It’s only a rendering, but it’s certainly not far-fetched

Supercars are designed and built to accelerate and go around corners quickly on smooth tarmac, but what if you have one with raised suspension, body cladding, and beefy off-road rims and tires? It’d probably look somewhere along the lines of this digitally manipulated previous-generation Ford GT and would even be decent off-road, but nowhere near as good as it originally was on-road.

2005 Ford GT Raptor

Posted by Rain Prisk on Monday, October 15, 2018

It is the creation of Rain Prisk, and it looks like you could tare across a field in it full throttle, flinging lots of mud and grass behind it in spectacular rooster tails while popping the occasional wheelie over a crest.

And think about it, something like this would have the proper ground clearance (with custom suspension and wheels on it), but its center of gravity would remain fairly low, so it’d still be competent even sitting higher off the ground.

Would something like this be practical and feasible? Certainly, but I doubt any Ford GT owner would want to chop up their car and ruin it as a road-going car just to get the badass looks of the vehicle in this rendering. It certainly can be done, and the resulting vehicle would probably break the internet, but aside from that Bentley Continental GT that got converted into a proper off-roader, people don’t seem to be lining up to do such conversions.

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