Here’s another hatch that Europe gets to tease the U.S. with. Renault has not been bringing cars to the United States for almost 20 years now. In that time they’ve put out some cars we may wish we’d had, including this new Renault Sport Twingo. The new car is based on the everyday Twingo, but it is given a 1.6-liter engine that puts out 133 horsepower. That kind of power in a tiny car combined with a sport chassis can make for a cool little car. If the car were sold here, the current exchange rate would put the price at around $23,000.

Enjoy some video of performance driver training given by Renault. The French company offers a training school for new owners for the reasonable price of €1.

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Thanks to its competitive pricing (€15,601 in France) which includes ’Renault SportExperience’ driving tuition, Twingo Renault Sport opens up the Renault Sport thrill to a wider range of customers, while putting them in complete control. The Twingo Renault Sport range is simple and attractive: sporty looks, a 133hp 1.6 litre 16V engine and a choice of two chassis (Sport or Cup). The car can be customized to every driver’s taste: exterior and interior Renault Sport detailing is available, along with a multimedia connection point.

From the car’s launch, Renault Sport Technologies will offer every customer a service that is unique in the hot hatch segment: Renault Sport Experience driving tuition. This driver training course reinforces Renault’s credentials as a socially responsible company and is available in several European countries. It teaches new buyers how to handle their new hot hatch, so they can get maximum enjoyment from Renault Sport’s cars in total safety. In France, the start of sales will be on September 11th.

This compact hot hatch completes the Renault Sport range, alongside Clio and Mégane Renault Sport. It is attractively priced, at just €15,600 in France, which includes ’Renault Sport Experience’ driving tuition (for a supplement of €1 in France), Twingo Renault Sport emits 165g of CO2/km. In the context of the French pollution bonus/penalty scheme, the car had a penalty of just €200.

This hot hatch sets the standard in terms of comfort and versatility. In France, the car is fitted with independent, sliding rear seats as standard (on the sports chassis with 16-inch aluminium alloy wheels).

To satisfy the most demanding driving enthusiasts, Twingo Renault Sport is also available with a Cup chassis. This chassis is available with 17-inch Dark Anthracite alloys wheels and, in France, a rear bench seat (which can be removed or folded), all of which generates a weight saving of 17kg.

Twingo Renault Sport also premieres a new Renault Sport body color which recalls that of Twingo Concept: Altica Grey. Three other metallic paint finishes are available (Pearlescent Black, Extreme Blue, Platine Grey), plus one non-metallic finish (Vif Red). In France, the start of sales will be on September 11th.

From launch, Twingo Renault Sport will be available with a wide range of options to suit every customer’s taste. Renault Sport graphics can be applied to the front quarter panels, the rear bumper and can even to the key housing. Inspired by the chequered flag design, these dynamic graphics evoke the world of motor sport. The newcomer also features
latest-generation communications technology: hands-free Bluetooth telephone controls and an audio connection box which permits drivers to connect an MP3 player or iPod® in total safety.

Renault Sport Experience, socially responsible driver training…

With its sharp looks, punchy engine and capable chassis, there’s no doubting Twingo Renault Sport’s fun-to-drive, sporty character. Competitive pricing (€15,601 in France) means that the car will be the entry point to the Renault Sport range for a new group of customers. Our predictions indicate that nearly half of potential buyers are under 30 years
of age. To support these customers buying their first hot hatch, Renault Sport is offering every client in several European markets a service that is completely unique in this segment: the Renault Sport Experience. Highly-trained instructors will train Twingo Renault Sport drivers in safe driving techniques (position of hands on the steering wheel, driving lines, braking, management of the ABS and ESP, etc.).

The Renault Sport Experience is endorsed by Romain Grosjean. He proves that it’s possible to be young and passionate about sports driving while remaining socially responsible, both on track and on the road.

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