First time officially unveiled in May 2002, K-1 Attack roadster is now offer for European market as complete brand new ’turnkey’ automobile called Attack F-type, with 2 years factory guarantee and regular aftersales customer service and support.

"Attack" is a registered brand of K-1 Engineering and represent the rebellion of few fresh and creative young people strongly related to automotive passion and competition against boring global automotive world. Thanks to futuristic design combined with the latest in sophisticated technology and solicitous craftsmanship, this product obtained a great development support from Ford Motor Co. and direct factory access.

K-1 Attack Roadster
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Extremely stiff tubular space frame integrating powerful sporty Euro-4 passed powertrain in front of the rear axle, dressed in light radical jacket is the most extraordinary attention-getter you can ever meet on the street. Maybe it is surprising, but Attack is not only meant for free time and fun. Lot of trunk space, leather upholstery, adjustable seats and pedals, power steering, power brakes, power mirrors, multimedia system, automatic air-conditioning system and much more, gives you excellent opportunity to use the Attack as daily driven automobile.

Electro/Diesel Hybrid

Considering the latest fuel alternative trends in automotive development, we are proud to announce the victory of our special Hybrid-Attack, placing 1st in the National Tour de Sol contest early last year. Extremely light carbon fiber body, combined with 360hp, soya beans superclean biodiesel/electric powertrain with superior acceleration and fantastic consumption of 4 liters immediately became the world fastest electro/diesel hybrid vehicle.

K-1 Attack Roadster
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The custom made tubular space chassis of Attack was sophisticatedly designed and lately modified with extra attention to torsional rigidity and safety. It would take about 5500 lbs of force in torsion to make the chassis deflect 1 inch! A full race chassis with roof reinforcement will handle about 5000 lbs of force to deflect the chassis by the same value.

Vehicle is available in several base colors, with optional metallic or pearl finish, with lot of extra equipments - like Carbon Fiber interior/exterior parts, genuine leather interior upholstery, roof set with ’windshot’ and real rear glass window (the set is stored in vehicle when not used), powerful air-conditioning system, Clarion stereo sets with slide out TV screen and GPS navigation option, number of wheel models and other extraordinary on-demand customizing options.

K-1 Attack Roadster
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Model Types & Price List

Your Attack could be build in many versions, depends on optional equipment and modifications. All models are equipped with V-6 engines and similar design of frame and body. According to serious improvements in serial production, we are pleased to announce new pricing quotes:

  • Attack Roadster V6-SX standard equipment
  • Attack JD-R Racing Edition 320hp/335Nm, FIA hom.
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  (2) posted on 02.22.2013

This car was way ahead of it’s time, the first ones made from 2000 to 2006, were made by Kventnansky (Engineer & Race car driver) he was the creator of the K-1 Attack, these first concepts, are now very collectable, can you believe that he actually designed this car back in 1999, Wow, even now in 2013 it is a great looking car and is making head lines world wide. With the debut of the Attack based Renovatio Tushek V8, it was at par with the worlds Super Cars at the Monaco Super Car Show, and next to the $1 Million to $2.5 Million other Super cars, it really seemed like a bargain at $300K Euros.

  (238) posted on 09.13.2011

Attack’s overall sophistication is very surprising. Kinda looks like a kit-car and by some folks estimation, is just that.

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