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Radical Sportscar SR8 RX reviews

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2015 Radical SR8 RSX

2015 Radical SR8 RSX

Radical has followed up on its promise to unveil two new models on October 31, 2014 with the debut of the SR8 RSX. The new high-performance race car made its debut at the Circuit de Barcelona in Spain. Radical has high expectations for the SR8 RSX, labeling it as its most advanced, powerful, and aerodynamically developed open racing car.

Radical knows its market and it’s packaging the SR8 RSX with the belief that the car’s new technological features will go a long way in convincing its buyers in its niche market to pick it over the competition. It’s a task far easier said than done given its six-figure price tag. However, when the cost comes with a car that can push performance boundaries like no Radical before it could, there’s enough reason to justify spending that much money on a track-day toy.

The company also described the SR8 RSX as its new flagship model that offers an experience “closer to LMP competition”. With that kind of build-up, I’ll venture a guess that Radical is loving the attention being given to the SR8 RSX.

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