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5 Things To Look For At The 2018 Dakar Rally

5 Things To Look For At The 2018 Dakar Rally

Churning terra firma for ultimate off-road glory

With the flipping of the calendar, all eyes once again turn to South America for the 40th running of the infamous Dakar Rally. 2018 marks the tenth time this arduous 9,000 km (5,592-mile) event has run across the continent, once again keeping the spirit alive with an impressive lineup of high-performance vehicles and talented pilots to guide them. Per tradition, the Dakar promises to deliver tons of drama and motorsport-style heroics, and as such, we’re giving you five things to look out for at this year’s event. We’re also breaking down how to watch the event, be it online or on TV, so read on and get stoked.

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TopSpeed's Top 10 Race Car Homologation Specials

TopSpeed’s Top 10 Race Car Homologation Specials

Ten of the most badass street-legal race cars that money can buy

Racing is just frickin’ awesome, amirite? Pushing the limits of what’s possible with four wheels and an engine, testing the skill and bravery and those who sit behind the wheel, proving who’s the best and who’s the rest… these are the things that make motorsport so incredible. But there’s another wrinkle to add to the mix – sometimes, when the stars align just so, the world of racing spits out a machine born on the track, but ready for the road. We call these beasts homologation specials, and they’re some of the most exciting, uncompromised, and downright drool-worthy automobiles on the planet. As such, we’ve compiled 10 of the best right here for your reading pleasure.

We’ve tried our best to include a broad variety of vehicles, including muscle cars, supercars, and rally cars, with a mixture of European, Japanese, and American manufacturers all present and accounted for. Each offers its own take on what it means to go fast, whether it’s big downforce, big power, or sideways hoonery. Maybe it’s all three. Of course, picking a favorite is tough in this crowd, but forced to choose, which of these homologation specials is right for you? Let us know in the comments so we can join in on the fantasy.

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