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2014 Radical RXC Coupe

2014 Radical RXC Coupe

When we first heard about the Radical RXC Coupe earlier this year, we knew we had a long wait ahead of us, as we anticipated not getting the details until the January 10th Autosport International show. Well, the wait was long, but we got our first taste a little earlier than expected, as Radical has just released the specifications and features of its upcoming coupe.

Before this release, we had little clue what to expect, but we did know that a V-6 engine would be standard and a V-8 engine would be optional. The output of said engines was a complete mystery and the performance numbers were even more blurred.

With this early release of info, Radical has officially moistened our whistle and we are now just waiting to see one hit the track for the first time. We’ll let you know this much up front, this coupe is shockingly powerful and even more shocking are its track numbers.

Hit the jump to read our full review of the Radical RXC Coupe and find out just how shocking it is.

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