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The company’s smallest crossover yet, the Porsche Macan arrived in 2014 and slotted under the highly popular Cayenne. After four years on the market, the compact SUV was updated to mid-cycle specifications. The Macan S is very similar to the base model we saw hit the spotlight earlier in 2018 on the outside. It’s identical inside the cabin as well save for the trim-specific features. However, it’s a different story under the hood, as the "S" badge comes in tow with a larger, 3.0-liter V-6. What’s more, while the four-banger lost a few horses with the facelift, the V-6 delivers a bit more power and torque.

Update 03/14/2019: We’ve updated this review with fresh images of the 2019 Porsche Macan S that we took during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Check them out in the gallery at the bottom of this page!

  • 2020 Porsche Macan S
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  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    3.0 L
  • 0-60 time:
    5.1 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    158 mph
  • Price:
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  • Overall:

2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior

  • 911-inspired features
  • New LED lights
  • Rear lightbar
  • New-design wheels
  • Bigger bumper vents
  • Sportier overall
  • New body colors
2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809439

Although it’s just a facelift, Porsche calls the revised Macan a second-generation model. While it might not be accurate, it’s not far from the truth as far as design goes, as the changes are significant.

The front fascia of the Macan now features several styling cues borrowed from the 911 sports car.

The headlamps now feature the familiar four-point LED lighting pattern that comes standard on every trim level. Optionally, you can replace them with the dynamic lighting system called PDLS Plus.

The intakes in the bumper have also been revised, with horizontal slats added to the center vent and bigger side outlets with wider slats. The smaller side vents below are also longer, while the center opening is almost perfectly rectangular. The apron is larger too and almost as sharp as the 911’s splitter. All these features make the Macan look wider and sportier than before.

2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809440
The new taillights feature the three-dimensional LED strip with "Porsche" letters seen on the 911

The profile remains virtually identical to the outgoing model, but you can now choose between new wheel designs in 20- and 21-inch sizes. You can also add features like a black dent in the lower doors, black window trim, and carbon fiber mirror caps to make your Macan stand out in the crowd.

The new taillights are the first features that catch the eye around back. They’re fitted with the recent four-point design LEDs, but they also feature the new three-dimensional LED strip with "Porsche" letters. Already available on the 911 and Panamera, the LED strip is a trademark element for the German brand. We can see minor changes in the diffuser as well, but the Macan also sports a new tailpipe setup with round outlets on each side of the bumper.

Four new exterior colors are also available for the updated Macan: Miami Blue, Mamba Green Metallic, Dolomite Silver Metallic, and Crayon.

2020 Porsche Macan S exterior dimensions

Length 184.9 in
Width (w/ mirrors) 82.6 in
Width (w/ mirrors folded) 76.2 in
Height 63.9 in
Drag coefficient (Cd) 0.36 Cd
Wheelbase 110.5 in

2020 Porsche Macan S Interior

  • New, larger infotainment display
  • Revised infotainment system
  • Cleaner center stack
  • Redesigned A/C vents
  • Sportier steering wheel
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Ionizer
  • heated windscreen
  • many new features are optional
2020 Porsche Macan S Interior
- image 809438
The new infotainment display is larger than the old unit at 10.9 inches

Facelifts usually don’t bring many changes inside the cabin, but there’s plenty to talk about here.

First up, there’s a new infotainment display with a 10.9-inch diagonal. That’s four inches more than the old unit. Porsche also added a revised Communication Management (PCM) system, which offers access to new digital functions, including intelligent voice control and the online navigation system. This enabled Porsche to eliminate some of the buttons in the center stack for a cleaner, modern look.

The center stack was also redesigned, mostly to make way for the larger infotainment display. Porsche abandoned the traditional layout with A/C vents flanking the screen, with the former now placed right above the center console. They’re much smaller too.

2019 Porsche Macan Interior
- image 788382

Another important change is the sportier GT steering wheel. Based on the one from the 911 sports car, it features revised controls, and it can be equipped with a mode switch and the Sport Response Button. Both are part of the optional Sports Chrono Package that also adds the analog clock on the dashboard. This steering wheel doesn’t come standard though, so you’ll have to look it up on the options list and pay a little extra to get it.

More upgrades can be found in the equipment department, including the Traffic Jam Assist, the ionizer, and the heated windscreen. But just like the GT steering wheel, they’re all optional.

The new Traffic Jam Assist system includes adaptive cruise control, which works at speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph), and partially automated acceleration and braking functions.

It also assists with steering in slow-moving traffic for a more relaxed trip.

Porsche added the Connect Plus module, which features intelligent voice control and real-time traffic information.

2020 Porsche Macan S Drivetrain

  • Revised 3.0-liter V-6
  • Upgraded internals
  • 354 horsepower
  • 354 pound-feet of torque
  • Optional Sport Chrono package
  • 0 to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds
  • Top speed at 158 mph
  • AWD system
2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809442

The updated Macan continues with the same engines, but Porsche made some changes in order to improve fuel economy. The base model, for instance, lost seven horsepower due to Porsche adding a new particulate filter. Thankfully, the 3.0-liter V-6 in the Macan S has a tiny increase to brag about.

Specifically, the mill now cranks out 354 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque, or 14 horsepower and 15 pound-feet more than its predecessor.

When equipped with the Sport Chrono package, it hits 62 mph in 5.1 seconds, a tenth-second quicker than the outgoing model. Top speed remains locked at the same 158 mph though.

Porsche meddled with some of the internals, moving the turbocharger in the inner V for shorter exhaust gas paths between the combustion chambers and the turbocharger. This design enhances responsiveness. The revised combustion chamber geometry with a central injector also enables more efficient fuel mixture preparation. Fuel consumption on the European NEDC cycle is estimated at 8.9 liters per 100 km, a marginal improvement over the old model.

2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809434
When equipped with the Sport Chrono package, it hits 62 mph in 5.1 seconds

Both the four-wheel-drive system and the suspension were further improved for the facelift. The SUV now rides on aluminum front axle sprint forks instead of steel, which improves rigidity and reduces unsprung mass. It also makes the steering more precise and improves ride comfort. Porsche also retuned the sway bars.

The Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) active damper control system, height-adjustable air suspension with optimized rolling pistons, and the shock absorber hydraulics and Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) remain optionally available for improved driving dynamics and handling.

Finally, Porsche added a lighter brake pedal that presses on the brake master cylinder via a shortened lever arm. This enables a more immediate brake response and a more precise pressure point. The front brake discs are now 10 mm (0.4 inches) larger at 360 mm (14.1 inches) and two mm (0.08 inches) thicker at 36 mm (1.4 inches). The Macan S can be equipped with the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) system.

2020 Porsche Macan S specifications

Engine 3.0-liter V-6
Horsepower 348 HP @ 5,400-6,400 RPM
Torque 348 LB-FT @ 1,360-4,800 RPM
Drivetrain All-wheel drive
Transmission 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
Top speed 158 mph
0 to 60 mph 5.1 seconds (4.9 seconds with Sport Chrono Package)
Curb weight 4,293 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 5,688 lb
Maximum load 1,395 lb
Towing capacity 4,409 lb

2020 Porsche Macan S Prices

2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809441

Pricing information for the U.S. market is not yet available, but the revised Macan S should cost a tad more than the outgoing model. The old crossover retails from $55,400.

2020 Porsche Macan S Competition


2018 BMW X3 High Resolution Exterior
- image 721343

Redesigned for the 2018 model year, it has a sportier design and a well-equipped interior. It’s not as aggressive as the 911-inspired Macan, but it makes up in other departments, like technology and features. While the base xDrive30i model isn’t a very good competitor for the Macan S at 249 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, the M40i features a more powerful 3.0-liter inline-six rated at 355 horsepower and 369 pound-feet. Getting to 62 mph takes 4.7 seconds, almost a half-second quicker than the Macan S. However, top speed comes in at "only" 130 mph. Pricing for the M40i starts from a comparable $54,300.

Read our full review of the 2018 BMW X3.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class High Resolution Exterior
- image 634318

The current GLC has yet to be updated, but it’s still a solid proposition. Its design isn’t dated, and its interior remains appealing without the big cluster and infotainment displays that Mercedes introduced on other models recently. Just like the X3, the base U.S. model is no match for the Macan S. To get similar specs; you have to go with the AMG GLC43. Powered by an AMG-enhanced, 3.0-liter V-6 with a pair of turbos, this SUV hits the pavement with 362 horsepower. It’s quicker than Macan S too, needing less than five seconds to hit 62 mph from a standing start. Pricing starts from $56,250.

Read our full story on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Jaguar F-Pace

2017 - 2019 Jaguar F-Pace Exterior
- image 779378

The F-Pace is the youngest nameplate here and Jaguar’s first-ever crossover. Inspired by the already iconic F-Type, the F-Pace matches German offerings in terms of luxury features and technology. It’s also available with a wide range of engine options. Best suited to go against the Macan S is the 3.0-liter V-6 that comes with 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. Mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, it charges to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds. If that’s to slow for you, you can go with the version the delivers 380 horsepower, which slashed the sprint time to 5.1 seconds. Both models hit a top speed of 155 mph. The V-6-powered range starts from exactly $50,000, but the 380-horsepower model is notably more expensive at $61,500 before options.

Read our full review of the 2019 Jaguar F-Pace

Final Thoughts

2020 Porsche Macan S Exterior
- image 809436

Although it’s not notably quicker or more powerful than its predecessor, the revised Macan S is quite the looker thanks to its 911-inspired features. You have to love sports car cues into a crossover, even if you hate SUVs. Performance-wise, it might not be on par with M and AMG versions of its German competitors, but it’s not far behind either. And what lacks in 0-to-62 mph sprints, the Macan S makes up in the technology and design departments. In all, the update will definitely keep the SUV fresh until the next generation arrives in a couple of years.

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    • Most new tech is optional

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2019 Porsche Macan Exterior
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2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan
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It delivers 260 kW (354 PS; Fuel consumption combined 8.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined 204 g/km) and has a maximum torque of 480 Nm, representing an increase of 10 kW (14 PS) and 20 Nm compared with the previous model. When equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package, the new Macan S accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds quicker than the previous model. The vehicle’s top speed is 254 km/h. Its fuel consumption (NEDC-correlated) is 8.9 l/100 km. The new Macan S enjoys all the product innovations of the latest generation Macan model range. These include the LED lightbar at the rear and the new, fully networked Porsche Communication Management system with a 10.9-inch touchscreen.

New V6 engine with central turbo layout
The Porsche Macan S is now equipped with a newly developed 3.0 liter V6 turbo engine. Using the central turbo layout, the turbocharger is located in the inner V; this results in short exhaust gas paths between the combustion chambers and the turbocharger, to ensure outstanding and immediate responsiveness. The new twin-scroll turbocharger provides high torque at low engine speeds. With twin-scroll technology, the exhaust gas flows are continuously fed to the turbine wheel as separate streams significantly reducing any charge cycle disadvantages. The further-developed combustion chamber geometry with a central injector promotes efficient fuel mixture preparation. In addition to the increase in the power output per litre, from 113 to 118 PS, the emissions have also been reduced.

Macan S, Mallorca, 2018, Porsche AG
Newly tuned chassis for enhanced balance
As distinctively sporty as ever, the Macan’s chassis features staggered tyres and Porsche Traction Management (PTM) four-wheel drive, and has been overhauled and optimised once again as part of this model’s facelift. On the front axle, spring forks made from aluminium replace the previous steel components. The new light alloy design is more rigid and reduces unsprung mass, making the steering on the Macan more precise and improving ride comfort. Newly tuned sway bars also ensure more neutral handling. As before, the Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) active damper control system, height-adjustable air suspension with optimised rolling pistons and new shock absorber hydraulics and Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) are optionally available to improve the model’s driving dynamics and handling even further.

The new Macan S, infographic, 2018, Porsche AG

Enhanced brakes with more precise pressure point
A lot of detailed work has also gone into the brakes of the new Macan, and the driver will notice this most of all in the form of a changed pedal feel. The pedal in question weighs around 300 g less than the previous steel part, and acts on the brake master cylinder via a shortened lever arm. This results in a more immediate brake response, and the driver can also feel a very precise pressure point because of the firm connection. The even more sporty approach in the new Macan S is reflected in the larger front brake discs, with disc diameter increased by 10 mm to 360 mm, and disc thickness growing 2 mm to 36 mm. All new brake pads are copper-free. The Macan S can also be equipped with the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB).

Macan S, Mallorca, 2018, Porsche AG

A more streamlined design with full LED lights and new digital functions
The Macan S also benefits from all the innovations included in the latest facelift, including a three-dimensional rear LED lightbar. The headlights are LED as standard, and the optional Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) system can be used to control light distribution adaptively.

The new Porsche Communication Management (PCM), which now features a 10.9-inch full-HD touchscreen, is fully networked as standard and includes online navigation with real-time traffic information through “Here Cloud”, mobile phone connection, two audio interfaces and intelligent voice control. Other features on-board as standard include Porsche Connect Plus (with LTE phone module and SIM card reader), a Wi-Fi hotspot and an array of new Porsche Connect services.

New options: GT sports steering wheel, ioniser and Traffic Jam Assist
The optional GT sports steering wheel, which appears in the 911, bolsters the sporty interior design of the Macan S. The mode switch integrated into the steering wheel – including the Sport Response button – is part of the optional Sport Chrono Package. For added comfort and convenience, it is possible to optionally include the new Traffic Jam Assist, a heated windshield and an ioniser which, in conjunction with the fine particulate air filter fitted as standard, improves the quality of the air inside the vehicle.

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