As is the usual case with Black Friday, there are deals everywhere. With today’s technology, though, you can get some really sweet deals without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Sure, there’s eBay, and you can get some deals on various store websites, but one of the biggest online sites to do Black Friday or general holiday gift shopping is Amazon. This year, Amazon has hundreds of different deals and, in light of the day of deals, we’ve put together a handful of random deals we’ve stumbled across that you just might want to get your hands on for yourself or someone else.

Much like the deals that you come across in stores on Black Friday – if you’re brave enough to actually leave the house – Amazon’s deals are limited and only last for so long. So, if you see something you want in our listing below, you might want to jump on it before the price shoots back up. There are a handful of items below that are all automotive related in one way or another. If you know someone who’s into detailing and car care, we’ve found an awesome deal from Meguiar’s. If you like to take your dog with you on a regular basis, there are a couple of items that will interest you as well. If you or someone you know is a DIYer, there’s a little something for you too.

As I said, this is only a small handful of the great deals on Amazon this year, and there will surely be more as we move into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if nothing here gets your interest, check back soon as we’ll be hunting down more deals as the week goes on. For now, though, let’s take a look at a few of the early deals already available on Amazon.

For the Travelling Pet

Animal Planet Car Seat Cover

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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Dogs shed, there’s no way around it. If you have one that sheds a lot, you’re probably like me and get annoyed at constantly having to lint roll your clothes. It gets even worse when you love to take your furbaby bye-bye, as you end up with fur all over the interior of your vehicles too. Well, Animal Planet as has come up with a special seat cover that will help limit the amount of hair left over by your four-legged friend while helping to protect your upholstery from sharp claws and mud as well. This is a hammock style bench seat cover. It is conveniently held in place by straps that go around your front and rear seat headrests. While we haven’t tried out most of the products you’ll read about here, I do personally own an older style of this cover, and it does work wonders. The best part is, you can get it right now for $12.74. And, if you miss out on the deal, it’s normally only priced at $14.99. It’s a perfect gift for your four-legged friends (and yourself) or anyone who likes to take man’s best friend with them. Check it out on Amazon here.

Plush Paws Pet Car Door Cover

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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My dogs love to put their paws up on the door and stick their nose out the back windows. That’s great and all, except it can lead to some very bad side effects. Sharp claws can easily penetrate door panels that have soft touch surfaces, while our furry friends don’t know anything about those electric window switches. Have you ever witnessed your dog choke itself with the window because you forgot to turn on the window lock? Or maybe your dog loves to hit the lock buttons repeatedly – some dogs do weird things. Well, regardless of what your dog likes to do in the car, these car door covers from Plush Paws are just what the doctor ordered. They attach to the door panel via Velcro strips or plastic inserts that secure it to the sides of the door trim. They effectively stop those grubby paws from damaging your trim or from hitting and switches. 40 customer reviews have led to this item having a 4.5-star rating and right now, it’s marked down from $60.99 to just $25. The kit includes 8 plastic inserts, 20 velcro tape strips, and two panel protectors – one for each side. Check it out on Amazon here.


Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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If you’re interested in sticking with the same brand, Plush Paws offers a car seat cover too. It’s a bit pricier than the one shown above from Animal Planet, but it is quilted, has Velcro openings for seat belts, is machine washable, and comes with two doggy seat belts and two harnesses for your furry friends. This model is also weather and waterproof and can be machines washed. This kit is marked down from $139.94 to just $50.00. Mix this with the car door covers from above and you’ll have the ultimate interior protection. Check out the set here.

For the DIYer

Omega Foldable Z-Creeper

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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One of the most annoying things about working on your own vehicle is having to get underneath it while it’s sitting just a couple of feet off the ground at best. On top of that, most of us find ourselves sitting on the cold cement while working on brakes or anything around the wheels. This foldable Z-Creeper is the perfect solution for either yourself or someone you know who would benefit from being a little more comfortable while putting in some work in the garage. Normally creepers, especially the folding kind are pretty expensive – the one you see here normally sells for nearly $120. But, right now you can get it for $45.86 plus $7.99 shipping. It can transform without tools in seconds, has a padded seat and headrest, and has a 450-pound capacity! The seat size is 14x12.25 inches while the steel frame measures 40 inches. For just a little over $50 shipped, this is definitely a good deal. Check it out on Amazon here.

Android USB Endoscope

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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This is one of those cheaper items that make awesome stocking stuffers for the DIYer or will fit nicely with your home automotive tool kit. The primary purpose of this device is to get a look inside your engine without having to tear anything apart. By removing your spark plugs and inserting the scope, you can check the condition of the top of your engine’s pistons, the cylinder side walls, and even the condition of the valves on most engines. But, that’s not it’s only purpose. The device can be used on a computer or with a compatible cell phone, features six adjustable LED’s for lighting and a 640-b-480 camera resolution.

Even if you’re not seasoned in engine repair enough to benefit from checking out the internals, it can also be used to get a better look in places that are usually harder to see. You can use a device like this to get a better look at the back side of your engine, the top side of your transmission, and you can even snake it through the dash if you’re hunting down a damaged wire or trying to find a bolt that happens to be out of site. Normally priced at $70.00, this one is on sale for $11.99. As of the time of this writing, 76 percent of the inventory allotted to the sale has been spoken for, so you better move quick if you want to snag one. Check it out here.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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Any serious automotive detailer will argue with you for days about the best products out there, but for the casual DIYer, there’s really no better brand than Meguiar’s. This specific kit normally runs about $70.00 and includes a total of 12 items. You get Gold Class car wash, PlastX cleaner, Carnauba Plus liquid car wax, Interior Detailer cleaner, Quik Mist & Wipe detail spray, Endurance Tire Gel, and Scratch X 2.0 fine scratch remover. You also get a washing mitt, some Microfiber towels, a wax applicator, and two 50-gram clay bars. To put it simply, this is a good kit for anyone looking to get into detailing on a more serious level without spending a ton of money or for anyone who just likes to take care better care of their vehicle than most. As part of Amazon’s Black Friday promotions, you can get this kit for $39.99. Check out the kit here.

Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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This isn’t as much of a DIY offering as the other items in this category, but it’s a tool that could help save those knees if you happen to get in and out of your truck bed a lot. This tailgate ladder is easy to install and secures nicely against the tailgate itself. It makes getting in and out of your truck’s bed a breeze. If you have bad knees, for instance, this is a must have. It’s designed to work with pickups that have unaltered suspension, so if you’re installed a lowering or lift kit, this item won’t work for you. Also, Traxion claims that it doesn’t work with the Dodge RamBox, Chevrolet Avalanche, or Cadillac Escalade trucks as the construction of their tailgates won’t support a ladder of this type. This item is a popular one and is temporarily out of stock, but will be available soon. If it’s something you want for yourself or know of someone who would benefit from easier access to their truck bed, you can place an order for it now, and you won’t be charged until the item ships. Right now, you can order it from $29.77, which is about $8 off the normal price. Check it out here.


Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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If you’re someone who knows anything about car electronics, you know that out of all the brands of radar detectors out there, Escort and Cobra are the best. And, Escort has an awesome deal going right now on its 9500IX model. It won’t be in stock until November 26th but is being sold for nearly half off at a price of just $254.99 with free shipping. It can be had with a blue or red display and covers all radar bands including X. K, Superwide KA, and instanton POP. Multiple laser sensor provides early alerts for laser detection, but the best feature of all is its GPS-powered intelligence. If you’ve been a user of radar detectors before, you know that things like door openers, motion sensors, and the like with trigger a radar detector. This model takes note of false alarms and remembers their location, preventing false alarms in the future. It’s also preloaded with thousands of red light and fixed position speed camera locations throughout North America, so you’ll be alerted well in advance for those as well. If you’re someone who has a heavy foot, this is a device that will certainly help you know where speed traps are before you get caught. Check it out on Amazon here.

Falcon Zero Tough PRO HD Dash Cam

Random Black Friday Deals and Gift Ideas From Amazon for 2016
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You’ve undoubtedly seen some of the crazy videos from Russian dash cams (they are required for insurance purposes there, so there are a lot of them) but you don’t have to be in Russia to own one. Sure, it wouldn’t be half bad to get someone on camera doing crazy maneuvers or to be the person that catches an insane crash on video, but there’s also a good purpose for dash cams: Surveillance. To put it simply, a dash cam can help prove your innocence in a car accident, catch a vandal in the act, or prove to your insurance company that something really did happen to your car in that parking lot. Amazon is full of dash cams that cost less than $60, but they aren’t all that good. The video quality is subpar despite being HD and they tend to have lighting problem issues. If you really want something that is high quality, this Falcon Zero dash cam is the way to go. It includes two docking stations so you can transfer from car to car easily, and has a built-in battery that allows for 24/7 surveillance. It’s equipped with GPS so it can track your trips (or tell you where you kid or spouse have been) and includes a 32 GB SD card. Normally priced at more than $300, you can get it right now on Amazon for as little as $189.95. Check it out here.

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