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Here's a Rendering of What Could Be The World's Most Expensive Pickup Truck

Here’s a Rendering of What Could Be The World’s Most Expensive Pickup Truck

No, Rolls Royce has not announced anything about a Cullinan-based pickup truck

The pickup market has grown vertically and horizontally beyond imagination. Pickup trucks are looking a lot smarter these days and are heavy on tech-savvy features. You can have performance trucks and even electrification has infiltrated into the segment. But, what about the luxurious aspect? Yes, your Fords and Rams have upped the ante and are starting to look glorious, but who said these are your typical luxurious trucks? Imagine a truck with all the bells and whistles that carries a proud Rolls Royce or a Bentley badge. Not able to think of what it would look like? Well, here’s a rendering by Rain Prisk that shows us what a truck from Rolls Royce could look like. Fancy, isn’t it?

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