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2014 Saleen Tesla Model S Foursixteen

2014 Saleen Tesla Model S Foursixteen

Saleen may have built its reputation on tuning the most iconic American cars like the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger, but company front-man Steve Saleen seems bent on making his mark in the budding performance electric car category as well.

Rumors have circulated for more than a year regarding Saleen’s entrance into the category, with TopSpeed’s own firsthand confirmation coming from Steve himself in a late-2013 interview.

Well the rumors and speculation can all be put to rest as the company debuts the Saleen Tesla Model S Foursixteen at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This Tesla Model S receives a bespoke exterior design, interior updates, and of course, increases in power and performance.

Thankfully this isn’t some one-off show car, but rather a pre-production example of what will be publicly available to those looking for extra spice in their Model S. The performance upgrades include a sport-tuned suspension, bigger brakes, upgraded rear differential, and more aggressive aerodynamic surfaces.

Updated 9/8/2014: Saleen has revealed a video of the Foursixteen in action, and "breaking the sound barrier." It doesn’t literally break the sound barrier, like supersonic jet, but rather it makes a noise unlike any other Tesla Model S. Have a look at the video (above) and let me know if you think the noise is cool or annoying as all hell.

Updated 11/21/2014: Saleen announced it has now begun deliveries of the Model S based Saleen Foursixteen. Next to the 2014 model, the company is also accepting orders for the 2015 model lineup, including 60, 85, and P85D Model S chassis. Details after the jump.

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