In 2003 after the popularity of Gone in 60 Seconds and the staring role of Eleanor, Carroll Shelby and Unique Performance got together to produce a limited number of GT 500Es. These are modernized recreated hybrids of classic greatness and modern technology. They start as 1967 Mustangs and the engine, interior, and suspension are all replaced with modern parts.

  • 2003 Shelby Mustang GT 500e
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Shelby will introduce an "Eleanor" GT500E Shelby Mustang at Barrett-Jackson, where it will be available for sale for the first time. Eleanor was featured in the extended chase scenes in both the 1974 and the 2000 versions of Gone in 60 Seconds (it was driven by Nicolas Cage in the more recent version), and gained a semi-cult following. All 50 cars stolen in the film were given women s names; Eleanor looked like a modified 1967 GT500 Shelby Mustang, though of the dozen Eleanors made for the 2000 film, not one was an authentic GT500.

Similarly, Shelby’s new Eleanor is a restored Mustang powered by a Shelby-tuned V8 making 325 hp, and comes with a slate of options including a nitrous oxide system, roll bar, 17-inch wheels, side exhaust and Baer brakes starting at $80,000. An all-out performance version rings up the register at $120,000.

Shelby also plans to introduce a first factory all-aluminum supercharged 427 Cobra, like the two iron versions he built in 1965. The two cars will be followed by other Shelby models over the next year.

In addition to Eleanor production, Shelby will celebrate 2003 with a 40th Anniversary Cobra Tour, marking the first Shelby Cobra racing championship, with over 30 stops planned nationwide.

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