A modern interpretation of the iconic F-150 SVT Lightning

The 2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 is a high-performance concept truck that Shelby built for the 2019 SEMA Show. Developed in response to Shelby "enthusiast’s requests for a scorching fast street truck," it’s essentially an F-150-based version of Shelby’s outstanding Super Snake Mustang. Unlike other F-Series trucks modified by Shelby, the Super Snake features a two-door cabin. Power comes from a supercharged V-8 rated at 755 horsepower, backed by a more aerodynamic exterior and exclusive features inside the cabin. Let’s find out more about it in the review below.

2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Exterior

  • Two-door cab
  • Shelby-style front grille
  • Sporty front bumper
  • Lowered ride height
  • Shelby badges
  • Tonneau cover
  • Black stripes
  • Aggressive stance overall
2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Exterior
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This concept is actually a two-door version of the Super Snake truck that Shelby already has on offer

The first thing that catches the eye is the single cab layout. Two-door trucks aren’t very popular nowadays so it’s rather strange that Shelby went for this configuration. Especially since the other trucks in its lineup have four-door body styles. But Shelby explains that many of its customers actually requested such a model "in the spirit of 1960s muscle cars." A proper muscle truck if you will. I guess we could also consider it a tribute to the iconic Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, produced from 1993 to 1995 and from 1999 to 2004.

Styling-wise, Shelby changed quite a few things. Up front, there’s a new grille with a thinner central insert and larger opening above and below. The grille itself is also different thanks to a finer mesh. The bumper is taller than the original F-150, it features a smaller center vent, while a splitter mounted at the bottom adds aggressiveness specific to Shelby-modified Mustangs. The bespoke hood features a massive bulge in the center and additional vents toward the nose. It’s not exactly identical to the Super Snake Mustang’s, but it certainly reminds me of it.

2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Exterior
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The profile gives us a better view of the truck’s sporty, slanted stance.

The suspension is notably lower than the regular F-150, so the custom 20-inch wheels fit tighter in the arches.

Shelby didn’t change anything beyond the badge on the front fenders, the "Shelby’ lettering on the side skirts, and the red stripes on the front wheel arches, but it’s enough to make the truck stand out. The rear section sports even fewer upgrades, with just the tonneau cover and the integrated spoiler changing the appearance. Like most Shelby vehicles, the F-150 Super Snake features go-fast double stripes that run on the front fascia, over the hood and the roof, and on the tailgate.

Overall, this concept is actually a two-door version of the Super Snake truck that Shelby already has on offer.

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2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Interior

  • Custom leather seats
  • Super Snake graphics
  • Plaque on dashboard
  • Carbon-look trim
2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150
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The cabin of the Super Snake Sport F-150 boasts the usual Shelby goodies, so it also looks more like a production model rather than a concept.

Highlights include custom leather on the seats and center console, "Super Snake" graphics on the seats, and a special plaque on the dashboard. It also features carbon-fiber-look accents and bespoke floor mats with the "Shelby" logo. The company didn’t say on what trim level this truck is based on, but it’s safe to assume it went with a more expensive model for extra standard features.

2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Drivetrain

  • 5.0-liter V-8
  • Whipple supercharger
  • 755 horsepower
  • Output identical to existing Shelby models
  • More powerful than F-150 Raptor
  • Borla exhaust
  • Lowered suspension
  • High-performance brakes
2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150
- image 870174
A 755-horsepower engine is a big deal for the F-150, as no existing production model exceeds 500 horsepower

As with any Shelby model, the big news lies under the hood. The American company stuffed a supercharged V-8 under the bulged hood, just like it does with its Mustang Super Snake. Shelby didn’t release specifics, but we’re most likely looking at the same 5.0-liter mill that cranks out up to 800 horsepower in the Mustang Super Snake. The supercharger is probably similar too, so it comes from Whipple.

A 755-horsepower engine is a big deal for the F-150, as no existing production model exceeds 500 horsepower. The most powerful version available from Ford is the Raptor, which features a twin-turbo, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 rated at 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. The most powerful non-Raptor model comes with a larger 5.0-liter V-8, but this unit is naturally aspirated and generates "only" 395 horses and 400 pound-feet.

This two-door muscle truck should have no trouble hitting 60 mph in less than 4.6 seconds

Compared to other Shelby trucks though, the Super Snake concept isn’t all that special. The regular Shelby F-150 can be ordered with the same 755-horsepower V-8, while the existing four-door Super Snake is fitted with the same mill as standard.

2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Exterior
- image 870162

So how quick is this Super Snake concept? Well, Shelby doesn’t say.

Since the F-150 Raptor hits 60 mph in 5.1 seconds with 450 horsepower, this two-door muscle truck should have no trouble hitting the benchmark in less than 4.6 seconds.

The powerful engine is backed by upgrades borrowed from other Shelby trucks, like a Borla exhaust with a throatier sound, a lowered coilover suspension, and high-performance brakes with six-piston calipers in the front.


2020 Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Exterior
- image 869466

Shelby brags that the Super Snake concept is the "unrivaled king of the road" and a "nightmare for any other performance truck currently in production." While it is indeed astonishingly powerful and fast, it’s not better than the existing Shelby Super Snake truck. The main difference is that it has a two-door body and a couple of extra features inside and out.

Indeed, the single cab layout is unique to this vehicle, but beyond that, we're looking at truck with available production features

. Is it impressive? Yes! Should Shelby make such a big deal about it? Definitely no!

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    • Just a two-door version of the existing Super Snake truck
    • Won’t go into production
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