Non-polluting driving is this year the principal topic at the Geneva Motor Show. In cooperation with Rinspeed, Saab will be showing with the "9-5 BioPower Rinspeed" how vision and reality can harmonize. The model is equipped with a Bioethanol-engine and demonstrates that already today is possible to reduced CO2 without giving up the pleasure of driving. 

2007 Saab BioPower goes Rinspeed
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The latest climate report a clear change: humans by their collective behavior are primary contributors to global warming. The reduction of CO2-emissions becomes a central subject – also at the Geneva Motor Show. With the Saab BioPower presented at the last motor show, the E85 (85% Bioethanol and 15% gasoline) operating vehicle, Saab became the leadership of this field, but also proved that ecological technology and driving pleasure could coincide perfectly.

2007 Saab BioPower goes Rinspeed
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Vision and reality; this year Saab will make at the Geneva Motor Show another step further. On the 5030 stand the visitors can admire an extremely successful connection of vision and reality: the "Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed".

>The modified Saab BioPower attracts through its yellow gloss paint. The Saab BioPower use materials incorporated in the future study "eXasis" by Rinspeed. ( eXasis is the first transparent High-tech plastic-car, that like the Saab BioPower is equipped with a Bioethanol-drive ).

So the Saab BioPower Rinspeed will show new applications like the optical fiber material in the rhombus-design. The rhombus pattern continues in the coating of the seats.Speed-yellow security belts and the new fibreglass dashboard complete the transformations of the Saab BioPower. 

2007 Saab BioPower goes Rinspeed
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Rinspeed introduces a car like the eXasis that comes with non-polluting drive and a strong 150 HP. The parallel Saab BioPower, sporting 180hp led the two company’s traditionalists to cooperate.

With the "Saab 9-5 BIOPOWER100 Concept", Saab presents at the Geneva Motor Show a vehicle that can go 100% percent with Bioethanol. Saab continues its philosophy to place always the person and the environment into the main point. 

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  (559) posted on 02.16.2012

It is nice to know about this “NON-POLLUTING DRIVING” aim of Geneva Motor Show. Well, at least they are showing concern for the environment and not just to market vehicles. Anyway, the golden casing of this car is really enticing.

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