So, can I drink champagne while off-roading?

This Cullinan clearly shows that there is no dearth of people ready to spend money on anything a company makes. This time, it’s for a stretched Rolls-Royce Cullinan. German company Klassen, which specializes in stretching high-end cars, has worked on the world’s most luxurious SUV. Price? No biggie. Klassen is selling for a “modest” $2 million.


Rolls-Royce Cullinan Stretched by Klassen
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The elongated Rolls-Royce Cullinan is extended in the middle by 1,016 millimeters (40 inches), and the overall wheelbase now measures 3,295 mm (129.7 inches) while the length stands at 6,357 mm (250.2 inches). The Cullinan is also armored and benefits from Level 7 ballistic protection, with an option to upgrade it to Level 9.


2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan
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Note: standard 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan pictured here.

The other things you get for the extravagant amount you pay includes a partition wall, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, LED ambient lighting, and a iMac with PC, Wi-Fi, etc. multimedia center. You can use most of the controls through an iPhone. Klassen said that the conversion takes six months to complete after the order is placed.


2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan
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Note: standard 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan pictured here.

The Cullinan retains the same 6.75-liter, V-12 engine that produces 563 horses and 627 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to all the wheels via an eight-speed automatic and has a top speed of 155 mph.

Final Thoughts

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Stretched by Klassen
- image 797659

Klassen has stretched a number of luxury vehicles in the past. According to their website, they have worked on Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Range Rover Autobiography, Bentley Bentayga, and the Mercedes G-Class. So, we can expect a fine job on the Cullinan as well. Klassen has listed the first stretched Cullinan on for €1.8 million, which converts to $2.08 million, whereas the standard Cullinan costs $325,000 in the U.S. in its standard spec-form. What did you like about this new ultra-luxurious stretched Cullinan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    • The exorbitant price!
    • The longer SUV has the same engine, however. Will not be as potent as the regular Cullinan because of the extra weight.
    • The longer wheelbase makes the whole purpose of a high ground clearance pointless.

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