Together with the Volkswagen Group, Skoda is currently searching for new technologies to increase the efficiency of its products.

The latest model that hosts the newest technologies developed by the company, is the Skoda Octavia Green E Line, which is their first all-electric vehicle. The model is not just one of those concepts that will get put in a drawer somewhere, it will be launched on the market as soon as all tests are finished, most likely sometime around 2014.

The new Skoda Octavia Green E Line is based on the wagon version of the Octavia and is powered by a 26.5kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor producing a peak power of 85kW delivered to the front wheels.

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Exterior and Interior

2010 Skoda Octavia Green E Line Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The electric concept looks like a regular Skoda Octavia and apart from its suggestive green body graphics and unique rims, it doesn’t have anything else that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The front end features the latest iteration of Skoda’s design language with a wide grille traversed by horizontal stripes and with its top decorated by a shiny chromed bar. The swept back headlights continue the modern design language and enhance the dynamic look of the front fascia.

The front bumper features a pretty conventional design and is fitted with a wide air intake flanked by two elongated fog lamps which add the finishing touch to the front end design.

The rear section is dominated by a clean bumper and a pair of elegant taillights which are fitted with a set of tasty C-shaped lights.

Inside, things aren’t much different than the base model as you’ll find the same conventional and familiar design.

The overall build quality is part of the first class while the steering wheel, dashboard and door panels are nicely finished and give the entire cab a feel of solidity.

Overall, the cabin is fairly comfortable and we especially like the well cushioned leather seats which reward you with a great driving position.

Compared to its conventionally powered siblings, the Skoda Octavia Green E Line is fitted with a new instrument panel which gives you up to date information about the electric system, such as the remaining battery charge or the regenerative power being harnessed from the brakes. Unlike the base model which uses the paddles found on the steering wheel to change gears, the Octavia Green E line’s paddles allow you to change the amount of regeneration.

Additional stats about the electric system are displayed on the big screen mounted in the center of the dash. This navigation display describes the energy flow and informs the driver that the electric engine is being supplied with electricity or, on the contrary, that it is generating electricity as the car decelerates or goes downhill.

Engine and Technology

2010 Skoda Octavia Green E Line Concept High Resolution Exterior
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The Octavia Combi was chosen as a platform for the new electric system developed by Skoda as it features a modular chassis which is perfect for hosting the batteries and electric components.

The Skoda Octavia Green E Line is an all-electric vehicle, so there aren’t any emissions to worry about. Energy comes from a 315 kg lithium-ion battery comprising 180 individual cells, which power an electric motor that delivers a maximum output of 114 hp and 270 Nm (199 lb-ft) of torque. The batteries are located under the middle and rear parts of the floor and extend partly into the luggage compartment. The electric batteries offer a range of 140 km, which is enough to meet the requirements of most everyday commuters.

As any electric vehicle, the Octavia Green E Line’s torque is available at its peak level from the moment you hit the gas pedal, so there is no need for clutch or a conventional gearbox.

Thanks to its instant torque, the Skoda Octavia Green E Line is able to hit the 100 kmph (62 mph) mark in 12.5 seconds which is comparable with its conventionally powered brothers. On the other hand, with your foot planted on the go pedal, you’ll be able to hit a maximum speed of merely 135 kmph (84 mph), which is far behind the performances offered by a standard Octavia.

The time needed for a full charge is reasonable, being rated at around eight hours using a single-phase 230-volt socket and two hours using a three-phase 400-volt socket. Additionally, electric energy is obtained via the glossy black roof with integrated energy-generating photovoltaic panels, though, we don’t know if this technology will be offered for the production model.


2010 Skoda Octavia Green E Line Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 477759

The electric Octavia is a welcomed arrival in Skoda’s lineup, as it demonstrates that the Czech manufacturer is determined to keep up with the latest trends found in the automotive industry.

Judging by the specs released by the company, their new green model has what it needs to be able to compete successfully in the race of electric vehicles. Not to mention that it’s backed up by Skoda’s excellent reputation for reliability and build quality.

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