As their name obviously suggests, Classic Recreations is an American tuning company that specializes in taking the iconic cars of yesteryear and turning them into modern models. Their creations feature the latest in today’s technology mixed in with original and classic looks. The company’s latest project doesn’t deviate from that description as the team over at CR has taken on the task of building the legendary 1965 Shelby G.T.350.

Classic Recreations did plenty of work on the car at their facility in Oklahoma, including a complete restoration work on the car’s body while also outfitting it with today’s technology. It’s a car that will definitely cater to old-school aficionados, as well as modern-day torque twisters. Sure, it won’t come cheap - the base price is $119,000 - but anybody knows there’s a certain price to be paid for speed, power, and nostalgia. The Shelby G.T.350CR has all three of those qualities wrapped in one awesome package.

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  • 2011 Shelby G.T.350CR by Classic Recreations
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    7.0-liter supercharged V8 engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    645 horsepower
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Exterior and Interior

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 High Resolution Exterior
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The overall base of the vehicle is an original 1965 or 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback that was given a complete restoration job courtesy of Classic Restorations. From the media blasting to the sheet metal replacement and authentic Carroll Shelby exterior fiberglass enhancements, no stones were left unturned to ensure the car retained its classic looks while also looking fresh and damper for the modern-day setting. This includes putting in a tubular sub-frame chassis with a cosmetic rollbar, coilover suspension on the front and rear, and oversized sway bars. Classic Restorations also offers plenty of paint finishes for the car, including White/Blue ,Red/White, Blue/White, and Black/Gold with other custom colors available upon request.

Rounding out the exterior changes are a set of 17" G.T.350CR aluminum wheels wrapped in high-performance Z-Rated tires with Shelby/Wilwood 13"X1.1" 4 Piston brakes in the front and matching 12"X.81" 4 Pistons in the back.

Inside the car, Classic Restorations did the same job of restoring the old while also adding modern elements to it, including putting in Carroll Shelby Scat Rally Series 1000 seats, five-point Camlock seatbelts, a woodgrain aluminum steering wheel, Carroll Shelby Signature gauges, an Old Air Products A/C system, a 160-mph speedometer, Carroll Shelby G.T.350CR, and a Pioneer CD Player with a removable face, 4-channel amplifiers, and coxial speakers.


Under the hood, the entry-level version of the car will carry a 7.0-liter V8 engine that produces an impressive 545 horsepower. Then there’s a supercharged version that climbs the output to 645 horsepower and another version with an intercooler that comes with 745 horsepower. The final version is even more powerful with a twin-turbo that will tip the 1,000 horsepower peak.


The price for the car begins at $119,000 with accompanying inclusion to the Shelby American Worldwide Registry.

But if you’re looking into adding even more options to your car, Classic Restorations is offering plenty of upgrades to choose from, which you’ll find in the following lists below.

Drivetrain Upgrades Price
Aluminum Block $4,000
Supercharger (645 horsepower) $4,500
Intercooler (745 horsepower) $1,000
Twin-Turbo with Intercooler (1,000 horsepower) $9,000
Interior Upgrades Price
Carroll Shelby G.T.500CR Console $850
200 mph Speedometer $350
KPH Gauges $500
Right-Hand-Drive $12,500
Leather $1,200
GPS Tracking Device $499
Digital Designs Custom Subwoofer and Amplifier $1,500
Flip-Out DVD with Navigation $1,000
Wheels and Tires Upgrades Price
17x9.5 Rear Wheel Upgrade & 275/40/17 Tires $850
18" Front and Rear Wheel & Tire Upgrade $1,500
18x11 Rear Wheel Upgrade With Mini Tub $5,500
Suspension & Brakes Upgrades Price
Double Adjustable Coilover Shocks $1,500
6 Piston Front and Rear Upgrade $3,500


2011 Shelby G.T.350CR by Classic Recreations Exterior
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Modern-day iterations of classic cars are nothing new in this industry with another recent example making the news lately: the 1964 Pontiac GTO-R by Raybestos Garage.

Both models technically come from almost the same year so once upon a time, these two cars were real rivals in the muscle car segment. Today, you can still make that case, with the only caveat being that this G.T.350CR comes with more powertrain options than that of the GTO-R.

The exterior details of this Mustang also look to be fresher compared to the GTO-R, although that will most likely be left to the eyes of the beholder. But the biggest difference between the two is that as far as we know, the GTO-R is a one-off version that’s being given away by Raybestos Garage and this one will cost you well into the six-digit figures to purchase.

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

The car has good restoration. It’s an excellent classic car with new technology. The vehicle also has a more improved and powerful engine.

  (428) posted on 10.18.2011

It is also a muscled car right? However, I can say that I also love the restoration job on this Shelby, and I’m glad that it actually meets new-school technologies, well I would love to see this one soon.

  (415) posted on 09.13.2011

One of the best classic cars ever! Good thing they keep the old 1965 Shelby exterior and reinvented a powerful HP and engines

  (459) posted on 09.1.2011

The Design of this car is like an old car. By helping high technology the car should be upgraded and all the parts specially engine is great.

  (372) posted on 08.16.2011

Well, I bet the Shelby had spent a million dollar for the restoration of the car. I’m really impressed on the performance of the vehicle as well as its final version delivers power output.

  (231) posted on 08.16.2011

Hell! This car is gas guzzler! Well, I bet this thing is not a big deal with wealthy folks neither the maintenance. The specs of the vehicle is kind of impressive it makes me think on how reliable it can be.

  (320) posted on 08.15.2011

This car is fully restored. Even if it is already old, I am pretty sure that it can manage to run on the track. By using high-technology equipments, the car will be greatly upgraded. Shelby also allows us to choose what kind of power train we want to use.

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