John Pangilinan came to the 2010 SEMA Show with his own version of the Scion tC sports car, but the competition for this customized ride may have been too much to handle as there were five customized tCs at SEMA ready to strut their stuff. The most intimidating for this version was the tC customized by James Lin. Lin threw everything he had at the sports car and the result was a car that we would even take out and about. That being said, Pangilinan was a tough competitor as well as he tweaked the engine of this bad boy enough to tickle our fancies.

Pangilinan piqued our interest with a new turbocharger kit, a stainless steel turbo manifold, a new intake system, and RC 750cc injectors fitted right under the hood of the tC. We don’t know exactly what these changes have resulted in, since no official numbers were given, but we can’t imagine a tuner would strap on 18" race wheels and a new Brembo Gran Turismo Big brake kit for a minor boost.

The exterior of the Scion tC features a new exterior package that includes a Jon Sibal Custom Designed Seibon TC GT Carbon Fiber widebody kit, a Seibon carbon fiber hood Aerocatch hood latch, Seibon custom carbon fiber trunk, an APR carbon custom rear wing, APR carbon fiber side mirrors, and a carbon fiber wrapped roof. Exterior PPG paint was applied by Kelly & Son. For the interior, the tuner is offering new Recaro seats, a custom wrapped personal steering wheel, and embroidery by Top Stitch.

This exterior of this tC may look the part of a delectable racer, but the proof is in the pudding, which is why we can’t wait to see the new performance numbers for this tasty little treat when we hit the SEMA floor.

UPDATE 03/09/2011: Import tuner has reviewed John Pangilinan’s racing tC and - good news! - they have provided specifications for the racer. Thanks to all of the modifications made to the engine, the tC GT delivers an impressive 333 whp and 303 lb-ft of torque at only 8 psi of boost. Want more? Check out the new images of the car in the gallery provided.

  • 2010 Scion Tuner Challenge tC by John Pangilinan
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  (453) posted on 09.27.2011

Very customized sports car made by John Pangilinan. I like the concept and the theme and color combination. Aside from that the performance is exceptional.

  (534) posted on 05.11.2011

Well, Pangilinan is indeed a great automaker. One thing for sure for this Type of TC is a great stability performance of being a sports racers car concept.

  (666) posted on 04.6.2011

Actually, I’m not familiar with the original figures of the Scion TC and how much it boost when modified by Pangilinan. However, 333 whp for a 303 lbs car was quite impressive.

  (399) posted on 03.11.2011

Well, for me, Pangilinan really did a great work on this guy. Come to think of it, it is really not that easy to give a Scion a large performance boost, since you will have to worry about the car’s stability.

  (462) posted on 03.10.2011

One thing that I admire about Pangilinan’s is that it isn’t that messy. He avoids putting in too many unnecessary parts and instead focuses more on the performance parts.

  (406) posted on 03.9.2011

Those numbers are actually rather impressive, considering that the car used is a Scion. Hope that they have really strengthened the car itself to be able to take in the power of the engine.

  (477) posted on 11.22.2010

Yet more evidence that we’re in another "take everything rounded and give it sharp angles" phase of automobile design. Ahh, the cycle of life.

  (745) posted on 11.21.2010

i would like to read more about this..Scion should compete in the F1 race..but I haven’t read about speed and the torque..

  (406) posted on 11.9.2010

TRD has had a supercharged for the Tc since it was introduced.

  (858) posted on 11.3.2010

Where is my RWD Scion tC that I can buy?

  (1211) posted on 11.2.2010

the design of the Scion tuner is aggressive though. nice design and color..smiley

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