If you’re familiar with ABC’s TV series Fresh off the boat, then you know something about Eddie Huang. The TV series depicts Eddie’s life in the early 90’s as he grew up in the suburbs of Orlando. Outside the TV show, which was adapted from his book, Eddie Huang was a lawyer who eventually became a chef and now runs BaoHaus restaurant in New York City. Now, Eddie, who is a Scion lifestyle partner, has designed his own 2016 Scion iA that is said to embrace the culture of Los Angeles and have a modern take on the classic lowrider.

Eddie’s custom iA will debut on November 3rd in Las Vegas at SEMA, but we’ve already been blessed with a number of pictures that give us a great preview of what we’ll see in the metal. Eddie went all out on this bad boy, with the help of Scott Kanemura at KMA industries who completed the build. For starters, the car has all the basics of a low rider – Airbag suspension with four-wheel control, swivel front seats and even a chain-link steering wheel. Of course, no low rider would be complete without the gold, wire wheels but that is just the beginning for this Scion.

Now it’s time we take a deeper look into what Eddie envisions as a modern day low rider, so keep reading to see everything that makes this one-of-a-kind Scion so special.

Continue reading to learn more about the Scion iA Eddie Huang.

  • 2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang
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    6 sec. (Est.)
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    130 mph (Est.)
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2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653536
2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653535
2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653523

The most obvious part of the exterior on this iA is the custom “Reflections” yellow and gold pearl paint that fades down into Candy Rootbeer colored Rocker panels. The Finish is highlighted with a lace pattern that is airbrushed and hand painted pinstripes. Up front, the car has a gold plated, square-tube grille, and the headlights have been outlined with the same gold pearl paint that gives them a “squinting” look. Of course, you can’t miss the mural of a human panda (how Eddie claims he sees himself) that looks to be airbrushed onto the hood.

The car has a gold plated, square-tube grille, and the headlights have been outlined with the same gold pearl paint

Both side-view mirrors have been shaved along with the door handles. Gold lace glows from the front and rear of the door windows, and the rootbeer paint progressively gets higher as it moves from the front wheel well to the rear fascia. Press photos show the car sitting on 15-inch by 7.5-inch G-Boy 100-spoke wheels that are gold plated with a bronze powder coat lip. Those rims are fitted with 165-series Cocker tires with a 2-inch whitewall. For the SEMA show, however, the car will debut with 18-inch by 8-inch 100-spoke wheels with the same gold plating and bronze powder coated lips. Those wheels will be equipped with 215-series Toyo Extensa HP tires.

Rootbeer paint covers the entire rear fascia. The taillights have also been outlined with the same yellow and gold colored paint as the rest of the body. The rear deck lid features a custom, gold-plated emblem that has Eddie’s last name and what appears to be another depiction of a human panda. The rear deck lid also hinges to the side, providing access to the air tanks and pumps for the airbag system.


2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Interior
- image 653529
2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Interior
- image 653528
2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Interior
- image 653527

Mounted on the rear deck is a gold plaque that says “Human Panda,” which is visible through the back glass. The seats have been replaced with Corbeau GTS II seats that have a tuffed and folded Alcantara center inserts and a swivel base. The dashboard and door panels have been covered in ultra-suede. The rear seats were replaced with custom fabricated units that have tuffed and folded Alcantara center inserts. A center console separates the rear seats and is a custom subwoofer box that houses four, Pioneer TS-W261D$ Championship Series subwoofers.

The carpeting on the floor is protected by ultra-suede floor mats, and even more ultra-suede lines the entire trunk. Gold and yellow painted speaker and surrounds for the dash speakers, and the center console is accented with the same color paint. A custom-made bamboo shifter sits on top of the shift lever, and I would be guilty of a crime if I didn’t bring up the chain link steering wheel – it’s a nice touch. A Pioneer DEH-80PRS receiver sits in a custom, yellow and gold painted custom dash mount. A Pioneer TS-D1730C 6.75-inch is mounted in each door and is accented by gold and yellow painted surrounds. Two Pioneer GM-D9601, 4,800-watt amplifiers power the four pioneer subs in the rear, center console, and a Pioneer GM-D1004, 400-watt amplifier powers the door and dash speakers.


2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653524

For the most part, the drivetrain of Eddie’s iA is largely unaltered. It has the same 1.5-liter, four-cylinder that powers the standard car. The unit is good for 160 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 103 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. It is mounted to a six-speed manual or automatic transmission and is front-wheel drive. Of course, there were other modifications to the suspension and chassis.

The rear axle has been chrome plated and reinforced

The rear axle has been chrome plated and reinforced, which the chassis and chassis mounting points have also been strengthened – this is common among vehicles that have airbag suspension, as the chassis must be able to handle to beating it takes. The airbag suspension is a two-stage system that incorporates dual tanks and a dual compressor. The controller, valve system, and mounting system was all custom fabricated by KMA Industries for the iA. The system has a remote operated primary system and a tradition tethered secondary system. With the four-wheel control system, the suspension can be actuated in just about any way possible, even allowing Eddie to hit that three-wheel motion when he bends corners.


2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653523

Naturally the value of Eddie’s custom 2016 Scion iA is a pure mystery, but considering the insane modifications I’m inclined to think the price climbs upward of $30,000, if not more. The iA starts out at $17,595, so what we’re looking at here may be the most expensive iA that will ever be made – at least until Eddie decides to do some engine upgrades too.

I think the customization of this iA is a little much, considering it is a sub-$20,000 car, but to each his own. I can’t hate on the car, because at the end of the day, that is some fine customization regardless of what make or model the car is. I’m not sure I would drive the car myself, but it would be fun to play with for a day or two. Does the car really touch LA culture and express what modern low riders are supposed to be like? Well, I’ll leave that decision to you, but I will say the chain-link steering wheel does bring a bit of old school to a modern car.

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Press Release

Creative visions of the Scion iM 5-door hatchback and Scion iA sedan are ready for Las Vegas lights. The cars were previewed in the downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District ahead of their debut at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nov. 3-6.

2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653524

For the 11th Annual Scion Tuner Challenge, remixed versions of the all-new sporty 2016 iM 5-door hatchback were created by prominent streetwear brands illest and Crooks & Castles. Each received a Scion iM and a $15,000 build budget to put a unique spin on the car.

Mark Arcenal, creative director of illest, drew inspiration for his iM concept from the Japanese VIP world, a clear departure from the race-inspired tC he built at the 2008 Scion Tuner Challenge.

“With a background in motorsports, I went with familiarity for my previous Scion Tuner Challenge experience. I wanted to push the boundaries even further this time,” Arcenal said. “The iM has a sporty look I thought would mesh well with the aggressive VIP style, making for the perfect combo to win the competition.”

Rob Panlilio, co-founder of Crooks & Castles, stuck to his Japanese car roots with a wide body kit and AccuAir suspension. In true Crooks & Castles’ fashion, Panlilio and his team featured a black and white scheme, with an all-white leather wrapped rollcage and black rewrapped race seats for the interior. The car was finished off with his signature trademark, custom white mesh wheels, mirroring the theme of his existing fleet of customized cars.

2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Exterior
- image 653525

Beyond the Tuner Challenge entries, Scion lifestyle partners Eddie Huang and Skybound unveiled two eye-popping 2016 iA project cars that capture the passion of their fans.

Eddie Huang, well-known for his book and TV adaptation, “Fresh Off The Boat,” is embracing L.A. culture with a modern take on the classic lowrider, outfitting a Scion iA with a chain-link steering wheel and custom swivel front seats and more. A dual-stage air bag system with independent wheel control allows for side to side, front to back and 3-wheel motion. Meanwhile, the exterior features metallic yellow paint with root beer accents. A mural of a “human panda,” which is how Huang refers to himself, is on the hood. Huang has also added wire wheels dipped in gold, along with a one-of-a-kind gold-plated front grille, truly capturing the essence of the era, but with a modern twist.

Fans of The Walking Dead will appreciate Skybound Entertainment’s execution of Robert Kirkman’s latest comic book, Outcast. With the theme of demonic possession, the car will move and operate on its own via pneumatic movements of multiple components and an automated sequence of light and audio effects. The orange, black and green-toned car has a demonic spirit graphic directly inspired from the comic book on the roof and will gyrate, smoke, change colors, and emit eerie sounds that encompass everything fans love about the possession genre.

"This year has been a big one for Skybound,” said Kirkman. “We celebrated our fifth anniversary and the release of our first feature film, AIR, with Scion at San Diego Comic Con, and we’re excited to continue the partnership with the creation of the Outcast car.”

In partnership with Toyo Tires, Scion will bring all four customized vehicles to the SEMA Show, where fans can get their first up-close look at each modified edition. Both Scion Tuner Challenge vehicle entries will be judged by a panel consisting of the previous year’s participants, Super Street magazine, GT Channel and Speedhunters. Scion will announce the grand prize winner of $10,000 at the L.A. Auto Show on Nov. 28, hosted by Eddie Huang.

2016 Scion iA Eddie Huang High Resolution Interior
- image 653526

Fans of the Scion Tuner Challenge can follow along by visiting www.ScionRacing.com for blog entries, photos and video content. Fans can also tune in to the Scion Racing Twitter and Instagram for an additional looks at the builds by using the hashtags #ScionTunerChallenge and #Scion.

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