During Volkswagen’s mad grab for power in the European auto industry, it managed to snag up little-known Czech car manufacturer, Skoda. With this acquisition, VW Group decided that revving a legendary name in the automaker’s past was a great way to help increase the brand’s popularity. This brought about the revival of the Skoda Superb – a model that dates back to the 1930s – as a sedan and a station wagon (estate).

The rebadged version of the Passat has since been one of the better-selling Skoda models, as it features VW quality and style with not-so-VW prices. Its price point is made more evident by the fact that the base-level Superb Estate comes in at £1,015 ($1,624 at the current exchange rates) less than the base Passat Estate.

One area that the Skoda seemed to fall short was the fact that it was not available in a more rugged version to satisfy those buyers that like to use its four-wheel-drive system to its fullest extent. That has since changed, as Skoda has just announced that it is releasing an all-new version of the Superb, dubbed he Superb Outdoor, which features a standard four-wheel-drive system and a more rugged exterior appearance.

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  • 2013 Skoda Superb Outdoor
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Transmission:
    6-Speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    158 @ 4500
  • MPG(Cty):
  • MPG(Hwy):
  • Torque @ RPM:
    184 @ 1500
  • Displacement:
    1.8 L
  • 0-60 time:
    8.8 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    125 mph
  • Price:
  • car fuel:
  • body style:


From top to bottom, the Skoda Superb Estate is nearly identical to every Superb Estate on the road. It features the signature stylized hood and chrome wing across the top of its grille. For a station wagon, the Superb is, well, superb looking. It features classic wagon styling with a slightly modern twist.

2013 Skoda Superb Outdoor Exterior
- image 479049

Where the Outdoor model differs is down below. This model boasts a durable protective coating on its lower third, including the rocker panels, front bumper, rear bumper, and wheel arches. This not only helps prevent flying debris from impacting the body and causing damage, but it also gives the Superb a true off-road appearance.

2013 Skoda Superb Outdoor Exterior
- image 479050

Found underneath the Superb Outdoor are larger 18-inch Luxon rims, which are a £535 ($856) option on the Superb SE model. These help further enhance the vehicle’s off-road look by adding a full 2 inches to the standard rim size. Also standard on the outside of this Outdoor model are headlight washers, allowing you to remotely wash off any mud or dirt from the headlights without ever stopping.

Exterior Specifications:

Length 4,838 mm (190.5 inches)
Width 1,817 mm (71.5 inches)
Height 1,510 mm (59.4 inches)
Ground Clearance 141 mm (5.55 inches)
Wheelbase 2,761 mm (108.7 inches)


There are no interior changes to note between the Outdoor and base-level Superb, sans the additional equipment that it includes. The Superb Outdoor model starts off with all of the interior features that you would get with the SE trim level, which includes:

  • 12V socket in mid console and boot
  • Two Folding hooks in the boot
  • Two Folding roof handles in rear with damping (with clothes hooks)
  • Three headrests rear, height adjustable
  • 3.5 mm aux. socket
  • Eight-speaker sound system
  • Alcantara upholstery (alcantara inner seat, artificial leather outer seat)
  • Aluminum floor plates in the boot with sliding partition and tether system
  • Cup holders in the mid-console
  • Front armrest with Jumbo-Box
  • Front headrests, height adjustable
  • Glasses storage case
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear knob and gaiter
  • Storage box under passenger seat
  • Storage pockets on rear of front seats
  • Ticket holder on A-pillar
  • Tire repair kit
  • Umbrella in rear door compartment
  • Ventilation outlets in B pillar

With the Outdoor package, Skoda will throw in a four-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, sunset glass behind the B-pillar, Hill-Hold Control, tire pressure monitor and heated windshield washer nozzles. Those standard features all add up to £1,370 ($2,192) in options on the SE trim level.

Interior Dimensions:

Elbow Width (Front/Rear) 1,468 mm (57.8 inches) / 1,451 mm (57.1 inches)
Headroom (Front/Rear) 1,001 mm (39.4 inches) / 986 mm (38.8 inches)
Luggage Room (Min/Max) 633 liters (22.35 cubic-feet) / 1,865 liters (65.9 cubic-feet)

Engine and Drivetrain

2013 Skoda Superb Outdoor Exterior
- image 479047

Every version of the Superb Outdoor comes standard with a permanent all-wheel-drive system, making it perfect for snowy or muddy conditions.

Under the hood of the Skoda Superb Outdoor, you get two optional engines. The base engine it the 1.8 TSI model, which pumps out 160 PS (158 horsepower) at 4,500 to 6,200 rpm and 250 Nm (154 pound-feet) of torque from 1,500 to 4,500 rpm. This engine links up to only a 6-speed manual transmission. This combination gets the Superb Outdoor to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.8 seconds and to a top speed of 134 mph. The 2013 Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI gets 26.4 mpg in the city, 42.2 mpg on the highway, and 34.5 mpg combined. Additionally, it puts out 191 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Next in line is the 2.0 TDI CR turbo-diesel, 4-cylinder engine that nets 140 PS (138 horsepower) at 4,200 rpm and 320 Nm (236 pound-feet) of torque at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm. This engine links up to a 6-speed automatic DSG transmission. This gets the Skoda to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10.8 seconds and allows it to hit a top speed of 125 mph. The decrease in speed is offset by significant fuel economy increases to 36.2 mpg city, 51.4 mpg highway, and 44.8 mpg combined. This engine emits just 166 grams of CO2 per KM.

The top-level engine available on the 2013 Superb Outdoor is an upgraded 2.0 TDI CR turbo-diesel, 4-cylinder powerplant that pumps out 170 PS (168 horsepower) at 4,200 rpm and 350 Nm (258 pound-feet) of torque at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm. This gets the Skoda to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.1 seconds and to a 135 mph top speed. The 2.0 TDI CR 170PS engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and gets 35.3 mpg city, 53.3 mpg highway and 44.8 mpg combined, while emitting just 165 grams of CO2 per km.

Engine and Driveline Specifications:

Engine1.8 TSI 160 PS2.0 TDI CR 140 PS2.0 TDI CR 170 PS
Horsepower Output 160 PS (158 horsepower) at 4,500 to 6,200 rpm 140 PS (138 horsepower) at 4,200 rpm 170 PS (168 horsepower) at 4,200 rpm
Torque Output 250 Nm (154 pound-feet) of torque from 1,500 to 4,500 rpm 320 Nm (236 pound-feet) of torque at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm 350 Nm (258 pound-feet) of torque at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Automatic DSG 6-Speed Manual
Fuel Economy (city / highway / combined ) 26.4 mpg / 42.2 mpg / 34.5 36.2 mpg / 51.4 mpg / 44.8 mpg 35.3 mpg / 53.3 mpg / 44.8 mpg
CO2 Emissions (g.km) 191 166 165


The Skoda Superb is reasonably priced, considering the options it comes with, as it starts out at £26,465 ($42,354) and caps off at £28,100 ($44,895). This puts the Superb Outdoor’s base price £2,520 ($4,033) higher than the SE 1.8 TSI 4X4 model. Once you add in the optional features that the Outdoor model includes to the SE 1.8 TSI 4X4 model, you come up with £26,672 ($42,613), which means you save £207 ($331.28) by opting for the better equipped Outdoor model.

Pricing Details:

Superb Outdoor 1.8 TSI 160PS 4X4 Manual £26,465
Superb Outdoor 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4x4 Manual £27,600
Superb Outdoor 2.0 TDI CR 140PS 4x4 DSG £28,100


2013 Subaru Outback High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 445869

The No. 1 competitor for the Skoda Superb Outdoor is the Euro-spec Subaru Outback. The outback starts out at a disadvantage by having a £28,870 ($46,203) base MSRP and capping off at £32,375 ($51,812). In terms of power, the Outback comes up pretty short, as its base 2.0-liter engine pumps out just 150 PS (148 horsepower) – 10 horsepower less than the Skoda – and its top-line 2.5-liter engine only hits 167 PS (165 horsepower), which is 3 horsepower fewer than the Skoda.

The Subaru has slightly more ground clearance than the Skoda at 200 mm (7.87 inches), but its maximum luggage capacity comes up very short at just 1,677 liters (59.2 cubic-feet). In terms of peak fuel economy and lowest emissions, the Outback comes out on top with its 2.0-liter diesel engine getting 54.3 mpg – 1 mpg higher than the highest Superb – and putting out only 155 grams of CO2 per km, which is 10 grams lower than the lower superb.

Overall, however, the massive savings you get with the Skoda and quality backed by Volkswagen simply makes it a better deal than the Outback.


2013 Skoda Superb Outdoor Exterior
- image 479048

How Volkswagen manages to put together the Skoda Superb Outdoor with all of its high-end features and specifications, then sell it that cheaply, and make a profit is beyond us. It significantly outmatches the Outback in nearly every area and the places that the Outback does beat it, the differences are very small. Overall, we love this new version of the Skoda Superb Estate and are a little jealous that we won’t see it in the U.S.

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Press Release

Milton Keynes, 23 October 2012 – ŠKODA has boosted the appeal of the award-winning Superb Estate with a new variant designed to offer outstanding grip in the most demanding winter conditions.

With unpredictable weather on the way, the ŠKODA Superb Outdoor is the perfect car for the colder months. It combines the assertive look of an off-road vehicle with the refinement and sheer practicality of the hugely popular Superb Estate.

Its presence on the road is enhanced by durable protective strips at the base of the doors, bumpers and round the wheel arches. Riding on 18-inch Luxon alloys as standard, at the heart of its capability is a permanent all-wheel drive transmission, ensuring exceptional levels of traction in ice, snow or rain. Fuel economy is as high as 44.8mpg while CO2 emissions are as low as 165g/km.

Over and above standard SE trim, on which Outdoor is based, there is a raft of additional equipment. This includes a four-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth for hands-free connectivity, Sunset Glass behind the B-pillar, Hill-Hold Control, Tyre Pressure Monitor, heated windscreen washer nozzles and integrated front headlight washers.

TheŠKODA Superb Outdoor is available in all standard Superb colours and with the option of three engines. With prices starting at just £26,465, The Superb Outdoor is another example of ŠKODA’s great value for money.

| Superb Estate Outdoor 1.8 TSI 160PS 4x4 Manual | Superb Estate Outdoor 2.0 TDI CR 140PS
4x4 DSG | Superb Estate Outdoor 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4x4 Manual |
| £26,465.00 | £28,100.00 | £27,600.00 |

In common with all ŠKODA cars, the Superb Outdoor comes with a 60,000 / three-year warranty.

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