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Porsche Increases U.S. Macan Allocation

Porsche Increases U.S. Macan Allocation

Porsche’s problems concerning the availability of the Macan started since the crossover was launched in 2014, but certain markets have had it much worse than others. Following a promise it made in early 2015, Porsche will increase its U.S. allocation for the Macan, and extra cars will begin to arrive in May.

"We do not want to continue to have a situation where we have a waiting list of five to six months," Porsche Cars North America CEO Detlev von Platen told Automotive News. "This is the reason we have decided to jump on the allocation for the United States and increase this for this year." Even though Porsche managed to sell 9,841 Macans in the U.S. since the model went on sale in May 2014, Van Platen has said that the demand is closer to 18,000 cars annually, the reason behind the long waiting lists.

This is not good news for everyone though, as the extra cars that will now go to the U.S. market will be shifted from others, albeit Porsche Cars NA did not disclose which markets will lose their allocations. The huge Macan demand has translated into Porsche reaching its goal of 50,000 cars sold annually in the U.S. four years earlier than it had originally prefigured. A number of North American dealerships have said that they can’t even keep one Macan as a demo car per dealer, since customers want them so badly.

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