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1971 Porsche 916

1971 Porsche 916

Porsche Cayman is for sure a car every one has hard about, and many have the chance to drive it. But how many of you know about its predecessor, the Porsche 916? However the car never made it to production, and there were only 11 prototypes produced.

The 916 was to be priced at $14,000 - the most expensive Porsche at that time. That was considerably more than the highest priced 911 which cost around $10,000 and with sales declining, Porsche dropped the idea of building it. The Porsche 916 was intended as a competitor for the Ferrari 246 Dino.

The 916 takes over the raw body from the 914/6. The roof is permanently welded to the body. The fenders must be widened to make enough room for the 7-inch wide light alloy wheels. The 916 is also fitted with the brakes and 2.4 litre motor from the 911 S.

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