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TranSport - Porsche pick-up?

TranSport - Porsche pick-up?

Now that Porsche has unveiled their first ever sedan and have made it clear that they have intentions to build a Golf competitor, why not think up up of other models the luxury stud could delve into? In fact, why not think of the next big thing; a Porsche pickup truck. What better way to transport all kinds of luxury products than with a truck bearing the Stuttgart Coat of Arms? Well, we can’t say we thought of this one all by ourselves. The idea actually comes from Nouphone J. Bansasine who designed the Porsche TranSport - the fourth version in the Porsche line-up (next to a sedan, SUV and the sports car model).

The Transport design looks very Porschesque with its smooth lines and exotic appearance. Not something anyone would want to carry sod around in! We don’t know about everyone out there, but it would be pretty interesting to carry our tools around in a luxury pickup.

How do you guys feel about the Porsche Transport? Hit us up!

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