• 2014 Ron RXX
    by Alina Moore, on July 11, 2013, 15:00
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2014 Ron RXX

2014 Ron RXX

Ron Automobile is a recently launched Mexican company with big plans for the future: it wants to develop high-performance vehicles that will make quite a sensation on the market. The new model is called RXX and today we have the first images of it.

According to the first details released by the company, the RXX will be a super-lightweight sporty two-seat sports car built on an aluminum chassis. It will feature a carbon-fiber body and an interior built from the same material. This combination will ensure high rigidity and stroke sensations, but will also help to deliver a low center of gravity.

As for the car’s exterior language, it will be a combination between "sensual curves and angled panels."

The model will be a road-legal car and will be offered in three different configurations: RXX, RXX-S and RXX-R, each of them offering a different level of power and equipment.

Ron announced it is also preparing a model inspired by the Lotus Seven. It will be called R7, but unfortunately it is still in the prototype construction phase zero.

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