Back in 1978, Dodge rolled out a special edition package for its D150 pickup trucks, which were not yet named “Ram.” This new package was known internally as Package Code YH6 and featured a high-output 360-cubic-inch V-8 engine with a 4-barrel carb pumping in fuel. The engine boasted high-flow cylinder heads and an aggressive cam shave and it all hooked up to a 3.55-to-1 rear end. This package, which we all know as the L’il Red Express, only lasted two years – 1978 and 1979 – and saw only 2,188 units in 1978 and 5,118 units in 1979. This makes it one of the most sought after Dodge pickups ever built.

Well, Ram is rolling out a remake of this classic short-body pickup truck in the form of its SEMA-stationed L’il Red Express Truck. Though it is more modern than the original rendition, it certainly pays it homage rather well. It features the bright-red paint of the original, a side-stack exhaust system, and a wood-trimmed bed.

In addition, this remake of the cult classic pickup features 22-inch Mopar rims with gold inserts, a 5.7-liter HEMI engine that pumps out 390 horsepower and 407 pound-feet of torque, gold accent stripes, “Hyperblack” painted grille inserts, and a custom Katzkin (no, not “cat skin”) interior. Sure, it lacks the flare-side styling and the wood-outlined bed of the original, but it is bad-ass nonetheless.

There is no mention of this special edition ever coming to the Ram lineup, but don’t be too surprised to see it roll out in 2013 and 2014, as Chrysler loves running special-edition Rams – there have been plenty of them. One thing is for sure, it would definitely carry a higher premium than the $1,131 price for the original L’il Red Express package.

Stay tuned to find our of Chrysler plans to launch this model or not.


Source: Left Lane News

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  (2) posted on 02.7.2013

I would always suggest people to go for Dodge RAM. Imagine a set of wheels that can do heavy work and also don’t compromise with style and looks. I love my ride. I have a name for it ram pheonix. The power of truck and speed of a phoenix bird.

  (341) posted on 11.4.2012

Well yeah, definitely is not a car with you can pass unnoticed. from many points of view ...

  (346) posted on 11.4.2012

how big it is and how cuuute! makes me think to a small tanksmiley

  (397) posted on 11.4.2012

someone in my neighborhood has this car and I can say that I know every move he makes

  (377) posted on 11.4.2012

silly you! hihi ... but you know that it is impossible. you can’t have everything for free

  (346) posted on 11.4.2012

honestly, I wish that all these attributes to be at a very low pricesmiley

  (341) posted on 11.4.2012

strong, broad, spacious, aggressive look, versatile ... what else do you want?

  (349) posted on 11.4.2012

god, how loud is this vehicle, but even so, I adore it!

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