The truck segment is arguably the most competitive one in the auto industry right now. Companies like Ford and Chevy are the veterans here, while the other two prominent players, GMC and Ram, are still trying to find their feet. Even though Ram is the newest member in the truck segment, it cannot be taken for granted. Given the kind of products it has in its portfolio, you will be surprised to know that the company is just nine years old. Ram is essentially a by-product of Dodge and a fully-owned subsidiary of the FCA. Don’t mistake it to be a rookie, or a newb by any means. The name might be new, but the company has been building trucks since the 1970s under the name ’Fargo trucks’ sold outside the United States. ‘Ram’ was formed in 2010 after Fiat acquired Chrysler. The company decided to make Dodge and Ram different entities; the former being exclusive to cars, while the latter would become a truck marque.

What is the Cheapest Ram?

The least expensive vehicle currently in Ram’s stable is the ProMaster City Cargo Van. This multipurpose van caters to a variety of people and is one of the most versatile vans present in the market today. The ProMaster City retails from $24,500. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily maneuvered around town. Being a carrier at its core, it can haul up to 1,883 pounds and is offered with a cargo space of 131.7 cubic-feet. As for the trucks, the Ram 1500 is the cheapest vehicle Ram has to offer. It retails from $27,300 and can tow up to 10,620 pounds.

What is the Sportiest Ram?

The upcoming Ram Rebel TRX is the sportiest offering from Ram’s stable. It is based on the Ram 1500 truck, but is powered by the monstrous Hellcat engine that puts out over 700 horses. This V-8 mill can help tackle any terrain with the utmost ease. And, from the prototypes that we’ve seen, it is as sexy as a truck can get.

What is the Most Popular Ram?

The Ram 1500 is the most popular vehicle in the lineup. Pickup trucks make up for the majority of the sales volume for Ram. In fact, Ram recorded its best monthly sales figures to date in June 2019 after selling 75,227 examples.

What is the Most Expensive Ram?

The 2019 Ram 3500 Limited trim is the most expensive offering from Ram. It is priced at $66,200, and comes with a host of luxurious features that can put even high-end cars from premium automakers to shame. It is powered by a V-8 mill that makes 1,000 pound-feet of torque and can tow up to 35,100 pounds.

What is the Fastest Ram?

The Ram Rebel TRX is set to be the fastest truck in Ram’s lineup. There is no word on the official top speed and 0-60 time yet, but it is powered by the V-8 supercharged Hellcat mill that makes over 700 ponies. The same mill in the Dodge Charger takes 3.6 seconds to sprint to 60 mph from a standstill and tops out at 196 mph. The figures will lag behind on the Rebel TRX, obviously, but not by a huge margin.

Are Ram Cars Reliable?

Ram trucks are offered with a warranty of 5 years/100,000 miles, which sounds very assuring. But Repair Pal has given it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and ranked it 23rd out of 32 automakers. The average repair cost for a Ram, according to the publication, is $946. Again, it boils down to personal experiences as we have heard good things from long-term owners as well.