• 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection

The Rolls-Royce Ghost has received yet another special-edition model, this time around dedicated to romance.

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If I had a penny for each special-edition model Rolls-Royce has built for Asia and the Middle East, I’d probably have enough to buy me a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. I’m obviously exaggerating here, but Rolls-Royce has built a lot of models for the said markets. And, it’s not planning to stop anytime soon. Its first special-edition model for 2016 is dubbed Ghost Eternal Love and debuted at the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing, China.

Developed by the already iconic Bespoke division, the Ghost Eternal Love embodies "the theme of love" and according to Rolls-Royce it brings together "design elements inspired by the white swan, with remarkable Rolls-Royce craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology."

Much like every special-edition Ghost before it, Eternal Love is about custom specifications inside and out and a standard powerplant under the hood. The new model, to be sold exclusively in China, will be built in 16 units. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s a significant given that most Bespoke products are usually produced in in less than ten examples.

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What makes the Rolls Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection special

2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection High Resolution Exterior
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Like most Ghosts, the Eternal Love comes with a two-tone exterior. All body panels but the engine hood are finished in English White, while the hood and the grille frame are painted in Silver Satin. The combo is quite elegant and goes well with the chrome on the grille, wheels (20-inch, fully polished), door handles, and window trim. Rounding out the exterior is the dark-gray stripe on the beltline with an image of two swans forming a heart on the front fenders. This is the defining feature of the Ghost Eternal Love.

"Unions between swans are sustained for years, even entire lifetimes, creating a bond so deep that a partner has been known to take its own life when its lover dies. Thus in traditional Chinese culture, swans are known as ‘love birds’ for their genuine commitment to everlasting love," Rolls-Royce explains.

I bet you didn’t expect a car this big to have such a romantic theme, huh?

2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection High Resolution Interior
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Inside, nearly every surface is draped in white Seashell leather, while the headrest embroidery, seat stitching, and the roof are in Hotspur Red, providing a striking contrast. Wood inserts are Bespoke Tudor Oak. The two-tone steering wheel matches the upholstery/roof color combo, while the black-and-white Bespoke clock fits perfectly into the Tudor Oak dash. Finishing touches include hand-embroidered swans on the leather seat backs and illuminated tread plates with "Love is Eternity" lettering in Chinese with swan hearts on each side.

Since the Bespoke division doesn’t meddle with Rolls Royce’s drivetrains, the Eternal Love special-edition comes with the Ghost’s standard 6.6-liter V-12 engine. That’s far from disappointing though, as the powerplant cranks out a massive 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet, sending it to the pavement through an eight-speed automatic transmission. The massive limousine needs only 4.7 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60 mph on its way to an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

As usual, Rolls-Royce did not disclose official pricing information for this Bespoke-crafted luxury rig, but it’s safe to assume customers will have to pay a significant premium over the Ghost’s $250,000 sticker.

Rolls Royce Ghost

2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II High Resolution Exterior
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Launched in 2010 as a spiritual successor to the Silver Seraph (discontinued in 2002), the Ghost drew its name from the Silver Ghost of the mid-1900s. Built on a heavily modified platform shared with the F01-generation BMW 7 Series (2008-2015), the Ghost was developed to compete with vehicles significantly less expensive than the Phantom, such as the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. In 2012, a facelift gave the Ghost a mildly revised front fascia, natural-grain leather upholstery, cross-banded wood veneers, an upgraded audio system, a forged alloy wheel option, and a palette of 44,000 exterior paints. The standard Ghost gets its juice from a 563-horspower, V-12, while the V-Specification model comes with 592 horses on tap.

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars debuts Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ this evening at the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing. Embodying the theme of love, the new Bespoke collection is exclusively designed for the China market, coupling modern design elements inspired by the white swan with remarkable Rolls-Royce craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection High Resolution Interior
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Leon Li, Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars China, explained the significance of the latest design, “The Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ demonstrates to our customers the unparalleled creativity of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke team while it meets the needs of our customers for exclusive personalisation. Embodied in this latest masterpiece is the emotional inheritance of the Rolls-Royce brand, a representation of our undying passion for creating the best cars in the world. More than this, it symbolises the Chinese New Year gift to customers from Rolls-Royce.”

Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ Collection

The swan design, incorporated throughout the new collection, is a tribute to love. In both Eastern and Western culture, the swan’s gracefulness and fidelity make it a symbol of purity and loyalty. Unions between swans are sustained for years, even entire lifetimes, creating a bond so deep that a partner has been known to take its own life when its lover dies. Thus in traditional Chinese culture, swans are known as ‘love birds’ for their genuine commitment to everlasting love.

Inspired by the romance, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has embraced the artistic image of the swan and styled it with exquisite craftsmanship. An image of two swans forming a perfect heart is depicted on the Eternal Love’s signature coachline and leather seatbacks. It is worth mentioning that the delicate swans in the interior are elaborately adorned with a hand-embroidered embellishment. The impeccable luxury and first-class engineering of the car interior elevate the artistry to a new height.

2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection High Resolution Interior
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All Rolls-Royce car models are adorned with the Spirit of Ecstasy, a figurine for the marque created by British sculptor Charles Sykes. The artist, a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, is believed to have drawn inspiration from the close relationship of John Montagu and Eleanor Thornton, the woman thought to have been the model for the emblem. To this day, the iconic figurine still stands serenely on the bonnet of each Rolls-Royce and continues to facilitate its owner in creating beautiful relationships.

Echoing the theme of a swan’s elegant, pure and loyal approach to love, the Ghost ’Eternal Love’ features a two-tone exterior of English White and Silver Satin. The interior leather is Seashell, whilst the headrest embroidery, seat stitching and interior car roof are Hotspur Red. A Bespoke clock, painted to match the Bespoke Tudor Oak wood panel, and illuminated treadplates both bear the words ‘Love is Eternity’. A final touch of sophistication is lent to the car by a two-tone steering wheel to achieve this level of added perfection.

Fully polished 20” forged alloy wheels and the addition of Satellite Aided Transmission ensure the ‘Eternal Love’ remains a perfectly executed expression of consummate Rolls-Royce luxury. Powered by the beloved 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 powertrain and an eight-speed ZF gearbox, the ‘Eternal Love’ offers its discerning customers an exceptional and effortless driving experience under any road conditions.

2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost "Eternal Love" Collection High Resolution Interior
- image 664289

To ensure exclusivity, Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘Eternal Love’ will be produced in a series of only sixteen.

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