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2010 Rinspeed UC

2010 Rinspeed UC High Resolution Exterior
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The Swiss custom car builders at Rinspeed don’t disappoint when it comes to their award winning show cars, and after announcing details about the UC? concept that is set to debut in March at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, we are certain that they will deliver. The UC is a new electric concept car created specially for urban commuters with the clever nickname, "You see?" Measuring just over 8 feet in length the UC’s electric motor produces 98 lb-ft of torque and is operated with a central joystick. The concept can hit a top speed of 68 MPH and has a 75 mile range on a single charge.

Rinspeed’s goal was to create a new mobility concept that integrates individual car ownership and public transportation by designing a logistics system that allows the Uban Commuter to traverse longer distances. Thanks to a transverse loading system using custom railcars that allows loading and unloading of numerous “UC?” vehicles simultaneously and in a very short time for increased efficiency. Train passages are booked and reserved online directly from inside the vehicle. Harman International provides the permanent 3G internet connection as well as a marvelous sound system. While VoIP2Car technology keeps the occupants connected to the outside world by providing IP telephone service, video chat, video conferences, e-mail and many more features in the “UC?”.

According to Rinspeed, the UC has a pretty good chance of going into production.

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2010 Rinspeed UC

2010 Rinspeed UC