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Enjoy multimedia on the move in Espace Tech Run, a new limited edition

 Created for a technologically-minded family clientele, Espace Tech Run is a limited-edition model featuring a triple helping of fresh technology: for music lovers, there’s a 4x30W MP3-compatible CD Radio with Audio Connection Box (for USB and iPodconnectivity); for movie buffs there is a DVD-DivX player with two seven-inch screens, one in each of the front head-rests; and movies can be heard through infra-red headphones, which are also compatible with younger passengers’ favourite console games. Espace Tech Run has a distinctive identity, with special design details both inside and out. Triple digital connectivity

2007 Renault Espace Tech Run
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Espace Tech Run has a complete range of multimedia facilities for the benefit of families who want to enjoy time spent together on the road. The on-board digital equipment falls easily to hand and is simple to use:

  • - music: the 4x30W MP3-compatible CD Radio is located in the central area of the dashboard. It is linked to no fewer than four speakers and four tweeters, to guarantee excellent sound quality throughout the cabin. Using the Audio Connection Box, you can link up USB-equipped portable music players, an iPod® (with its own specific dock) or any other mobile device (via a 3.5mm jack plug). Once connected, the controls of all these ports can be used via the steering wheel controls, for greater practicality, or via the dash panel if you want to access extra functions.
  •  video: a DivX-compatible DVD player is located in the glovebox and plays through two seven-inch screens located in the back of the front-seat head-rests. Sound is transmitted through wireless headsets. Passengers can access all the controls via a hand-held remote, which also works if you are sitting right at the back. For long journeys, Espace Tech Run offers cinema-style comfort.
  •  games and images: the DVD features sockets (and comes with a set of RCA cables) to extend its range of possibilities even further. Consequently, it is possible to transmit independently to both screens from a digital camera, camcorder, portable video player or even a games console. The system is practical and could not be simpler to use: just point the remote at the relevant screen and select the desired source. Espace Tech Run offers fun and games that enhance journeys for passengers and, therefore, the driver.

High quality, simple operation and total safety

Factory fitted and perfectly integrated within the cabin, the digital equipment underlines the car’s high-tech pedigree. It’s a gauge of reliability, user-friendliness and careful attention to detail. It is also much safer than any carry-on mobile system. In the event of fierce braking, for instance, there is no risk of any components flying around the cabin. Integral units also provide better anti-theft protection – all the more so, in this instance, because any peripherals can be placed safely out of sight in one of several storage cubbies. Nestling within the front head-rests, the independent screens are at an ideal height to make watching a comfortable experience for all rear passengers in Espace Tech Run.

2007 Renault Espace Tech Run
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A distinctive design, inside and out

The Tech Run can be identified by a special logo on the B-pillar, which echoes the chrome strip on the car’s front. Integral metallic paint and roof bars are offered as standard. Inside, the bespoke two-tone Phoenix upholstery (dark grey and ash) complements the 100% dark grey ambience. The dashboard benefits from some distinctive design details, too. Espace Tech Run is based on the Expression trim level, with which it shares all options other than the radio, upholstery and satellite navigation.

2007 Renault Espace Tech Run
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Espace Tech Run comes with a three-year/100,000-kilometre warranty. This even covers the multimedia equipment which is produced by SOMAC, a wholly-owned Renault subsidiary that specialises in vehicle conversions. All Espace models are built at the Sandouville factory and almost 43,000 units were sold in 2006. Espace Tech Run entered Renault showrooms in January.

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