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Porsche Purists Under Siege Again As Tuning Shop Crams Hemi V-8 In a 911

Porsche Purists Under Siege Again As Tuning Shop Crams Hemi V-8 In a 911

Forget all the known conventions about the Porsche 911 and gaze at this beast with an enormous Hemi V-8 in the trunk

Here we go again, straying further and further from God’s way. This time, the "sinner" is a yet-to-be-completed creation by a French tuning company called Danton Arts Kustoms based in Vanosc, France. While the guys there are currently working on many wacky projects, the one that caught our eye is an ultra-modified Hemi-powered Porker based on a slashed 997 chassis that is sure to send shivers down the spines of Porsche fans young and old.

I’m not a bona fide tuning fan. While I did enjoy the first few Fast & Furious movies in my youth and thought, just like almost anybody in the early noughties, that flamboyant paint schemes and insane body kits that don’t actually help the car go faster are the business, I’ve never been an advocate of tuning as a whole. Nowadays, I enjoy stuff like Canepa’s 959 that offers modern-day supercar performance while retaining all the visual elements of the original 959, but I also turn my head in a hurry when I see stuff like this much newer Porsche that’s being turned into a front-engined muscle car. To some people, it may seem like this 997.I Carrera 4S Cabriolet is being tormented and is dying a slow death under the weight of that hefty Hemi V-8 but, actually, I’m of the opinion that it’s about to rebirth and, if nothing else, it’ll rival the Half11.

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