Launched in 2002, the six-figure SR3 is a mainstay of the Radical lineup, outselling the company’s other products by a large margin. Hilariously, all of Radical’s offerings can be converted for street use in certain countries, but you won’t see too many of these Le Mans-style racers out on a grocery run. Obviously, it’s the car’s track prowess that draws customers, and the SR3 is made eligible for entry in a variety of race series, including Radical’s own Clubman’s Cup, European Masters, and SR3 Challenge. This latest iteration does not deviate from the formula, and comes with several new improvements to both performance and reliability.

British manufacturer Radical is known for producing open-wheeled track terrors that are light, nimble, and devastatingly quick. Like any successful racing car, the design philosophy revolves around trimming all the fat, while incorporating the tried and true go-fast technology you’d expect from a modern racer. The engine sits behind the driver, the aero is big and functional, and there’s a ton of tire stuffed under the arches. The result is a laser beam focused tool for putting down blistering lap times, compromising nothing in the quest for ultimate speed.

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2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575577
2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575582
2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575578
Up front, there’s a redesigned diffuser with a “double-tunnel” profile that improves stability under braking.

Say what you want about how the SR3 looks, because it isn’t listening. The design is about winning races, not car shows. However, for 2015, Radical did spend time restyling the RS3. The result is a slight improvement over the 2014 model, but probably not something you’d want to hang on your wall. That hardly matters though, as the shape will still create enough downforce to rip your face off.

Up front, there’s a redesigned diffuser with a “double-tunnel” profile that improves stability under braking. The two very large headlights are fitted with an eight-LED array for improved visibility during night races.

Around the back of the car, an open-deck tail improves airflow, grip, and cooling, while the rear diffuser has been modified to resemble the same piece found on the Radical RXC. More LEDs are used in the taillights.

Exterior Dimensions

Length 4,077 MM (160.51 Inches)
Width 1,799 MM (70.82 Inches)
Height 1,093 MM (43.03 Inches)


Believe it or not, you won’t find a single cup holder in the cockpit of the new SR3. What you will find is an amalgamation of electronic devices that put numbers to the extreme speeds you’ll experience. This includes an AIM MXL2 LCD dashboard that logs and displays information to keep the driver abreast of all pertinent mechanical happenings, plus a real-time track map in case you get lost. There’s also an optional SmartyCam HD GP to pair that data with 720p driving footage to help driver development off the track.

Like SR3s of the past, there’s a passenger seat if you want to bring a friend. No word on the urine-resistance of all that carbon fiber.


2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575573
While 210 horsepower may sound rather weak, the Radical’s extreme low weight should put things into perspective.

In a move designed to reduce the astronomically high-cost of maintaining a race car, the RPE 1500 Generation 3 engine powering this Radical has been designed to go longer between services, and also comes blessed with a 40- to 45-hour factory warranty.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of punch as well. The high revving, naturally aspirated, 1.5-liter four-cylinder comes with a better midrange via easier breathing, including a new larger-diameter tubular exhaust manifold post-combustion and 45-mm individual throttle bodies on the intake side. These improvements should sharpen throttle response and fatten the torque curve, both of which are attributes highly sought-after in a racing platform.

While 210 horsepower may sound rather weak, the Radical’s extreme low weight should put things into perspective. At 1,256 pounds, the power-to-weight ratio comes to just under 6 pounds per horsepower. By comparison, the 911 Turbo S has 6.4 pounds for every one of its 560 horsepower to lug around.

But the SR3 is less about power and more about corner speed. With so little weight and a huge amount of wing, the Radical can pull insane amounts of lateral acceleration. Any driver can stand on the throttle- it’s in the corners that the real talent shows.


Type RPE-Suzuki Generation 3 1500cc 4-cylinder DOHC engine
Power 210 HP @ 9,500 RPM
Torque 124 LB-FT @ 8,200 RPM
Weight from 570kg (1,256 LBS)
Power to weight ratio 368hp/tonne
0-60mph 3.1 seconds
Top Speed 155 mph


£66,958 - $107,200



2014 KTM X-Bow GT Exterior AutoShow
- image 496777

A more civilized take on what it means to be a track toy, the X-Bow comes with extravagant amenities like a windshield and doors. While a bit heavier than the Radical, the X-Bow is also more powerful, with 281 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque. While almost certainly a weekend warrior, you’d be forgiven for taking the X-Bow on public roads in a pinch

Ariel Atom 3.5R

2014 Ariel Atom 3.5R Exterior
- image 551744
Ariel Atom 3.5R 2.5 Seconds

Pricier than the Radical, but also more powerful, the 3.5R slots in between the base Atom and the ludicrous 500. While the Radical will probably stick a bit better in the corners thanks to a more extensive aero package, the Atom 3.5R will simply dust it on the straights. Odds are you won’t find a race series that will allow this kind of insanity as a competitor, but when it comes to open lapping, the Atom 3.5R will simply dominate.


2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575581

If you’re a diehard Le Mans lover with a penchant for track time and a hundred-grand hole burning in your pocket, the SR3 is a great choice. It’s wicked fast, but also presents plenty of opportunities for sanctioned racing if you want to try your hand at wheel-to-wheel competition. You can buy your own, or, if you can’t be bothered with prep-time, Radical will deliver arrive-and-drive packages to many of the top tracks in the world.

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Press Release

Since 2002 the SR3 has been providing drivers thrilling, cost-effective, high-performance track driving and racing, and now the SR3 RSX with its dramatic styling, improved aerodynamics and extended durability will blow you away in a sportscar package that’s faster over any lap, easier to drive and cost even less to run than before.

2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575568

First launched in 2002, the SR3 is the world’s most successful sports-racer, with over 900 satisfied customers. The SR3 RSX has been carefully developed over the last 12 months, incorporating a show-stopping new look and latest-generation LMP aerodynamics into the proven, lightweight and high-performance SR3 powertrain package


In our continual quest to reduce the cost of racing while maintaining all the thrills, the SR3 RSX features a new high-performance variant of the RPE 1500 Generation 3 short stroke engine, with more mid-range power and torque for faster laps, at the same time delivering longer service intervals and improved efficiency.

2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575569

The 2015 Generation 3 four-cylinder engine features a new larger-diameter stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold, bigger 45mm individual throttle body induction system and redesigned air box, including bespoke inlet trumpets tuned for optimum torque, power and response.

The benefits of this modern powerplant include an increased factory warranty from 40 to 45 hours. Radical remains the only manufacturer in the world that offers this level of comprehensive factory guarantee on all road and race engines. Other benefits include a reduction in high-frequency vibration, leading to smoother running characteristics and increased component longevity, particularly camshaft drivetrain.

2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575574

The RPE 1500 Generation 3 short stroke engines produce lower levels of CO2, both in the manufacturing process and in running, through greater efficiency and reduced weight. These new engines and the previous generation of RPE 1500cc engines will both be eligible for all 2015 Radical SR3 Championships - the Radical Clubman’s Cup, Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance Radical SR3 Challenge and Radical European Masters. From 2016 onwards only the RPE 1500 Generation 3 short stroke engine will be eligible.


Whilst the SR3 RSX retains the class leading, confidence inspiring and FIA-approved SR3 spaceframe chassis, the differences are obvious as soon as you set eyes on the
spectacular new styling. The stepped cockpit surround echoes current Le Mans Prototype (LMP) styling whilst still affording excellent visibility for the driver and passenger. Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling have seen the SR3 RSX gain a redesigned front diffuser. This features a ’double-tunnel’ profile
from leading edge to rear and for the first time integrates into the wheelarch leading edges for improved airflow. This in turn improves the front aerodynamic efficiency of the car without compromising front-rear balance, and also creates greater stability under braking.

2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575575

The front view is dominated by an 8-LED race lighting array,affording improved forward visibility and track illumination for night or poor-weather racing. Moving to the rear a new open-deck tail improves airflow, grip and cooling at the back of the car, and incorporates high-intensity LED brake and rain lighting. The rear diffuser profile has been greatly revised using experience gained from the RXC development programme, with a lowered deck angle to improve ’ground effect’ aerodynamic grip. Above this sits a new dual exit exhaust system.

Suspension and brakes

For the first time, the SR3 RSX features fully-floating disc brakes front and rear as standard. 280mm 48-vane ventilated discs are gripped by four-piston calipers for phenomenal braking performance, and a hard-line braking system for greater consistency and improved feel over a full race distance. Intrax Racing Suspension adjustable dampers complete the package, making the SR3 RSX the most advanced specification yet.

2015 Radical SR3 RSX Exterior
- image 575576


The SR3 RSX features the new AIM MXL2 multifunction LCD dashboard and datalogger, with expanded capability and a new high-contrast display. The MXL2 offers a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in alerts and information, including a real-time track map location for the first time. An ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at optimum brightness levels. The latest-generation SmartyCam HD GP can be added to the system to provide video with a realtime overlay of data, ideal for lap time improvement or corporate use at up to 720p resolution.

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Press release

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