Rinspeed looks to be giving themselves plenty of leeway time to get their next concept up and ready. The next major auto show is the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012, but the company has decided to skip that one and prepare their new Dock+Go for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Dock+Go is based on the ides of docking "backpacks on wheels." The concept uses a single-axle pack that can serve a variety of purposes depending on the requirements of the day, but can also be left at home if it is not truly needed. The best part is that it can be attached to any electric city car.

The specific vehicle being sent to Geneva will be for demonstration purposes only and will use an electric Smart Fortwo as its base. With the addition of a wide variety of "packs," the car was transformed into a pizza delivery car; it even uses an integrated heated box. That being said, the pack can be used for any occasion including camping, golfing, skiing, going to the beach, or as a party pack.

The Dock+Go will be equipped with an "energy pack" with a combustion engine or range extender, packed with batteries or powered by a fuel cell that provides the decisive added range to reach farther destinations. This allows the concept to have a range of more than 120 km, but Rinspeed hasn’t revealed the official numbers just yet.

UPDATE 02/20/12: The Rinspeed Dock+Go, about as novel a concept as we’ve ever seen, was recently subjected to the proverbial photo shoot, adding even more photos - and a new video - to its photo gallery. Check them out in the gallery below!


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  (453) posted on 02.24.2012

I like the way it is created. The concepts look good on a removable back box. It’ll be more practical to have a car which turns into a business purpose vehicle. I just want to know how much, they are going to sell this in dollars?

  (526) posted on 12.14.2011

Is it really retractable? Well, if it is, I must say that this is truly a WOW, and I absolutely admire it even though I’m not so familiar with a Rinspeed vehicle. Just too bad that it will surely an electric motor.

  (466) posted on 12.12.2011

I’m not really familiar with Rinspeed vehicle, but I would admit that it truly caught my attention, but I noticed that it looks like a Fiat vehicle on that platform. Anyway, I hope that it is not an electric car.

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