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2011 Saleen S302 Speedster

2011 Saleen S302 Speedster

Every year, Saleen heads over to Las Vegas to bring a new custom modded Mustang to the SEMA Auto Show. A few years ago, they bought the S281 Mustang. Last year, it was a custom S302 Mustang with custom colors and plenty of carbon fiber. This year, Saleen has prepared a custom 302 Speedster for the biggest aftermarket auto show in the world, marking the first time the 302 Speedster was accessorized with a number of options.

This particular model was definitely dressed to impress, thanks to a new Matte Black paint finish, complimented by the prevalent use of carbon fiber rocker panels. The subtle look of the S302 Speedster can be substituted for something a little more gregarious if customers feel like it. In place of the Matte Black finish, other can choose from Igniter Orange, Octane Red, Silver Shield, and Motor City Blue. Rounding out the modifications done on the S302 Speedster include a new carbon fiber chin splitter, a carbon fiber rear wing, and a new set of 7-spoke wheels.

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