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Porsche already has a hit on its hands with the new Macan. Intended to be a smaller, sportier brother to the Cayenne, the Macan shares its wheelbase and basic suspension design with its corporate sibling, the excellent Audi Q5, but very little else. With TechArt offering up a host of aftermarket upgrades for the Macan, it is truly separated from its platform mate.

Performance is stout, with a choice of two twin-turbocharged, V-6 engines coupled with the acclaimed, seven-speed, dual-clutch PDK transmission. Power is routed to the ground via Porsche’s rear-biased, all-wheel-drive system.

The base Macan S makes 340 horsepower from its 3.0-liter V-6, while the Macan Turbo uses a larger, 3.6-liter version that increases output to an even 400 horsepower.

Both models have been very well-received by critics. The Macan’s performance is impressive and has been commended for typical excellent Porsche driving dynamics, and many professionals feel the Macan offers a superior driving experience; more so than even the company’s own Cayenne.

However, that’s not stopping the aftermarket tuner TechArt from upping the game for enthusiasts.

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  • 2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • 0-60 time:
    5.2 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph
  • Price:
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Porsche Macan By TechArt In Detail

2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
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2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt High Resolution Interior
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2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt Exterior
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When you think of the aesthetic aspect of tuner customization, probably the first thing that comes to mind is a rim upgrade.

Many Porsche drivers love to customize their vehicles. In fact, I see more modified Porsches than regular versions. TechArt is a known and respected Porsche tuner, providing OEM-quality upgrades, and the customization options are virtually endless.

While no official numbers have been released as of July 2014, expect a TechArt ECU upgrade which should tweak horsepower and torque ratings accordingly. Also, look for an upgraded stainless-steel exhaust system. TechArt claims a "significant increase of performance," and even offers a two-year warranty in addition to the Porsche factory warranty.

When you think of the aesthetic aspect of tuner customization, probably the first thing that comes to mind is a rim upgrade. TechArt has this covered, with a slew of offerings in several different designs and finishes.

Four different wheel designs are available, with one set being 21-inchers and the remaining three in 22-inch sizes. The 21-inch rims are an attractive five-spoke design, and look like a standard set of classy aftermarket rims. Perhaps the most stunning choice is the 22-inch split five-spoke design, which fills up the wheel wells quite nicely and showcases the large rotors and attractive brake calipers. Another notable aspect is the color customization available. These rim choices are available in silver, gloss black, and a host of other custom colors.

The TechArt Macan includes a new front spoiler, rear diffuser, roof spoiler, and altered side skirts which should help the Macan cut through the wind in an even easier fashion than in current form.

It doesn’t end there. The chassis and suspension can also be tuned to the driver’s specifications. The TechArt Sport Air Suspension will allow drivers to customize individual settings of the chassis and suspension to their likings, and also includes intelligent electronic height adjustment. We speculate that the driver will have more individual control and more ability to fine-tune the air suspension with this upgrade.

Models with standard springs will still enjoy upgrades, too, which will make the already tight suspension even stiffer, while offering a lower ride height as an aerodynamic and styling bonus. Either way, expect a firm, sporty ride.

Aerodynamic upgrades are also part of the deal. The TechArt Macan includes a new front spoiler, rear diffuser, roof spoiler, and altered side skirts, which should help the Macan cut through the wind in an even easier fashion than in its standard form. These also look great, and are made of a lightweight polyurethane material to help keep the curb weight in check.

Finally, expect the interior to receive some goodies as well. While the standard Macan’s interior is nothing to scoff at, look for some new exotic wood and carbon-fiber offerings, several new leather trims, and an upgraded TechArt three-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles. Fancy aluminum pedals are also available, with special floor mats and door sills with TechArt-logo illumination rounding out the package.

2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt Interior
- image 561281

While the regular Macan hardly needs improvement, the thought of a bevy of OEM-quality upgrades added to an already superbly engineered machine is very exciting, and should find many willing customers with open checkbooks readily in hand.

Expect more details as we receive them.

Porsche Macan

2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan High Resolution Exterior
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Press Release

TECHART Automobildesign grants a preview on its individualization program for Porsche’s fifth model range, the compact SUV Macan. TECHART light-alloy wheels and various TECHART interior refinement possibilities, executed by the in-house saddlery, are available with immediate effect. In addition an attractive aerodynamic kit, as well as sportive options enhancing driving dynamics and sound are going to offer automotive self-fulfilment for every taste shortly.

2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 561274

TECHART Wheels for the Porsche Macan.
Porsche establishes a new vehicle segment with the Macan, a sports car among the compact SUVs with five doors, five seats, all-wheel drive and plenty of possibilities for customization through TECHART refinement programs, of course in OEM quality. Beginning with the extensive TECHART Wheel Program, there are four wheel designs available in 20- and 21-inch. Besides attractive standard colour variations, all wheels can be customized individually to suit the vehicle in question.

TECHART Formula light-alloy wheel in 21-inch
FA: 9.5 x 21 ET 60
RA: 9.5 x 21 ET 63
incl. wheel spacer adapter
colours: silver, gloss black, custom colour

TECHART Formula II light-alloy wheel in 22-inch
FA: 9.5 x 22 ET 60
RA: 10.5 x 22 ET 56
incl. wheel spacer adapter
colours: silver, gloss black, custom colour

TECHART Formula III forged wheel in 22-inch
FA: 9.5 x 22 ET 60
RA: 10.5 x 22 ET 61
incl. wheel spacer adapter
colours: silver, bi-colour, burnished, custom colour

TECHART Formula IV light-alloy wheel in 22-inch
FA: 9.5 x 22 ET 55
RA: 10.5 x 22 ET 50
incl. wheel spacer adapter
colours: bi-colour, gloss black, custom colour
available from October 2014

2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt High Resolution Exterior
- image 561275

TECHART chassis and suspension options for the Porsche Macan.
TECHART Automobildesign injects variability and sportiness into the Porsche Macan models. The TECHART Air Suspension Module Sport, already known from the Porsche Cayenne models, as well as the TECHART Sport Spring Kit allow customers individual settings of chassis and suspension. While the TECHART Air Suspension Module achieves an intelligent electronic height adjustment in driving and parking mode for the Porsche Macan models equipped with standard air suspension, the TECHART Sport Spring Kit realizes a height lowering for vehicles without this feature.

TECHART Aerodynamic Program for the Porsche Macan.
TECHART Automobildesign currently develops attractive exterior options for the Porsche Macan models. Aesthetic and functional requirements are equally taken into account. TECHART design features like front spoiler, roof spoiler, rear diffuser, wheel arch extensions or side skirts prove a definite TECHART design language and sharpen the characteristics of the compact SUV decisively. Thereby the vehicle’s sportive layout remains unaffected. Made from a lightweight fibre composite of polyurethane RIM, the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit is distinguished by high levels of load-bearing capacity and dimensional stability with a low tare weight. It ensures stability and precision as well as ease of painting, installation and maintenance.

TECHART Power Kits and Sport Exhaust Systems for the Porsche Macan.
In terms of driving dynamics and sound, TECHART Automobildesign offers performance enhancement for the Porsche Macan’s 6-cylinder engines. TECHART Power Kits, based on the intelligent TECHART engine management system TECHTRONIC, elicit additional power output for petrol and diesel engines. This control technology, which is quick and easy to install, impresses with its fully electronic protective functions and the vehicle’s service and diagnostic capabilities which remain complete. Like every factory-new TECHART product, the high quality standards of the TECHART Power Kits are backed by a two-year limited warranty. But more than that, TECHART grants an additional warranty on damages at engine or gearbox according to the TECHART TECHTRONIC Warranty Terms.

2015 Porsche Macan by TechArt Exterior
- image 561276

The TECHART engine management system TECHTRONIC:
• significant increase of performance and driving dynamics
• activation by pushing the Sport button at the center console
• quick and easy installation, trouble-free deinstallation at any time
• intelligent electronic power management
• highest material quality and fulfillment of OEM specifications
• does not affect vehicle diagnostics or servicing
• does not affect electronic engine protection features

The valve-controlled TECHART Exhaust Systems Sport are made from stainless steel and do ensure that you cannot only feel the vehicle’s strength, but also hear it. In combination with the TECHART Sport Tailpipes they generate visual and acoustic significance at the same time.

TECHART Interior Refinement for the Porsche Macan.
With precise and accurate handiwork the TECHART in-house saddlery leaves nothing to be desired in the interior of the Porsche Macan models. Just as with the technically optimized manufacturing of the aerodynamic components, the focus of the TECHART interior refinements is also on perfection and the use of high-quality materials. Exquisite TECHART Leather Equipments, known from other model ranges, are complemented by the TECHART Interior Styling Packages, selectively painted, in carbon fibre or exotic woods. By request they customize seats, dashboard, centre consoles or door panels. The ergonomically shaped TECHART 3-spokes Multifunctional Sport Steering Wheel with TECHART Paddle Shifters allows precise vehicle handling. The TECHART Aluminium Sport Pedals and TECHART Aluminium Foot Rest provide ideal grip for precise control of throttle and brake. Extra features such as TECHART Floor Mats, the TECHART Loadspace Floor Mat, as well as illuminated TECHART Door Entry Guards grant imaginative interpretations in the vehicle’s interior.

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