Created to “reflect the atmosphere and vibrancy of one of the world’s most exclusive and glamorous enclaves"

Launched in 2013, the Wraith is Rolls-Royce’s first two-door coupe that’s less than 18 feet long since the Camargue, which was discontinued in 1986. Designed by Pavle Trpinac on the BMW BMW F01 platform that underpinned the previous-generation 7 Series, the Wraith was named after a model that the company produced in 1938 and 1939 as a rolling chassis. Powered by a twin-turbocharged, 6.6-liter V-12 rated at 623 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, the Wraith was the most powerful Rolls-Royce in history at launch. A convertible version named Dawn was introduced in 2015.

Having spawned numerous special-edition models, the Wraith has received yet another makeover from Bespoke, this time in the form or a unique, one-of-one example. Part of a pair of new Bespoke cars themed "Dusk until Dawn," the unique Wraith was unveiled at Rolls-Royce’s ultra-exclusive Summer Studio event in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Created to “reflect the atmosphere and vibrancy of one of the world’s most exclusive and glamorous enclaves," the Emerald Embellished Wraith will be on display alongside a Porto Cervo edition of the Dawn, also a unique model.

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What Makes the Rolls-Royce Porto Cervo Wraith Special

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Representing "Dusk," the Wraith is finished in a two-tone silver exterior. The hue combination is quite subtle, with the engine hood and the roof being just a tad darker than the rest of the car. While far from impressive compared to other models crafted by Bespoke, the Wraith was designed to "reflects the dimming of the day’s light." The exterior is rounded off by a "Spirit of Ecstasy" emblem that casts a soft light upon the Wraith’s imposing front grille.

The unique Wraith is definitely far more spectacular on the inside. This is visible as soon as you open the door and make eye contact with the "Porto Cervo Wraith - One of One" insert in the door sill. Nearly everything is finished in shades of blue, purple, slate and black. There’s acres of ostrich leather, large chunks of fine wood veneer, and great attention to detail. All four seats are wrapped in purple leather with white stitching and silver "RR" logos on the headrests. The cabin’s main highlight lies on the infotainment screen cover, where Bespoke mounted the emblem of Porto Cervo made from emerald stones and mother of pearl, all set in white gold. The upper dashboard has a matching finish with an emerald-like green top and a white lower section.

The owner will also receive a leather headrest tattooed by London-based artist Mo Coppoletta. "The colors and atmosphere of Porto Cervo are truly inspiring. The designs I have created for Rolls-Royce evoke the emotion experienced by observing this magical place from the harbor of Promenade du Port," Coppoletta commented.

Under the hood, the unique coupe is equipped with the Wraith’s standard engine and transmission. The massive 6.6-liter V-12 cranks out 623 turbocharged horses and 590 pound-feet of torque, which are enough to send the coupe flying from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds and up to a top speed of 186 mph. That’s darn impressive for a vehicle that tips the scales at around 5,400 pounds.

There’s no info on pricing, but this car should cost way more than a standard Wraith, priced from around $300,000. Given the fact that it is unique, it could fetch as much as $500,000.

Press Release

Today, honoured guests of the Rolls-Royce Summer Studio in Sardinia witnessed the unveiling of two remarkable Bespoke motor cars, commissioned to reflect the atmosphere and vibrancy of one of the world’s most exclusive and glamorous enclaves; Porto Cervo.

The essence of the marina, which resides on the Costa Smerelda, is embodied in two Bespoke Rolls-Royces; a Wraith, the marque’s most powerful motor car ever created, and Dawn, the recently launched and most social of Drophead Coupés.

Patrons of the marque relish in creative freedom by commissioning highly Bespoke personal legacies. To mark the opening of the Summer Studio and demonstrate this art form, the Bespoke Rolls-Royces will be themed from ‘Dusk until Dawn’.

Isobel Dando, General Manager, Future Retail, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented, “Patrons of our marque delight in inhabiting some of the world’s most beautiful enclaves. Sardinia, and its stunning Costa Smerelda, serves as the perfect backdrop for Rolls-Royce to host these patrons of true luxury in an intimate setting; The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio. The stunning Bespoke Wraith and emerald embellished Dawn, inspired by the sights and colours of Porto Cervo, have been commissioned in the spirit that so many of our customers delight in.”

The ambient hues of dusk are imbued on the Bespoke Wraith. A two-tone silver exterior reflects the dimming of the day’s light, whilst a purple feature line hints at the interior mood of this unique motor car. The Spirit of Ecstasy, the figurine that has graced the bonnet of each Rolls-Royce since 1911, casts a soft illumination from her position upon the motor car’s signature grille. On opening the coach doors, the mysterious aura of twilight, so appreciated by the Costa Smerelda’s glamourous denizens, is depicted using shades of blue, purple, slate and black, bestowing the feeling of calm as night falls. The use of ostrich leather adds depth and texture to the exquisitely furnished cabin.

In stark contrast, Dawn has been specified to capture the vibrancy and vivid colour of the Porto Cervo seascape. A unique emerald green exterior is offset against a distinct seashell and green leather interior. Open-pore teak encapsulates the occupants, alluding to the elegant sensation of a marine sojourn. A Bespoke teak boot floor mat has been created for the luggage compartment, continuing the nautical theme.

At the heart of this unique motor car lies art within art; precious emeralds and mother of pearl are set into white gold and presented on the fascia as a timeless memory of the beguiling island. As a brooch adorns a gown, so the jewels complete the visual harmony of this exquisite motor car. Set in the shape of the emblem of Porto Cervo, the occupants are reminded of the magical island from which the spirit of this motor car originated.

The Costa Smerelda is an abundant source of inspiration for artisans the world over. London-based tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta was party to such inspiration during the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design team’s creative meetings for the curation of these two motor cars. Himself an artisan held in the highest regard, Coppoletta mused over exquisite blank canvases – two leather Rolls-Royce headrests – resulting in tattooed works of art which will be presented alongside the Dusk until Dawn configuration in The Summer Studio.

Coppoletta commented, “The colours and atmosphere of Porto Cervo are truly inspiring. The designs I have created for Rolls-Royce evoke the emotion experienced by observing this magical place from the harbour of Promenade du Port.”

The Rolls-Royce Summer Studio in Porto Cervo will be open until September 2016.

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