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2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn Neiman Marcus Special Editions

2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn Neiman Marcus Special Editions

There’s not one, but two cars on Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book!

Neiman Marcus’ annual Christmas Book has just been unveiled, and as expected, a car is included in it. This year’s different though because instead of offering just one ride in the catalog, Neiman Marcus is rolling out two special edition Rolls-Royce Dawns, each one dressed in a unique summer look that promotes a his-and-hers vibe.

In keeping with the summertime theme, each of the two Rolls-Royce Dawn models also get names attached to them. One is called the Dawn Lago di Como, a nod to Italy’s famous Lake Como, a favorite tourist destination in the hot months. The other is called Dawn Saint-Tropez, named after the French coastal town that’s famous for being the playground of the rich and famous. In those terms, these two Dawn models appear to have been named appropriately considering their own pedigree as Rolls-Royce models. As expected, the Dawn Lago di Como and the Dawn Saint-Tropez will be extremely limited with only 20 total models set to be made available, presumably just 10 for each of the two SE Dawns. That said, before you start placing your orders, remember that items from Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book don’t come cheap. That’s certainly the case for these two Dawns as one of them - the Lago di Como - costs $439,625 whereas the other - the Saint-Tropez - is priced a little higher at $445,750. Either way, you’re bank accounts will have their work cut out for them should you decide to get either one of these two beauties.

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