its hands on the 2015 Cayenne; is it a keeper or not?

A lot of aftermarket companies already have aero kits for the Porsche Cayenne so picking one over the other will likely boil down to preference. Russian tuner TopCar is a good choice, mainly because it does the same thing as TechArt without the engine modifications. The kits it produces for the Cayenne are unique in it of themselves.

It’s made up of anew front bumper with LED lights, a new hood with air intakes, new extenders, and new linings on the front fenders. These modifications are more than enough to create a dramatically improved look for the Cayenne, and that’s taking into account the improvements that Porsche itself made on the SUV. TopCar also offers new side skirts, linings on the front and rear doors, a new rear bumper with a diffuser, new exhaust tips, and a rear spoiler.

The only downside to TopCar’s program for the Cayenne is the aforementioned absence of any engine enhancements. That might turn off some customers considering that they can get the full boat with TechArt, but those who don’t mind the lack of any power increases should do fine by taking a look at what TopCar is offering.

Read our full review on the Porsche Cayenne by TopCar here.


2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657053

TechArt has made great business from its Magnum program for the Porsche Cayenne. It’s been that way for some time now and it’s nice to see that not much has changed. As expected, the German tuner worked overtime to build a kit that fits into the spirit of the Cayenne. Not a lot of tuners take that time to do something like that. I’ve always been a fan of the Magnum program for the Porsche SUV and it’s nice to see that TechArt’s dedication towards developing a kit worthy of its name isn’t slowing down anytime soon. I know that some Cayenne owners would prefer something a little more subdued than this, but those looking for an over-the-top kit for their Cayennes should definitely consider TechArt’s Magnum program.

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Press Release

Launched in 2004, TECHART Magnum quickly became a renowned brand name, representing TECHART’s powerful and distinctive exterior styling range for every Porsche Cayenne model.After three Magnum Generations, and with more than 1,200 TECHART Magnums built worldwide,the TECHART Magnum became a benchmark across brands in terms of styling,technology and product quality.

2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657050

The typical core values of the TECHART Magnum individualization range are its emotionaland dynamic design line as well as its literally unlimited diversity of personalization options.At the same time, reasonableness and peace of mind are part of the TECHART Magnum.This is why TECHART invests in OE-quality materials, precision tooling and reliable production processes. This results not only in spotless product quality, but also in easy installation.And even though a TECHART Magnum is an extensive modification of the Cayenne body,it is still easy to maintain. This is why the new TECHART Magnum features many sophisticateddesign details. Such as its well-thought-out aerodynamic concept and its versatile compatibilitywith the feature options of the Cayenne models.

It’s all new. And still it is unmistakably TECHART Magnum. The Design.

The new Magnum front part is hallmarked by firmly shaped surfaces. The side air intakes, the bumper and the front spoiler are seamlessly modelled and surrounded by the typical TECHART shape.In its center, the front apron design and the splitter, which is optionally available as carbon fiber part, visually reduce the Cayenne’s height and create the impression of a solid, wide stance appearance. This is enhanced further by the prominent wheel arch extensions and side skirts. The central radiator grill merges with the side air intakes. “Airframes”, visually hovering ducts in the air intakes, include the TECHART daytime running light units. The shape of the Airframes invoke images of aircraft engine intake systems. The modular construction of the complete Magnum front apron provides many possibilities for further accents such as parts in custom color or carbon fiber.
The TECHART Aero Engine Lid is entirely made of carbon fiber and features a distinctive, dynamically shaped styling. The lid incorporates two air outlets and it is available in body color as well as in matt or high-gloss carbon fiber finish.

2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657051

The rear of the new TECHART Magnum sets design highlights with side air outlets reinterpreting the Airframes of the front apron. The rear diffusor is an essential design element. As an option, it can be enhanced in contrasted color or carbon fiber finish.

Newly shaped TECHART sports tailpipes are made in a hybrid structure design. The tailpipes are made of carbon fiber, surrounding inner stainless steel pipes. The tailpipes are mounted in concave ducts integrated in the Magnum rear apron.

At the rear hatch, a spoiler trim with an aerodynamic edge as well as an impressive roof spoiler complete the new TECHART Magnum bodykit.

Beneath the lacquered surface: more core features. The Magnum’s inner values.

TECHART is renowned for setting high standards, even where it is not visible from the outside.The new TECHART Magnum is made in an elaborate manufacturing process using high grade materials. This guarantees both, full technical compatibility and flawless surfaces. These are crucial factors for trouble-free installation and a top-quality paintwork.

The Magnum bodykit preferably uses original mounting points of the Cayenne’s body structure to ensure that all styling parts integrate seamlessly with the series bodyshell. For easy accessibilityand maintenance, the Magnum front apron is equipped with service lids at its underbody.

At TECHART, air intakes are not just a styling feature. From its rear view, the Magnum front apron reveals the ducts and air passages which guide the cooling air to where it is needed. For improvedair flow and optimum heat dissipation, both of which has a positive effect on all parts involvedin the SUVs driving performance. Such as water coolers, intercoolers, braking systemor well-balanced aerodynamics.

Porsche offers a wide variety of feature options such as assistance systems or equipment for certain countries. The design of the TECHART Magnum takes this fact into account and therefore incorporates constructive details. No matter if it is required to integrate position lamps (US models), the radar sensor of the adaptive cruise control system or ParkAssist sensors, or simply to re-integrate the headlight cleaning system in the Magnum’s font apron – everything is pre-installed and ready for neat, proper and safe installation.

2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657052

As a matter of fact, the TECHART Magnum also fits Cayenne models equippend with a towbar system. The Magnum rear diffusor can be detached with no tools required, to access the towbar unit.If the car features the optional electrically deployed towball, an electronic safety locking system prevents the release of the towball as long as the TECHART Magnum diffusor is attached.

The Measure of Things in terms of performance: TECHART Powerkits.

Three TECHART engine powerkits are currently available for the TECHART Magnum, which increase the power output by 26 kW / 35 hp (TA058/SD1 for Cayenne S Diesel), by 59 kW / 80 hp (TA058/T1 for Cayenne Turbo) or by even 132 kW / 180 hp (TA058/T2 for Cayenne Turbo).

In the new engine enhancement kit TA058/T2, TECHART’s intelligent engine management system TECHTRONIC works together with the standard engine control unit of the Cayenne Turbo and coordinates the interaction of the engine and the new TECHART components. These include TECHART high performance exhaust manifolds and highly efficient TECHART turbochargerswith ball bearing compressor/turbine shafts. The proprietary developed components use the exhaust energy particularly effectively. The turbochargers increase the air throughput significantly and are characterized by both, a highly dynamic response with a rapid boost pressure build-up, as well ashigh stability. Other TECHART modifications are the optimized oil and water pipes and the sport air filters for an unthrottled intake. In conjunction with the TECHTRONIC auxiliary control unit a specific wiring is used for data communication with the motor sensors.

The TA058/T2 powerkit increases the engine power of the Cayenne Turbo from standard 520 hpto 700 hp. The maximum torque increases from 750 Nm to 920 Nm. The power delivery is regulatedin two stages: during normal operation, 640 hp are available under full load. By pressing theSport button (standard in all Cayenne Turbo models), the full 700 hp are unleashed between5,400 and 6,000 rpm. The maximum torque is available from 4,400 rpm.

The significant power increase allows impressive performance. For the new TECHART Magnumbased on the Cayenne Turbo, the gap between zero and 100 km/h is only 4.1 seconds.Top track speed: of 295 km/h.

2015 Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 657053

»Exclusive« means »Yours«. The full TECHART repertoire creates a truly unique Magnum.

Together with the TECHART Magnum bodykit, the complete TECHART program for the Cayenne models is at your service for further personalization and refinement.

This includes chassis options such as the TECHART Air Suspension Module »Sport«. Besides its setup which favors more direct and agile ride height levels, the Automatic Parking Level is a unique TECHART feature. After locking the vehicle, the body is automatically lowered significantly to createa powerful appearance at standstill which distinguishes clearly from the series models.

Just perfect for the new Magnum: the 22-inch TECHART Formula IV wheel. Its dimension is generous, however, it is a particularly lightweight wheel due to a manufacturing process which uses weight-reducing technologies. An individual color match offers even more opportunities to add your personal taste: color-coordinated with your brake calipers, aligned with your interior decorative stitching,bi- or multi-color painted, with a matt surface finish or with a distinctive wheel edge in contrast color.

TECHART handcrafted interiors are world-renowned for their extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. This applies to the careful choice of select materials, the tasteful orchestration of colorsas well as the sense of design and the unmatched precision and craftsmanship of the TECHART leathershop. You might prefer to set some selective highlights to your Magnum interior. Or you might entrust us to create your custom-made interior according to your very personal perception and taste. Such as the exquisite TECHART interiors, created of unsurpassed supple, natural leather hides.The capabilities also include TECHART carbon fiber surfaces, TECHART sport steering wheels in individually combined materials and colors, personalized instrument dials, sports pedals or illuminated and personalized door entry guards.

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