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Fastest Electric Cars in the World

Fastest Electric Cars in the World

Some of these electric cars come with ridiculous specs and seem too good to be true!

There is no dearth of electric cars in the market now. We aren’t just talking about the urban commuters, but also fast electric cars. There are many new automakers that start their electric car journey with fast cars or electric supercars. Companies like Estrema, Aspark, and even Tesla, for that matter, came up with fast electric sports cars or electric supercars. While some have faded into oblivion after showing us promising concepts, some have weathered the storm and are either into production or will enter production.

Here’s a list of the eight fastest electric cars in the world today that are in the production stage or about to enter production. Some of these fast cars are from mainstream automakers, some from established EVmakers, and some from new start-ups.

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