The truck segment is arguably the most competitive one in the auto industry right now. Companies like Ford and Chevy are the veterans here, while the other two prominent players, GMC and Ram, are still trying to find their feet. Even though Ram is the newest member in the truck segment, it cannot be taken for granted. Given the kind of products it has in its portfolio, you will be surprised to know that the company is just nine years old. Ram is essentially a by-product of Dodge and a fully-owned subsidiary of the FCA. Don’t mistake it to be a rookie, or a newb by any means. The name might be new, but the company has been building trucks since the 1970s under the name ’Fargo trucks’ sold outside the United States. ‘Ram’ was formed in 2010 after Fiat acquired Chrysler. The company decided to make Dodge and Ram different entities; the former being exclusive to cars, while the latter would become a truck marque.