Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and in the case of one enterprising dealer from Southern California, that imitation involves commissioning Rolls-Royce to build themselves a limited number of Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB Year of the Dragon Edition models.

In late 2011, Rolls-Royce celebrated the Year of the Dragon by releasing a limited edition Phantom exclusive to China that promptly sold out in a little less than two months. With the demand for the car stretching internationally, Rusnak Rolls-Royce has taken the ingenious step of commissioning the special edition Ghost Year of the Dragon, complete with all the custom embroidery work and gold-painted dragons found on the limited edition Phantom.

The luxury limo will also be powered by a 6.6 liter twin turbocharged V12 engine that delivers a total of 563 horsepower and 575 lbs/ft of torque with a 0-60 mph time of just five seconds, despite carrying the extra dimensions.

Rusnak Rolls-Royce will be the only dealership in the world selling the Ghost EWB Year of the Dragon, which pretty much puts these guys in some rarified territory of having to deal with all the customer demand for the limited run British luxury car.

Here’s to hoping that they’ve got the personnel to handle all the incoming calls.

  • 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost EWB Year of the Dragon
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    6.6 L
  • 0-60 time:
    5 sec.
  • car segment:


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  (570) posted on 04.16.2012

If there’s anything worth prioritizing more than the design, it’s the sense of elegance. That is at least what I think Rolls Royce has in mind.

  (444) posted on 04.13.2012

This is most definitely on my top Rolls-Royce-cars list. It stayed true to its concept while actually being amazing.

  (595) posted on 04.12.2012

Must I repeat what everyone is saying? Yes, this has truly captured the spirit of the Year of the Dragon. It is evident on how wealthy it is in style, and how powerful it is in performance.

  (613) posted on 03.30.2012

Isn’t this perfect for the celebration of the year of the dragon? It represents power and beauty, aside from wealth.

  (580) posted on 03.30.2012

Even if it is an imitation, you can tell that it has its own appeal.

  (453) posted on 03.21.2012

What’s good about Rolls Royce is that they never fail to add a touch of luxury to their cars, whether be it extravagant or subtle. Not all automotive companies can do that.

  (579) posted on 03.20.2012

I have in Rolls Royce. They don’t only provide stylish luxury cars, but also proven powerful engines. If I had the money, I’ll surely buy one of this too.

  (762) posted on 03.19.2012

A very impressive work of art, and this car is eye-catching for its figure and features. 

  (692) posted on 03.15.2012

They really have something to offer to our fellow Chinese people. I must say that this Phantom Year of the Dragon is very impressive as it is well groomed.

  (488) posted on 03.15.2012

Rolls Royce certainly is aware of how their innovations sell. It doesn’t matter if this is an imitation or not; this will be well-received by people. The striking yellow streak is appealing.

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