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The Renault EZ-Ultimo is a futuristic concept car that the French firm unveiled at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. A fully autonomous car, the EZ-Ultimo rounds out Renault’s trilogy of concept robo-vehicles designed for shared mobility. It joins the EZ-Go and the EZ-Pro, also unveiled in 2018.

Described as a "robo-vehicle for a premium mobility experience," the EZ-Ultimo was developed for increasingly congested city traffic and to meet new urban trends in which more and more people drop personal cars in favor of shared car services. Powered by an all-electric drivetrain, the concept car is intended to be offered as a service for "a single trip, a circuit or a day booking" provided by premium travel companies and resorts. One of Renault’s most luxurious vehicles ever, the EZ-Ultimo previews a production car that might become available over the next decade.

Update 3/28/2019: We stopped by Renault’s booth at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and got some good shots of the Renault EZ-Ultimo. Check them out in the gallery at the bottom of the page!

Renault EZ-Ultimo Exterior

  • Shuttle design
  • Very long
  • Thin lights
  • Extremely aerodynamic
  • Long wheelbase
  • Small glass facets
  • Active aero features
  • Hidden wheels
2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798390

The EZ-Ultimo looks unlike any other production car available right now. Actually, it’s looks very futuristic when compared to most concept cars too.

But while many concept vehicle impress through extreme designs and complex aerodynamic features, but EZ-Ultimo looks like a space shuttle on wheels.

Given the purpose of this robo-car though, the overall design isn’t surprising.

Only a couple of details reveal that the EZ-Ultimo was built by Renault, and both are visible up front in the big emblem on the fascia and the "Renault" lettering below. Everything else is different from what we usually see from the French firm. While the front fascia is somewhat imposing, the headlamps are extremely small and recessed in fairings over the wheel arches. An aluminum trim with chrome surrounds stretches the entire width of the front end, incorporating the illuminated Renault logo.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798430

The LED strips descent from the wheel arches into the lower bumper to form L-shaped elements that flank the entire fascia. Although this concept has nothing to do with sportiness, a big splitter rounds off the lower apron. Just like a shuttle, or a minivan if you will, there’s no hood stretching in front of the windshield. Instead, the glass window extends from the A-pillars to meet the aluminum trim on the nose.

The shuttle look becomes more evident onto the sides. While the wheelbase is very long, due to the overhangs being extreme short, the roof sits very low, giving the vehicle a sleek look.

But things get weird too, as the EZ-Ultimo has small glass facets instead of windows. These were added so the passengers have full privacy inside the cabin, but they also make the car look like a coffin on wheels.

Speaking which, the actual wheels are hidden under rim-shaped covers and wrap-around wheel arches. The muscular fenders and the sculpted, organic side skirts give the EZ-Ultimo a sporty vibe.

The rear end design mimics the front fascia. The glass extends all the way to the deck lid, while the thin, red LED strips descend toward the diffuser. The fascia is actually hollow beneath the taillights, a design feature that likely improves aerodynamics. The wrap-around glass section makes it seem as if the roof is floating toward the back. At higher speeds, two side wings are deployed the rear wheel arches to further enhance aerodynamics.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798389
So how big is this vehicle? It's larger that is seems really, measuring no less than 5.7 meters in length.

It’s also impressively wide at 2.2 meters, and only 1.35 meters tall. It’s notably larger than the Talisman, Renault’s biggest production sedan yet, which is 4.85 meters long and 1.87 meters wide. Actually, it’s much larger than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which is "only" 5.24 meters long in LWB configuration. The EZ-Ultimo’s wheelbase is also impressively long at a whopping 3.88 meters, almost a full meter longer than the S-Class.

Renault EZ-Ultimo Interior

  • Luxury lounge design
  • Seating for three
  • Leather upholstery
  • Wood and marble trim
  • Hidden buttons and features
  • State-of-the-art tech
2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798415
Futuristic concept cars usually have fancy, techy interiors, but the EZ-Ultimo goes beyond that.

Instead of a traditional layout with four or five seats, a dashboard, and door panels, the French concept car is actually a living room inside the cabin. It’s an extremely private space that looks like a luxury lounge and offers seating for only three people in a seemingly spacious environment.

It’s furnished like a lounge too. The floor is covered with genuine wood, as are the areas near the windows, on which you can place various objects, including bottles and glasses. There’s a small table with a marble surface too. Clearly Renault didn’t care about the EZ-Ultimo’s curb weight here. The 2+1 seating arrangement includes a couch at toward the rear and a big captain’s chair on the other side of the cabin.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798446

Although the side windows are obstructed by the glass facets design to increase privacy, the interior gets a lot of natural light from the windscreen and the glass roof.

Renault also added artificial lighting, which can be controlled via rotating knobs inspired by those on high-end audio amplifiers.

They’re placed in two discreet consoles that can be revealed when needs, next to similar knobs for the sound system.

The concept is loaded with state-of-the-art technology, starting with a permanent wi-fi connection and wireless charging pads for smartphones and tablets. Just like the knobs, the pads disappear from sight when not needed in special storage slots within the "furniture." If you’re using a tablet, you can access special content developed by Renault and use all sorts of onboard services to book hotel rooms and restaurants.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 799569

Moving over to materials, Renault used premium materials like herringbone-patterned wood from American walnut in the floor and special wood trim made by KEIM-cycles, a French company that builds bespoke wooden bicycle frames. Renault cooperated with the same firm for the TreZor and Symbioz concept cars in the past. The wood inserts are complemented by fine leather and velvet upholstery on the bench seat and the armchair. Renault went with dark green and black for a two-tone appearance.

To obtain that high-end lounge look, Renault also used marble on some of the cabin's side section.

Glued to a honeycomb structure, the marble is 30 mm (1.2 inches) thick and features white veins through its otherwise dark tones. It looks surprisingly warm compared to traditional marble. Renault also used Corian, a shock-resistant material usually found in interior decoration and architecture.

Needless to say, this thing looks better than the most expensive Rolls-Royce on the inside.

Renault EZ-Ultimo Drivetrain

  • Electric drivetrain
  • Fully autonomous
  • Four-wheel steering
  • Active suspension
  • No info on power and range
  • Likely slow
2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798464

Described as a robo-vehicle, the EZ-Ultimo rides on a bespoke chassis fitted with batteries and an electric motor. Renault doesn’t share too much info, but says the drivetrain is similar to the EZ-Go and EZ-Pro concepts, with the battery located under the floor and the motor driving the front wheels. There’s no word on output, but given its purpose, the EZ-Ultimo shouldn’t be very powerful. Also, the EZ-Go had a top speed of only 30 mph, so the EZ-Ultimo may have similar limitations.

Of course, the big news is that the E-Ultimo features level 4 autonomous driving capability.

This means it can drive itself without human input both in the city and on the highway. The vehicle can connect to urban environments and highway infrastructure and transport passengers to an airport or from a hotel to a tourist site. To do so, it uses a number of sensors and cameras fitted in small boxes and placed in the corners of the body at the front and the back. Some are located behind the side section and in the roof antenna for enhanced precision.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798470

Renault also developed a four-wheel steering system for this vehicle. Borrowed from the world of sports car, it improves agility and safety, even at low speeds. The system likely also helps the car drive through small or crowded streets safer by decreasing the amount of space it needs to take turns. Remember, the EZ-Ultimo is almost six meters long!

The concept car also rides on an active suspension system that lowers chassis when stopped and raises the body by several centimeters when on the move.

Yes, it’s similar to what Citroen used in some of its production cars in the past.

Unfortunately, Renault had nothing to say about the concept’s range. And this is highly important as vehicles like this need to cover significant distances when transporting people from hotels to airports. A state-of-the-art shuttle needs to be able to return at least 150 miles per charge to make sense.

Premium Ride-Sharing Program

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798376

The idea behind the EZ-Ultimo is to provide a ride-sharing program and not a vehicle you can purchase from dealerships. The potential production model is intended to be offered as a service for a single trip, a circuit or a day booking, mostly for somewhat short distances.

Renault gives a few examples as to who may offer a vehicle like the EZ-Ultimo.

It could be used by five-star hotels and airlines as a premium travels experience.

For instance, it could be included in a package for First Class or Business Class clients. Of course, it could also become a premium transfer vehicle from hotels to airports.

Renault also suggests it could be a good solution for ride-hailing and mobility operators, as well as hotels and travel agencies that offer guided tours inside the city. Thanks to its onboard technology, it could provide the same information as a human guide, but without occupying room inside the cabin. At the same time, it could be part of a premium holiday package as a vehicle that remains with the customers during their stay at a house or hotel in order to visit points of interest.

2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 799571

Finally, the EZ-Ultimo might also come in handy for a unique shopping session. Specifically, it could be commissioned by luxury brands with several stores in the same city to offer its clients transportation between stores.

The onboard services could keep clients posted on sales and promotions.

The EZ-Ultimo’s interior also seems big enough to store several shopping bags without making its passengers feel crowded.

With everything above strongly related to terms like "luxury" and "premium," it’s safe to assume that the EZ-Ultimo won’t be for everyone. However, Renault says you will be able to book the vehicle for simpler events such as anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals, or reservations at certain restaurants.


2018 Renault EZ-Ultimo
- image 798467

As cities become increasingly congested, the EZ-Ultimo and the ride-sharing program behind it are tremendous ideas. However, much like Tesla, a company that’s selling relatively expensive EVs, the EZ-Ultimo wasn’t designed for the average Joe. Sure, it’s still a concept car, and we don’t know much about Renault’s specific plans for it, but as things stand, the French firm wants to keep it into premium territory. As such, many might not get to ride in a production version of the EZ-Ultimo. There’s nothing wrong with that, as demand for premium services is high and it might increase in the future. However, I think automakers should think about less expensive solutions for customers who can’t afford luxury vacations, fancy hotels, or shopping sprees at high-end retailers.

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    • You can’t buy it
    • It could become an expensive experience
    • Just a concept for now

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Renault EZ-ULTIMO: a robo-vehicle for a premium mobility experience

Imagining tomorrow’s mobility means redefining the paradigm of the car almost entirely. We are on the brink of a new world in which shared mobility services will become increasingly prevalent. As cities become more congested and urban trends make it easier for people to travel short distances using shared services, the reality of what’s possible during travel time is completely redefinable.

Renault’s vehicles have been part of people’s most memorable moments in life for 120 years. These 120 years of passion are also 120 years of knowledge, innovation, and French design. Now we’re ushering in a new era for the industry. One where key trends, including mobility, connectivity, and new services intersect. Renault is embracing the future with conviction: our design vision remains at the heart of our approach to the future – where we prioritize making our customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s a car, an LCV or a future robo-vehicle, we believe the future is electric, connected, autonomous, and – increasingly – shared. In each scenario our brand promise will be clear: French Design, Easy Life.

EZ-ULTIMO rounds out Renault’s 2018 trilogy of concept robo-vehicles that explore tomorrow’s shared mobility. Built on the same platform as EZ-GO, our first concept in the trilogy, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO constitutes an emotionally powerful robo-vehicle. A premium mobility solution that offers anyone the pleasure of being transported as part of an exceptional, unique experience. An experience in which traveling takes on a whole new meaning.

EZ-ULTIMO at a glance

Renault EZ-ULTIMO is an all-electric, connected, autonomous robo-vehicle. It is intended to be offered as a service for a single trip, a circuit or a day booking. Available on-demand, EZ-ULTIMO is ideal for expanding premium offerings by travel companies and resorts, to enhance a special moment through a private trip in a city or a premium tourist experience.
Renault EZ-ULTIMO fully embodies Renault’s heritage French Design and Easy Life principles. Its design is an element that sets it apart without sacrificing functionality.
 Produced in the spirit of a "coach 2.0", this vehicle is a cozy cocoon in which up to three passengers view the city or the road from a novel perspective during their ride.
 Its private space is a sort of contemporary first-class lounge that is accessible to all.
 Its refined interior is tailor-made from upscale materials such as rich wood, marble and leather, allowing passengers to enjoy a relaxing and immersive drive while taking advantage of onboard services and specific content for a premium experience.
Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a robo-vehicle equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability. It can connect to urban environments and highway infrastructure, such as going to an airport or from a hotel to a tourist site.
After EZ-GO, which embodies shared urban mobility for all, and EZ-PRO, the last mile delivery specialist, EZ-ULTIMO is the third in Renault’s family of concepts focusing on autonomous, electric, connected, and shared urban mobility services. Inspired by the same ambition to bring sustainable mobility to all, this trilogy of 100 % electric and shared mobility solutions expand and complete Groupe Renault’s vision for a future-friendly mobility system.

A premium service for all

Renault EZ-ULTIMO (pronounced “EASY ULTIMO”) is an all-electric, connected, autonomous robo-vehicle. This high-end robo-vehicle is intended to be offered as a service for a specific trip, a circuit or a day booking. Users could access it in various ways.
 Specialist companies such as five-star hotels or airlines could offer this service as an adjunct to an existing premium service. They could offer their clients a totally unique, branded, premium travel experience.
 Ride-hailing and mobility operators could also consider offering their clients this service. EZ-ULTIMO can be used occasionally by anyone for a special occasion (marriage proposal, anniversary or birthday, reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, etc.) or if they’d simply like a premium mobility experience.
Our mission is bringing sustainable mobility for all. With our robo-vehicle vision too, we imagine unique, premium services accessible by anyone.

Unique premium experiences

Your first class trip starting at your front door
With EZ-ULTIMO, an airline can offer its First Class or Business Class clients an airport transfer for a point-to-point premium experience, complete with local, personalized content and fluid navigation.

Prestige transfers
With EZ-ULTIMO, a deluxe hotel or hotel complex such as the Evian Resort can offer its clients an immersive, premium transfer from Geneva airport to the Royal***** Evian hotel, with treatment aligned with the prestigious status of the venues and experience that its clients will enjoy there. This premium-grade transfer by road could be offered as a complement to nautical services offered already on Lac Léman with l’Evian One.

Premium tours
A hotel or travel agency can offer its clients a guided tour of a city’s principal monuments or sites in a top-of-the-range autonomous vehicle such as EZ-ULTIMO whose on-board technology (connectivity, screens, push information, etc.) may be personalized and act as a kind of concierge, or tour guide, while on board.

The most exclusive experience club
An upmarket package holiday operator such as Club Med can use EZ-ULTIMO to enhance the premium experience it offers its clients under the “Exclusive Collection” label, as offered by the very premium Club Med Cefalù in Sicily, in a variety of ways: clients are taken from home to the airport of departure or from the airport of arrival to their villetta. Clients could carry on using EZ-ULTIMO throughout their stay, for excursions to identified points of interest – again with personalized, engaging and immersive content.

A unique shopping session
A luxury brand with several stores in the same city can offer its clients an exclusive shopping session using EZ-ULTIMO to travel between stores. Maybe the on-board services help you discover current sales, promotions or in-store events. No need to be laden down with shopping bags, as you can leave them in the vehicle for your return to the hotel.

Enjoy a new premium mobility experience
Thanks to EZ-ULTIMO, a mobility operator can offer its clients the option of a premium experience during a trip or for a set time (such as a half-day or an evening). The client then has EZ-ULTIMO at their disposal for all the journeys they want to make during the period booked. An ideal way of getting to a restaurant to celebrate a wedding anniversary or for a quick ride around a site that you are visiting, by taking advantage of the luxurious interior and the services offered on board.

Autonomous level 4 technology
Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a robo-vehicle - with no driver station - equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capability on the SAE International* 5-level scale. This means that it is able to manage its distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane, change lanes (e.g. when overtaking) and turn at a junction. It can also secure itself in cases of exceptional incidents in its vicinity, either by itself or through its connectivity with a supervision center.
With its level 4 autonomous technology, EZ-ULTIMO is able to drive both in town and in a non-urban environment, such as going to an airport or from a hotel to a tourist site. To ensure passenger safety, two conditions are particularly necessary:
 The traffic zone must be clearly demarcated and mapped in HD so that the vehicle has extremely reliable information about its exact position on the road.
 The vehicle must be connected to highway infrastructure such as traffic lights, junctions and motorway tolls (if any) so that its autonomous system can anticipate any critical points or temporary obstacles on the road.
Regardless of the environment, the same sensors are in operation: radar, lidar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. Software settings then process and analyze the data collected by the sensors, which vary, depending on whether the vehicle is driving in town or in a non-urban area. These settings switch over automatically when the vehicle detects its new environment.
*A US-based international organization specializing in the transport industry and standards.

Vision: a trilogy for the future of shared mobility

In 2018, Groupe Renault has focused on a series of concepts that envision the future of shared mobility: it is the first carmaker to offer a comprehensive and complementary family of robo-vehicles. After Renault EZ-GO and Renault EZ-PRO, Renault EZ-ULTIMO completes this trilogy, which illustrates an end-to-end vision, from its highly functional approach to its iconic Renault design touch as interiors evolve.

This vision is based on the four pillars of Groupe Renault’s strategic Drive the Future (2017-2022) plan: electric, connected, autonomous and shared mobility. Some of the technologies explored in the robo-vehicle concepts have been developed as Alliance. Others have been developed in more of an "open innovation" environment, with the support of third party partners. Still others have been developed by Renault teams.

Despite their diversity, these concepts offer a mobility experience that has been designed for everybody and can be accessed by as many as possible. A customizable and fully connected experience that plugs into the infrastructure of smart cities that are developing and has a positive impact on them. The three concepts cover different uses:
 Shared day-to-day urban mobility with EZ-GO
 "Last mile" delivery with EZ-PRO
 The premium mobility experience with EZ-ULTIMO

Groupe Renault is positive about the future of shared mobility and believes there will be new businesses to pursue. The company is already developing, testing and marketing solutions that we’re learning from today.
In July 2018, the City of Paris and Groupe Renault also announced their intention to share their expertise and their skills to develop electric mobility for Parisians, residents of the surrounding area and visitors. This will entail the development of an offering of electric commercial vehicles including ride-hailing and car sharing, with the aim of operating a fleet of 2,000 electric vehicles by the end of 2019. We already operate in these areas:
 The Karhoo integrated on-demand taxi and ride-hailing service booking platform, with over 150,000 vehicles in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Where platform users can book, change, track and pay for their rides.
 The Marcel ride-hailing service, operating in Paris and the Greater Paris area, which features 24/7 vehicle booking and hailing.
 Madrid’s Zity electric car sharing service (500 ZOE), which has been deployed in partnership with Ferrovial since October 2017.
 The Moov’in.Paris electric car sharing service in Paris (100 ZOE and 20 Twizy), which is being deployed in partnership with ADA.
 The Renault Mobility 24/7 self-serve rent-a-car app for individuals and businesses.

Finally, in the field of robo-vehicles, Groupe Renault is experimenting as part of the Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab, the first shared and autonomous on-demand mobility service on open roads in Europe, with the aim of serving the first and last mile.

Design: a novel vision for shared mobility

Renault’s elegant and welcoming Renault EZ-ULTIMO concept will seduce car lovers. It fully embodies Renault’s heritage French Design and Easy Life principles. Its design is an element that sets it apart without sacrificing functionality.
 EZ-ULTIMO draws on its design, its smooth and quiet electric platform and its spacious and refined interior to offer a novel and premium vision of shared mobility, the best of an up-market mobility experience.
 Its futuristic features and luxurious materials add the crucial emotional aspect that define the premium side of the experience.
 At 1.35 meters high, it blends in to the city with ease.
In Renault’s life cycle design strategy, EZ-ULTIMO represents with EZ-GO and EZ-PRO the "Work" petal.

“At home” in a robo-vehicle
Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a novel robo-vehicle, positioned in the premium segment and produced in the spirit of a "coach 2.0".
 To do this it draws heavily on architectural references such as Parisian "Haussmanien" apartment blocks, among others.
 This vehicle is a cozy cocoon in which up to three passengers view the city from a novel perspective during their ride but cannot be seen from outside. Once on board they should feel "at home" and observe the sky above through the panoramic glass roof as they might from their window.
 Unlike the usual shared robo-vehicles, which are frequently highly transparent and are designed to carry 10, 15 or 20 passengers at a time, EZ-ULTIMO embodies the concept of private personal travel.

A real car with an exciting design
Totally unlike the box-like appearance of robo-vehicle concepts introduced elsewhere, Renault EZ-ULTIMO boasts a sensual and exciting MPV body that fits the world of premium cars.
 It is a car that conceals a robo-vehicle function, while offering its users the charm and advantages of autonomous technology together with the carefree pleasure of handing over full driving responsibilities to the car.
 It is a long, statuesque vehicle, with two-tone bodywork: deep black with a green tinge for the lower section, champagne for the upper section.
 Its cabin is fitted out with noble materials such as wood, marble and leather.

A totally private space
Renault EZ-ULTIMO offers an entirely private interior thanks to the technical faceting of the upper section of its bodywork.
 Treated in the same way as a one-way mirror, these facets produce a slightly transparent effect, but more importantly they obscure the view of the vehicle interior to protect the privacy of its occupants.
 These facets are complemented by noble materials such as wood, marble and leather, worked using modern techniques appropriate for a vehicle interior. To reduce weight, all the pieces are extremely thin.
The private space of EZ-ULTIMO is a sort of contemporary first-class lounge that is accessible to all.

Unique: an exclusive on-demand service

Once on board EZ-ULTIMO, the up-market experience goes way beyond the route driven. It starts at the point of booking, thanks to an exclusive interface and concierge services. The vehicle’s approach and the new passenger boarding procedure also help to make this service truly unique and exclusive.

Available on smartphone and tablet, the dedicated EZ-ULTIMO app offers a luxurious interface for reserving your premium experience.
 On a marbled background reminiscent of the vehicle’s interior, the user can access his route planning and information about his destination.
 A stylish clock shows the time remaining until EZ-ULTIMO arrives.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO is no ordinary robo-vehicle. It is a luxurious and futuristic vehicle that breaks the large saloon mold, setting the tone as it elegantly pulls up to the pick-up zone.
 At 5.8m long it is visually striking, and yet remains discreet thanks to the quiet nature of electric vehicles.
 At first sight it appears to be deep black in color. As the vehicle approaches, the light brings out bright and sparkling hints of green. The vehicle’s appearance changes as it moves, so it appears to be alive.
 The champagne color of the faceted structure that surrounds the upper section of the cabin has a warm, rich appearance that sets off the living space in which the passengers are getting ready to take their seats.

Making customers’ lives easier is true Renault spirit, as evidenced by the Renault EZ-ULTIMO’s boarding procedure.
 As if controlled by a virtual butler, the majestic side door opens automatically while the upper glass section opens like a butterfly.
 With no B-pillar in the car, this wide opening is an obvious invitation to get on board.
 Getting on board is made even easier by a rotating seat that comes to the passenger so that he/she can take his place.
 A final touch is added by a luminous sign on the floor in front of the door, welcoming the passengers.

On board: an immersive, personal experience

Once in Renault EZ-ULTIMO, the passengers can enjoy a vast, welcoming and comfortable space that has been fitted out like a real living room. In a highly effective neo-retro ambiance, they enjoy onboard services for a premium experience. They are offered specific content to immerse in during the ride.

 Armchair and bench seat
With a large armchair for one backwards-facing passenger and a deep bench seat for two passengers facing the direction of travel, EZ-ULTIMO welcomes its passengers as if they were "at home" and makes it possible for them to talk face-to-face in a more natural manner.

 Wide open space
Using a special electric drive platform, locating the batteries under the floor, its extensive 3.88m wheelbase leaves a huge space aboard EZ-ULTIMO with a flat floor for the passengers. Luggage is stored in a special compartment at the rear, which can be accessed from outside the vehicle.

 Light
Although they are tinted to protect the occupants’ privacy, EZ-ULTIMO’s windscreen and, more importantly, the glass roof help to bring the overhead light in for greater clarity on board.

 Neo-retro
The saloon and the furniture that comprise EZ-ULTIMO’s cabin have been designed in a neo-retro style that pays tribute to the Renault brand’s 120 years and its luxurious pre-war models.

 Rotating knobs
Light and sound are controlled by rotating knobs inspired by those on high-end audio amplifiers. They are placed in two discreet consoles that appear when required.

 Discreet technology
The cabin’s retro ambiance does not prevent the technology from being present. In addition to permanent wi-fi, users have wireless charging pads for their smartphones and an iPad-style tablet for accessing the various onboard services. This technology disappears from sight when no longer needed, with a special storage slot for the tablet and charging pad supports that only appear when you press a button.

 Available content
Thanks to specialist news and entertainment partners, passengers can keep themselves occupied during their ride with exclusive tailored content via the tablet during their ride. Each trip is another opportunity for passengers to go further than their destination with a rich, immersive content experience made possible by new mobility and multimedia.

 Onboard services
EZ-ULTIMO’s onboard services also include a concierge service that can be accessed via the dedicated application installed on the tablet. For example, passengers can book a hotel room or a restaurant for the rest of their experience. They can also find some refreshments in the form of a vacuum flask stored under the side tablet of the cabin.

Customized content for passengers
Over the last 24 months, Groupe Renault has been exploring the future of mobility with a series of electric, autonomous and connected concept cars for individual and shared mobility. We believe as mobility continues to evolve with connected and autonomous cars, users will seek more sophisticated on-board experiences, reinventing travel time, personally and professionally. Sophisticated, interactive and customized content can be delivered to them through a multimedia interface complementary to personal smartphones and onboard systems currently in use.
In the perspective of the development of the EZ-ULTIMO concept, Groupe Renault, with the expertise of Groupe Challenges teams, has developed AEX, a genuine augmented editorial experience that will enable passengers to further enhance their travel time. A demonstrator is available on the Renault booth at Paris Motor Show so that visitors can have an immersive experience of this feature.
In December 2017, Groupe Renault acquired a 40% stake in the Challenges publishing company so that it could help Challenges create new premium editorial content and appropriate technologies to also deliver it in unique ways on board its vehicles.

Know-how: contemporary and refined use of materials

Refined details of the furniture and the lighting and transparency make a ride aboard EZ-ULTIMO an unforgettable experience.

 Herringbone parquet
As with Renault’s other concept cars, EZ-GO and EZ-PRO, EZ-ULTIMO’s floor is covered with a herringbone-patterned precious wood flooring in American walnut. Processed raw and bleached slightly, it helps to lighten up the cabin.

 Architectural references
There is plenty of wood aboard EZ-ULTIMO, such as the cabin’s side tablet and surround, in a nod to traditional Parisian Haussmann-style apartments. Its contemporary treatment and fitting were achieved in partnership with KEIM-cycles, a specialist French company that manufactures high-end bespoke wooden bicycle frames. This company was previously involved in the development of the TreZor (2016) and SYMBIOZ (2017) concept cars.

 The warmth of marble
Some of the cabin’s side sections have a Saint Laurent des Pyrénées marble surround. This marble is 30mm thick and is glued to a lightweight honeycomb structure. Its dark tones picked out with white veins give it an appearance that is very similar to wood. Unlike traditional marble, it warms up the vehicle interior.

 Saloon leather and velvet
The seat backs and head rests are covered in dark green, almost black velvet. This two-tone appearance mirrors that of the bodywork and contributes to the cabin’s muted ambiance and comfort. The bench seat and armchair covers are clad in warm-looking leather, promising further comforts.

 White surround
The interior cabin wood surround is topped with a strip of Corian® decorated with a diamond pattern. The shock-resistant material, which is used in interior decoration and architecture, looks solid but is soft and light to the touch.

 Cozy lighting
EZ-ULTIMO’s cocoon-like cabin boasts cozy lighting provided by two pale gold lamps, while soft low-level lighting emphasizes the floor.

 Faceting
The faceting of EZ-ULTIMO’s bodywork is based on a white ceramic structure whose shape echoes apartment moldings. In the absence of the gloss varnish used on the outside, inside the vehicle they display reflective properties, with a mirror effect. However, depending on light levels, this glass becomes more transparent towards the outside.

 Unique signature
LMFR stands for Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault: the initials of the three founding brothers of the Renault Frères company embellish the Renault EZ-ULTIMO concept car’s cabin like a unique signature, paying tribute to the brand’s 120 years.

120 years of elegance, know-how and well-being
The EZ-ULTIMO concept car, a genuine link between the past and the future, forms part of Renault’s 120 anniversary. 120 years of French passion, innovation and know-how that have inspired our designers. The concept car’s cabin echoes those of Renault’s luxurious models of the early 20th century, for example.
First appeared in 1929, the Reinastella was without a doubt one of the most iconic of these. Powered by Renault’s first eight-cylinder engine and boasting a raft of other technical advances that made it stand out from the crowd, it was sought after by the major coachbuilders, which enhanced it and forged its reputation as a top of the range vehicle. Combining elegance, speed, comfort on long journeys and safety, the Renault Reinastella embodied the grand luxury of the roaring twenties. The first to carry Renault’s shooting star in addition to the diamond logo, it was the starting point for the Stella name by which the brand’s top-of-the-range vehicles came to be known. The same star appears on the TreZor concept car, a direct descendant of Renault’s top-of the-range line.
At present Renault’s prestige line bears the Initiale Paris name. The models to which it is applied (Clio, Captur, Scénic, Talisman, Koleos and Espace) focus the best of Renault’s know-how and spirit on driving comfort and well-being.
Note that the bodywork of the EZ-ULTIMO concept car sports several "120 years" badges. On the inside, an LMFR badge (for Louis, Marcel and Ferdinand Renault) can be seen on the cabin’s main armchair. It is a tribute to the three founding brothers of what is today the Groupe Renault.

Easy Drive: EZ-ULTIMO’s technologies

 Electric
Renault EZ-ULTIMO is built on a specific platform for its electric drive, similar to those of EZ-GO and EZ-PRO. The motor drives the front wheels and the batteries are located under the floor.

 Wireless
The Renault EZ-PRO has a wireless battery recharging system for automatic, hands-free connection.

 Fairing
As on EZ-GO and EZ-PRO, the EZ-ULTIMO concept car’s wheels are under fairings for smoother aerodynamics. These fairings also protect the mechanical components (which means less maintenance) and avoid spatter, for the protection of pedestrians.

 Sensors
Most of the sensors and cameras used by the level 4 autonomous driving system mounted on the EZ-ULTIMO concept car are fitted in small boxes placed in the corners of the bodywork, at the front and the back. Others are located behind the side section of the bodywork and in the roof antenna.

 Connectivity
EZ-ULTIMO’s GPS and Wi-Fi G5 antennae are built into the roof antenna, which activates automatically when the vehicle starts. This is the best location to cover the broadest field possible and to avoid losses of connectivity.

 Headlights and brake lights
At both front and rear, EZ-ULTIMO’s headlights and brake lights are recessed in the fairings over the wheels. At the front, the Renault logo and name also light up, to enhance the vehicle’s personality.

 Filaments
The rear lights are supplemented by a strip of luminous filaments that intersect to form diamonds, in a continuation of the faceted skin of the bodywork.

This robo-vehicle has a 4CONTROL chassis with 4-wheel steering for improved agility and safety both in the city and on roads in non-urban areas.

 Winged detail
When EZ-ULTIMO leaves town, two little side wings are deployed behind the rear wheel fairings to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

 Active suspension
When stopped, EZ-ULTIMO has a very low profile. When on the move, active suspension raises the vehicle by several centimeters, to go over speed bumps more easily for example.

Technical datasheet: Renault EZ-ULTIMO in figures

 Length: 5.70m
 Width: 2.20m
 Length with side door open: 2.63m
 Height: 1.35m
 Height with upper window open: 1.64m
 Wheelbase: 3.88m
 Weight: 1,800kg
 Engine: 1 electric motor
 Charging: wireless
 Drive wheels: FRONT
 Steering wheels: FRONT/REAR
 Autonomous technology: level 4

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