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The 992-generation Porsche 911 is nearly upon us. Set to break cover at the2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the new-generation 911 will bring a new yet still familiar design forward, new technology under the skin, and a crop of revised turbocharged engines. While the oily bits are still being kept under wraps, the exterior design is no longer a mystery. What has changed for the new generation styling-wise? Find out in the comparison below.


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Not surprisingly, Porsche kept the 911’s design similar to not only the outgoing 991 model, but to older generations as well. It’s been more than 50 years since the original 911 rolled out and the sports car remains familiar. Purist or not, you have to agree that Porsche’s strategy is working wonders.

A closer look reveals notable changes to the front end though.

The headlamps have been reshaped, while the front lid extends closer to the nose and features sharper edges, likely inspired by the original 911.

The bumper vents, which are perfectly rectangular now, sit lower in the fascia, while the splitter looks cleaner. Simpler, but definitely more effective.


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If you feel like asking which is which, worry not, we’re on the same side. Okay, I admit, I can tell the two generations apart based on the edges of the front and rear bumpers, but their center sections look identical save for the slimmer mirrors, and flush door handles of the 992. But this isn’t an issue. The overall shape, the sloping roof, and the wider fenders are timeless, and the 911 continues to look charming despite the lack of significant changes.


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This is where things become a lot more interesting, as Porsche made several changes to the familiar rear fascia we’ve seen on the most recent two generations of the 911.

The taillights are much thinner, and an even thinner red light strip runs across the fascia, yet another nod to vintage 911s.

The movable spoiler is also wider, while the engine grille sports a new mesh.

The bumper is also a significant departure from the old model. There are bigger vents at the corners and a black-painted apron. The license plate was moved lower in the bumper, while the exhaust pipes are set farther apart. Overall, the rear fascia looks decidedly more modern, and it’s a big step away from the usual 911 rear end.

So what do you think? Do you like the new 911 or would you rather stick with the outgoing model? Let me know in the comments.

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