Spanish automaker Seat isn’t particularly known for developing eye-catching concepts, so please excuse us for doing a double-take on the Cupster Concept it unveiled at the 2014 Worthersee event. The concept, developed to celebrate the Ibiza’s 30th anniversary, is pretty innovative in its own right, which is a testament to what Seat is capable of if it puts its all into building cars that are out of its wheelhouse. The Cupster Concept is based on the Ibiza Cupra, which really doesn’t say much because most of the details in the concept roadster are things we’ve never seen Seat do in the past. The lowered stance gives it racing appeal and the absence of a traditional front windscreen puts the car in a concept level all its own.

In place of the typical windscreen, Seat opted to use a wraparound window that extends horizontally from one rear section all the way to other, wrapping the Cupster in somewhat of a glass encasing that looks pretty cool if you’re into a design quirk like this.

Seat has made no indication on whether it plans to sell the Cupster Concept as a production model. For what it’s worth, we’d take a long look at it before putting down the money to buy one. That wraparound window design is a definite eye-catcher, even though that feature would never find its way into showrooms.

Good work on this concept, though, Seat. Rare is the time when you get attention for a concept car, but this one really did the job.

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  • 2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept
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  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Displacement:
    1.4 L
  • 0-60 time:
    7 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed:
    155 mph (Est.)
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Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept in detail

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept Drawings
- image 553016

The proportions of the Cupster Concept are also something to take note of. Notice the two lines on the body that somehow separate the front and rear sections, giving the rear a more pronounced look and high shoulders. That’s a nice design touch that makes the car look sportier than it otherwise would have been.

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept Drawings
- image 553015

Seat has yet to release any photos of the Cupster’s interior, but the company did say that it features the same "New Orange" finish as the body. Meanwhile, Seat dressed the steering wheel in pure aniline leather, while the double-bubble-style, low-slung bucket seats promote a traditional racing look that’s inspired by the Ibiza Trophy race car. Black Alcantara upholstery and minimalist-style instrument dials round out the interior digs of the Cupster Concept.

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept Drawings
- image 553016

Since its based on the Ibiza Cupra, the Cupster Concept comes powered by a 1.4-liter TSI engine that produces 180 horsepower.

Press Release

SEAT will present an exciting new design study at the 2014 Wörthersee Treffen later this month. Built to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the iconic SEAT Ibiza, the Ibiza CUPSTER is set to wow fans at the now hugely anticipated annual show.

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept Drawings
- image 553013

This innovative design study, created and built by SEAT Design, is based on the series production Ibiza Cupra, with its 180 PS TSI engine and DSG dual-clutch transmission. However, in CUPSTER form, this Ibiza concept model is lower and wider than its racy predecessor. The two-seater car has no roof, the front windscreen has been replaced with a wrap-around strip window and the seating position is 80 millimetres lower than the series-production car.

“The Ibiza has always been the heart of SEAT – a young, dynamic car with an emotional design, a good head for the practical things in life and excellent value for money,” says Jürgen Stackmann, President of SEAT S.A. “At Wörthersee, we are celebrating the anniversary of our most successful model with the unique Ibiza CUPSTER, not to mention the exceptionally well-equipped 30 Years edition – and, of course, with a great programme.”

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept Drawings
- image 553015

Every Ibiza captures the imagination, with a design that is as emotional as it is dynamic – and cited by customers as one of the most important reasons for buying the Spanish brand’s most successful model. SEAT Design has created a surprising reinterpretation of this design language in the Ibiza CUPSTER.

The steering wheel is swathed in pure aniline leather and the paint work is a custom ‘New Orange’ hue, with a dark grey cover behind the classic ‘double-bubble’ style seats. The interior lends itself towards a traditional racing feel, with the design lead being taken from the Ibiza Trophy race car. With minimalist instrument dials, black Alcantara upholstery and low-slung bucket seats, the Ibiza CUPSTER has a definite racing feel.

2014 Seat Ibiza Cupster Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 553018

There is also no shortage of performance – the CUPSTER is based on the Ibiza CUPRA. And that means a powerful 180 PS from the 1.4 TSI engine, super-fast gear changes thanks to the DSG transmission and precision sports running gear with 18-inch wheels.

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