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Ford Evos to Appear at Salon Privé; will the Next-Gen Mustang Soon Follow?

Salon Privé is not the biggest nor is it the baddest car show in the world. In fact, it is likely on the other end of the spectrum, as it is less than a decade old and is really more of a custom and antique show than a new-car show. However, it has debuted a handful of cars and it very well may be the European primer show for the next-gen Ford Mustang’s launch.

The reason we say this is because Ford has chosen to resurrect the 2011 Evos Concept car for display at Salon Privé, which takes place on September 4th through 6th in London. This announcement aligns perfectly with the fact that the new Mustang will be based heavily on the Evos and that the new Mustang will be the model’s first crack at the European market, leading us to wonder if the new Mustang’s auto show tour will follow directly behind the Evo’s arrival at Salon Privé.

With the Evos fresh on the minds of Europeans, it would only make sense for the new `Stang to make its global debut shortly after. Additionally, if the rumors of a 2014 1/2 model year for the new Mustang are true, it has to hit the auto-show scene soon; possibly as early as the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12th.

Yeah, the thought of the Mustang making its global debut overseas seems a little odd, but given its anticipated European styling, it wouldn’t be shocking to see it start there.

Stay tuned for more information.

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