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If You Have Or Want To Get The Ford GT You Need To Follow These Rules

More than 6,500 people applied for the new Ford GT when Ford released its application program back in 2016. An unprecedented demand sparked a bit of chaos within Ford who allocated only 1,000 units for production. In 2018, Ford extended the production to add 350 units for a total production output of the new Ford GT of 1,350 units. Of course, the company will produce all the cars over a number of years, and you can expect the 1350th unit not to leave the production facility until 2022. As this is an exclusive halo supercar, with Le Mans racer inspired technology, and some serious track capability, Ford had to create some rather incredible rules that owners have to follow.

You Must Go Through a Lengthy Application Procedure to Buy a Ford GT

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The application procedure for the Ford GT is unlike any application procedure you have ever filed before when buying a car.

With a massive demand, Ford had a chance to precisely target the buyers and, as such, there’s a whole lot of strange questions to answer during the application process. After you filled the application that asked questions like how many social media followers you have or what other Ford cars you have, Ford officials then asses it and allow or not allow you to buy a car. Considering that interested parties filled all open applications in record time, I can only imagine that Ford actually had to create some selection process and choose who can buy the GT.

Once You Take Possession of a New Ford GT, You Must Attend as Many Events As Possible

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As one of the obligations of owning the Ford GT, you have to attend as many Ford related events and car events as possible. Cars and Coffee events included.

Obviously, Ford needs owners to show off their cars, drive around in them, and showcase it as much as possible. This request is, of course, unconventional, but I get it. People who can buy a GT could store the car in an air-conditioned garage, never drive it around, and sell it in 20 years for some sick money. It happened already. Only a year ago, one McLaren F1 popped up with about 2,000 miles on the clock. It is basically new, and it sold for $24 million. Ford does not want this to happen with the GT as we near 2050.

You Are Not Allowed to Trade in Your Ford GT

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This is a self-explanatory rule really. Basically, if you go with your Ford GT to a dealership and want to trade it in for something else, legally, you cannot do it. The agreement signed with Ford clearly states that you cannot trade in a car. At least not for 24 months.

You Have To Drive Your Ford GT As Much As Possible

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Apart from actually visiting Ford related events with your new GT, you have to drive the car. Like a lot.

Ford actually encourages owners to drive the Ford GT on the road, on the track, and to use it as much as possible.

Considering that inside the new Ford GT isn’t exactly comfortable, I cannot imagine many going on a road trip with it, but I can imagine all owners taking it to the track and enjoying its astonishing 647 horsepower and incredible driving characteristics.

You Are More Likely To Get Approved for Ford GT Ownership If You Have A Big Social Media Following

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This is a thing. Every applicant had to provide links for his/her social media accounts and explain the minutiae about them.

If you are Shmee150 or John Cena, you are more likely to get the chance to buy the Ford GT than if you are an average Joe that just won the lottery.

Some even speculated that if you make a video sketch that goes viral, you could earn your right to buy the Ford GT. If this sounds like Ford wants you to create a reality show about the GT, then you think right - it does! Apart from getting money from you, Ford is eager to get some free publicity. Considering that it’s been about two years since the Ford GT ’s introduction, I can’t yet say that its plan was successful. Somehow, I thought I would see it more on YouTube.

The Price of the Ford GT is Non-Negotiable

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The sticker price you get on your Ford GT is the price you pay.

There is no room for haggles or anything else. Ford does not want you, or anyone else, to create a whole new price market for the new Ford GT. That is why it is so strict about getting the sticker price on the GT.

You Must Maintain Ownership of the Ford GT for At Least 24 Months After Delivery

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This one is self-explanatory as well.

For 24 months after the purchase, you are not allowed to sell your car to anyone.

It happened, however. Apparently, John Cena, I mentioned earlier, sold his Ford GT, and Ford sued him. It is still not exactly clear how this saga ended, but one thing is for sure, he managed to sell the car. On the other hand, auction house Mecum got a hold of one Ford GT and sold it for $1.6 million in a jiffy - far more than its sticker price.

You can Only Buy a Ford GT If You Live in Certain Markets

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People can only buy the Ford GT if they are able to take delivery of the car in a Participating Territory. Ford selected the following countries as Participating Territories:

Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Plus, you have to have a license and be of driving age. This too reduced the possibility for any scam.

You Can Only Transport The Ford GT With A JIMGLO Elite trailer

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Apart from several requirements a service center needs to meet to be eligible to service the new Ford GT, it also needs to have a JIMGLO Elite trailer.

In short, these trailers are handmade from the best materials and offer some unique features that secure the car in the best way possible.

Apart from that, the service center needs $30,000 worth of specialized equipment and a dedicated clean room for the Ford GT. Only certain Ford approved technicians can work on the car. They can be flown in if needed.

If You Crash Your Ford GT Only Multimatic Inc. From Canada Can Service It

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Multimatic Inc. from Canada is the only company eligible to work on, so called, Groud 3 repairs.

According to the leaked document, Group 3 repairs are:
“These are major repairs that will be performed by Multimatic at the Multimatic vehicle assembly and repair facility. This group would include collision repairs, transportation damage beyond bolt-on parts, major powertrain repairs, repairs that require splitting the back half of the car from the main vehicle tub assembly, and other major repairs.”

Multimatic Inc. is a Canadian specialist for carbon tub chassis that works on numerous high-end projects like the Aston Martin Vulcan and Aston Martin One-77, among others. No wonder Ford outsourced so much of the production of the Ford GT to them. And yes, they really are the only ones capable of repairing your Ford GT properly.

Engine V-6
Displacement 3497 cm3
Horsepower 647 HP @ 6,250 RPM
Torque 550 lb-ft @ 5,900 RPM
Top Speed 216 mph
0-100 km/h 4.0 s (estimated)

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