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As announced few months ago, Seat will manufacture two new C/D-segment models at its plant in Martorell. One of them will come to replace the unsuccessful Toledo and will be called Bolero. It will be unveiled in 2009. A concept versions will be unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

2009 Seat Bolero
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The 2009 Bolero will be built on the same platform as the Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and Seat Leon. Its design will be inspired by the Tribu Concept car unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Bolero name was used for the first time in 1998, when Seat launched the Bolero Concept, a four seater, two door coupe powered by a 2.8 liter bi-turbo engine that delivers 330 bhp.

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To be similar in size with the Skoda Octavia, the Bolero will feature a spacious cabin, courtesy of a longer wheelbase. Under the hood there will be a choice of four petrol engines, for sure the Group’s latest 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TFSI engines. A very possible choice is a new evolution of the 1.4-litre VW-built turbo and super- charged unit that delivers 180 hp. There will also be a 1.8 liter TFSi engine that will deliver 160 hp and a 2.0 liter TFSi engine that will deliver 200 hp. Diesel engins will range from 105 to 170 hp.

2009 Seat Bolero
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1998 Seat Bolero Concept

When they took the decision to build a new model, Seat chairmain Erich Schmitt said: "The assignment of the two new C/D-segment models to the plant in Martorell is an historic step for SEAT. By these means, we enlarge our current product range, which does not only give our clients the possibility to grow with the brand, but also enables us to increase the profitability of our dealer network thanks to the availability of these new models."

Sales will begin in the spring of 2009; price around 18.000 euro ($26.500).


As said, the 2009 Bolero will come to replace the Toledo, a model launched in 1991. In 2004, Seat released the third-generation Toledo and sales have been disappointing. Critics have blamed the design of the car’s trunk, which combines sedan/hatchback characteristics.

First generation Toledo was launched in 1991 and stayed on market until 1999. It was built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf Mk II chassis, with boot similar in shape and size to the Volkswagen Bora.

2009 Seat Bolero
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1991 Seat Toledo

First models were powered by 1.6 liters delivering 73 hp and 2.0 liters 113 hp for the GT version. Later Seat added a few more powerful versions including a 2.0 GTI 16V that delivers 147 hp and a 1.9 TDI that delivers 108 hp.

Second generation Toledo was launched in 1999. It shared components with both Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Bora. It was built on Golf MK IV platform.

Engine range started from a 1.6-litre 100 hp petrol engine, followed by a 1.8-litre 20-valve 131 hp unit, while the top of the line was represented by the 2.3-litre 147 hp V5 engine.

2009 Seat Bolero
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1999 Seat Toledo

The third generation was launched in 2004. Seat quit the sedan body-style in favor of a compact MPV with the Altea’s front section, a high roof and a rear-end inspired in the Renault Vel Satis.

In 2006 Seat added a 170 hp 2.0 TDI version. It has been developed based on the 103 kW (140 hp) 2.0 TDI version. The new engine features a power output of 125 kW (170 hp), maximum torque of 350 Nm(258 lb/ft) at 1800 rpm, and is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox with specific gear progression.

Similar acceleration and in-gear acceleration on this new Toledo version can be found on sporty vehicles equipped with a petrol engine. With a top speed of 211 km/h(131 mph), it requires 8.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h(62 mph) from standstill, 8.9 seconds to accelerate from 50 to 75 mph in fifth and 11.4 seconds in sixth gear. But its diesel engine values become apparent when gauging consumption – 8.0 litres in the urban cycle, 5.2 litres on the extra urban cycle and 6.2 litres combined.

2009 Seat Bolero
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2006 Seat Toledo
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  (384) posted on 10.10.2011

Nice review, well I must say that I’m so impressed with this Seat Bolero, even though it only looks so simple and ordinary but the detailing on this one is really so fabulous and great.

  (441) posted on 08.15.2011

It’s a very nice car indeed! I love it for being a neat looking car. I have the same hope like the other commentator, that the engine must be good as well.

  (612) posted on 01.25.2010

I’m not familiar with SEAT thou it’s a good looking car i really don’t know if it’s performance are as well as it looks like.

  (534) posted on 01.13.2010

Pretty nice looking, I really like the shape and nose. Too bad we don’t get to see any SEATs here in the States. What’s up with that logo in the front grill, is it really gigantic and blingy like that on the real cars.

  (5990) posted on 06.7.2008

The 2009 Bolero will be built on the same platform as the old Audi A4 NOT on the VW Golf/Audi A3 platform! You can see that when you have a closer look at the prototyps ...

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