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Summer has just begin, you may stil not know where do you want to go. And probably you think that America has not enough beauty so you can spend an unforgetable vacation. Well you are not right. First we told you about Blue Ridge Parkway. Now we will try to talk a little bit about Hana Highway.

But what can you say when you have to write about Paradise? Almost nothing. But I shall try.

Welcome to Maui! Because here is located the most beautiful Road to Paradise! The Hana Highway is an almost 60 mile stretch of road that connects the small town of Hana to the rest of Maui. The Hana Highway winds its way past waterfalls, beaches, bridges and spectacular ocean views. After Hana, the highway becomes even more like a footpath than a road and heads to the Kipahulu Visitor Center at Haleakala National Park.

The Hana Highway was designated in 1999 as a National Millenium Legacy Trail, and in June 2001 most of it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. But it has long been known as one of the nation’s most scenic highways, and one of Maui’s major tourist attractions. It is also a notoriously narrow, winding road, with hundreds of hairpin curves, dozens of one-lane historic bridges, and typical average speeds of only 15 mph.

The easiest way to drive the Hana Highway is to spend at least one night in the Hotel Hana Maui, that way you won’t have to drive for the entire day. If you do plan on doing the whole drive in one day than you should get an early start, particularly if you are starting out from West Maui (Kapalua, Napili, Lahaina). The drive from Kahului (the Main Airport) to Hana takes about 3 and a half hours but the time goes by really fast. Once you reach Hana you can stop for lunch at the Hotel Hana Maui or the Hana Ranch. The Hana Ranch also has a take-out window if you want to grab some food for a picnic in Haleakala National Park.

From Hana, it will take another 45 minutes to reach the Kipahulu Visitor Center at Haleakala National Park. Once you reach the Park entrance you can park and take a short walk to the Seven Sacred Pools. On the way back to your hotel you can stop at Hamoa Beach for a swim.

You should be very carefully when driving, with so many beauties arround you don’t want to get distracted, so if you want a better look just pull your car over and take all the time you need. And then do you pull over be carefull that the other cars can still get around you safely. The road gets really narrow in places and the locals (and off course some tourists) drive the highway very fast, so watch out on the sharp turns and single lane bridges.

So Aloha my friends! Pack your bags, get into your car and lets get to ride!

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